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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  January 4, 2007

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Bush And Congressional Liberals Plot Immigration “Time Bomb”

The societal consequences will certainly be grave, but even before they become apparent, the impact of such a move on the Republican/Conservative base will be enormous, likely dooming any prospects for the Republicans to retake lost ground in the next election. And that is only for starters.

Mainstream Americans are not overwhelmingly outraged over the lack of any “cut and run” policy in Iraq, thus dispelling the dubious notion that the November elections resulted from widespread disaffection over the war. Furthermore, the newly ascendant Democrat majority has clearly been pulling its punches in regards to the liberal agenda it longs to implement.

Initial analyses of the elections are proving correct, the Country was not embracing Democrat liberalism. Rather it was rejecting the “light beer” version that had been offered during the last several years by the Republicans.

Unfortunately, on what is perhaps the key defining issue of the times, neither the Republican “moderates” in Congress, nor the President, seem to have gotten the message. Ominous rumblings of a resurrected immigration “reform” measure (read: blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants) reflect as much.

For such an abominable measure to succeed, it would still require “bipartisan” cooperation from a significant number of fence-sitting Republicans. President Bush believes that he can assemble such a coalition. Perhaps he is correct in his belief, even if by doing so he will most assuredly railroad their chances for a Republican comeback in ‘08.

Meanwhile the Democrats are showing themselves to be the embodiment of partisanship. Yet, few among the conservative grassroots are willing to get worked up over this uninterrupted continuation of “partisan rancor” in Washington.

In truth however, the tepid nature of current public response is not surprising. But neither is it a sign of satisfaction with the situation. Rather, it is indicative of a debilitating frustration with those who refuse to do what is in the best interests of the American people.

Grassroots conservatives instinctively know that “partisanship” under Democrat leadership is virtually indistinguishable from “bipartisanship,” when Republicans are in charge. And it is the abominable results of recent Republican “bipartisanship,” manifested in such atrocious legislation as “Campaign Finance Reform,” the Education Bill, pork-barrel spending “earmarks,” and the horrendous expansion of entitlements, that has thoroughly disenfranchised the Conservative base.

Nonetheless, it appears that President Bush is determined to continue down this disastrous course on that most divisive issue currently facing America, immigration. The President, with Democrat help, is pressing for a legitimized status for up to twenty million illegals currently in the country, followed by a fast track to citizenship.

The societal consequences will certainly be grave, but even before they become apparent, the impact of such a move on the Republican/Conservative base will be enormous, likely dooming any prospects for the Republicans to retake lost ground in the next election. And that is only for starters.

Further down the road, as those new “citizens” make their presence known at the ballot box, any hopes that America might even remotely reflect its shining past will be obliterated.

Of course, the usual players emerge at the center of this treacherous plan. The bill, formerly known in its Senate version as “McCain Kennedy,” remains the focus of the renewed push for amnesty. By their very inclusion, those names characterize the nature of Washington insider politics and why it is so abhorrent to real America.

In comparison to the moral bankruptcy of Ted Kennedy (D.-MA), Arizona Republican John McCain ought to represent a stark contrast. Yet on the basis of the legislation that results from their efforts, the two are often indistinguishable. And their collusion on this effort stands as a crown jewel of the common anti-Conservative and, ultimately anti-American philosophy they share.

If this measure passes into law, it will make no difference that its advocates intend to retain a few token “hoops” through which the illegals might have to jump in order to attain their short cut to the “American Dream.”

No amount of symbolic penance and bureaucratic rubber-stamping will erase the contempt shown for America’s governing system by the invaders, or the degree to which the nation’s leaders denigrated and betrayed that system in order to accommodate them. It certainly will do nothing to reconcile their present indifference and in some cases, hostility to our nation’s culture and heritage.

Furthermore, no matter how nimbly McCain attempts to recast the situation as an enhancement of his resume, it would ultimately constitute a win/win for the Democrats who reap a reliable plethora of new “voters.” Such has been their true motivation in numerous similar efforts, including their repeated failed attempts to grant convicted felons the ability to vote.

Nor do Democrats need to fear a voter backlash for their own participation in such a treasonous effort. Nobody among the conservative base blames Democrats for being Democrats. But such duplicitous activity on the part of the Republicans, who certainly ought to know better, holds the potential to generate a smoldering anger among their base that will dwarf anything manifested at the voting booths this past November.

Many Republicans were frustrated in their futile efforts to gain traction on the immigration issue this past fall. Efforts to heighten the importance of the issue were often met with cynical skepticism. As if to confirm the worst fears of those cynics, Congress now appears ready to abandon the promised 700 mile border fence, giving ample cause to wonder if former talk of the fence amounted to nothing more than empty pre-election promises.

With grassroots anger directed almost exclusively at the GOP, the new Democrat majorities will only be strengthened. Yet the situation also yields long-term benefits to the Democrats, whose only goal is the acquisition of political power. And America will irretrievably lose its national soul.

Christopher G. Adamo

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