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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  October 11, 2006

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Meanwhile, North Korea Was Building A Nuke

Certainly, those on the left are no more desirous for America to sound a clarion call over this danger than were they anxious for the network news to replay images of helpless people jumping from the World Trade Center towers as they burned.

The dust has yet to settle in the wake of a possible North Korean nuclear weapon test, and accounts of the nature of the event differ greatly. Stories of the detonation range from its being a success, yielding up to 20 kilotons of energy, to the possibilities of a “dud” that delivered less than one kiloton of firepower.

And being that this is, after all, the North Koreans with whom we are dealing, the prospect cannot be discounted that the entire episode was an enormous hoax, perpetrated with a massive quantity of conventional explosives by which North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il was hoping to convince the world that his nation is indeed a nuclear power.

Yet no matter what the final assessment of the event, once all of the data is sifted and analyzed, it is inarguable that the little tyrant aspires to an increasingly aggressive and intimidating position on the world stage. Furthermore, whether his ability to wage a nuclear attack on his enemies is a grim current reality, or a looming inevitability, no doubt exists as to his obsessive desire to do so, and his commitment to that end.

In any case, the nightmare does not stop there. Both his nervous neighbors and his twisted “admirers” on the world scene are watching the situation closely. And their reaction to his brazen and defiant determination does not portend well for the stability of Western Civilization.

The general impotence of world reaction to Kim Jong Il has undoubtedly emboldened the leaders of Iran. And it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy will renege on his former decision to discontinue his own pursuit of nuclear weapons, which he made in the immediate aftermath of the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Yet among Democrats and the liberal press, little of any substance is being reported on the event. And that in itself is extremely telling. Certainly, those on the left are no more desirous for America to sound a clarion call over this danger than were they anxious for the network news to replay images of helpless people jumping from the World Trade Center towers as they burned.

Both would only serve to remind Americans of just how horribly these situations were bungled by the Democrats, and such a stark dose of reality simply cannot be allowed this close to an election.

So, once again, those on the left prove their ultimate indifference to the fate of the nation, as they seek to play down the danger, thus allowing too many Americans to bask in ignorance. And in so doing they show how philosophically corrupt and unfit they are to be allowed to retake the reins of power while America faces such challenges to its future.

This is no time for such games. But then again, neither were the past dozen or so years, when the enemies of America amassed their forces against this nation, while the Democrats either ignored or denied them. At a time when the Clinton Administration was able to take decisive action in order avert the present situation, a decision was made instead to seek the sort of “diplomatic solution” that would provide great photo-ops, and would look good on the evening news. Allowing the danger to grow unchecked, Bill Clinton gambled correctly that the day of reckoning would come on somebody else’s watch.

So, Clinton, abetted by the likes of Madeline Albright and Jimmy Carter, took credit for brokering a deal that actually placed the critical components of a nuclear bomb in the hands of North Korea’s crazed leaders. Amazingly, they committed this foolish act on the grounds that they had assurances from North Korea that it would not use such technology to build a bomb.

When George Bush invaded Iraq, he did so in part as a result of his belief that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Ever since, those on the left have incessantly excoriated the President for going to war under false pretenses.

But what was the actual result of that faulty analysis? A dangerous and plotting dictator was removed from power, and millions of Iraqis who had once been mobilized as enemies of the free world are now seeking to establish a safe, stable, and benign democracy. Ultimately, a vile enemy of America no longer exists.

In contrast, as the result of a faulty “analysis” of the North Korean situation, and a naive reliance on liberal philosophizing by the Clinton Administration, North Korea, with American help, may now have nuclear capability.

Bill Clinton’s minions can continually attempt to recast his “legacy” as one that raised America’s stature in the eyes of the world. Yet throughout his tenure, those who were bent on the destruction of our nation were laughing. And we may have only begun to pay the price.

Christopher G. Adamo

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