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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  May 18, 2006

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Bush on Immigration: Repackaging the Trojan Horse

The president offered no real remedy for this burgeoning crisis. Instead, it was just the latest attempt to cloak his real goal, amnesty for the 12 million illegals, as something less sinister. America cannot afford to fall for the ruse.

Among the tiny handful of Americans who still clung to the illusion that President Bush might want to truly address and correct the illegal immigration crisis, it only took the first moments of his May 15 speech to dispel all hope. Though conceding, seemingly for the first time, that the invasion from Mexico is indeed a problem, the President immediately fell back into the standard diatribe that has underscored Washington’s indifference to the American people on this matter.

Referring to the invaders as “decent people who work hard,” the President sought to dilute the fact that their presence here represents a blatant violation and contempt for the laws of this country. Furthermore, by virtually asserting that the real travesty is that the illegals are not sufficiently “protected,” he slapped the face of every law-abiding American.

Perhaps Mr. Bush needs to be reminded that it was the decent and hard working Americans that he once swore a solemn oath to protect, and whose well being he was elected to uphold.

Clearly, President Bush’s goal, as well as that of the consummate political pragmatists who hold sway within the GOP, is to offer yet another “fig leaf” of a guest worker program. Thus they seek to camouflage their ominous underlying intent, which is as it has always been, amnesty for those who violated the law to enter this country.

That is the reality of the plan that was presented in his May 15 speech. It is the plan that has been in the works among the “ruling class” from the beginning, and it is the plan they intend to foist upon the American people, regardless of any opposition.

But the President faces a dilemma. With his approval ratings at an all-time low (And despite any attempts by Karl Rove to claim otherwise, this is a direct result of his stance on immigration), Mr. Bush must take definitive action if he is to avert an electoral disaster this fall. Such a congressional shakeup could conceivably sweep Democrats into dominance in both houses of Congress.

He knows that the likely result would be the pursuit of impeachment proceedings by a vindictive Democrat-controlled legislative branch. So he is compelled to address the immigration issue. His response must appear to be decisive and effective. But ultimately it must not truly change the immigration landscape to any significant degree.

Presuming that the American people might fall for a public relations ploy reminiscent of his laudable response to 9-11, the President has offered a last-minute caricature of what should have been done years ago to correct the situation. He now proposes sending military troops to the border.

Unfortunately, several aspects of this move telegraph a message to the people, both north and south of the border, that he is still not serious about fixing the problem. Any military personnel sent to the region are to be utilized for logistical and supportive roles, and will have nothing to do with direct enforcement of the border.

Worse yet, before the first troop has even been deployed, the President has presented a timetable that calls for the deployment to end by next summer. It should be clear that even if the presence of troops were to have any tangible effect on the northward migration of illegals, such effects would only be temporary.

Furthermore, by the same logic that prohibits the announcement of any timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq, the “one year” limit on troop placement at the border effectively neutralizes such action from the start. The invading multitudes would only need to bide their time for a few months (in truth, only until election day), after which any impediment from the military would disappear.

It is not hard to look past all of the posturing and see that nothing has changed. The plan being pursued by the pro-illegal crowd is as dastardly as it is simple. Immigrants who actually assimilate into American society will also move up the economic ladder, so a “fresh supply” of easily exploitable newcomers will perpetually be necessary.

Thus, the Pandora’s box of a “guest worker program” is the best means by which the floodgates will be propped open in perpetuity. And it is just too bad for future generations of Americans whose country will thus be overrun.

Those at the upper echelons of government would have liked for the invasion to remain relatively unnoticed, so that the President could have evaded this issue until after November. Unfortunately for him, uncooperative hordes of these “decent people” decided to flex their political muscle, and began marching through the streets demanding American capitulation.

In so doing, they brought the festering situation to the forefront, and now it is on the minds of the American people as never before. Still, the primary concern among high-ranking politicians is how to tap-dance away from it.

Anti-American Democrats stand to be the ultimate winners in this debacle, since the illegals will, in the long run, join their party ranks. Meanwhile, grassroots anger with the GOP will boost Democrat electoral fortunes. The public will not be fooled once again.

Thus the Democrats are willing accomplices, though understandably they have remained relatively quiet as they watch the GOP teetering on the verge of self-destruction.

Senate and House Republicans must immediately distance themselves from Mr. Bush’s speech, and specifically his entire “amnesty/guest worker” agenda, and should instead push hard for a real solution. Otherwise, he may have just sealed their doom.

Christopher G. Adamo

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