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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  February 7, 2007

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Global Warming: Just Another Liberal Orthodoxy

The ’08 campaign season is already gearing up, and Democrats are desperate to frame the debate around anything other than traditional values or the terror war. So of course, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) has been quick to jump onto this bandwagon. Expect Hillary to follow soon.

An astounding range of absurd ideas have been incorporated into the “mainstream” of modern America, based not on any inherent merit, but rather on the benefits to liberalism that can be derived from them. So much of today’s “conventional wisdom” represents neither convention nor wisdom, but instead results from a fundamentally leftist worldview, combined with a truly juvenile dosage of wishful thinking.

Consider, a few such pillars of the liberal faith, and more specifically how fragile they quickly become when placed under the hot lights of honest scrutiny.

As the American culture continues to crumble, we are incessantly reminded that “our diversity is our strength.” Tell that to the people of the Balkans where, prior to U.S. intervention, centuries old feuds and tribalism had rendered the region little more than a wasteland of unending bloodshed between bickering “warlords.”

Hardly any better is the current plight of those hapless Europeans, who pride themselves on that most virtuous of liberal precepts, their “tolerance” of other cultures. Yet on a daily basis they witness ever more of their heritage being eradicated by militant Muslims who are neither diverse nor tolerant. Barring a miraculous resurgence of fortitude and conviction of its former heritage, Europe’s fate is sealed.

On this side of the ocean, American liberals claim a virtual monopoly of “tolerance.” Yet the facts indicate otherwise. Under the preposterous auspices of “tolerance,” liberals have over the past several decades sought to squash any stance, any opinion, or any logical question that threatens their agenda.

As it was with Cold War “compromise,” whereby American negotiators were expected to abandon their positions in order to embrace those of the Soviet Union, the steadily emerging definition of “tolerance,” from the liberal perspective, amounts to a demand that traditional America unquestioningly blesses their ideology, with no promise whatsoever of reciprocity.

Thus, in the name of “tolerance,” liberals expunged any mention of God, the Bible, or America’s Christian roots from the school system, and ultimately all other areas of public life. Concurrently, in the name of “diversity,” they relentlessly work to replace those standards with the canons and icons of other, often pagan, cultures. And ultimately, in the place of traditional morality and faith, they seek to establish an orthodoxy of the secularist liberal state.

So it is no surprise that the latest catechism of their “true believers,” is conversion, by force if necessary, to an acceptance of “global warming” and all of the necessary precepts of the liberal agenda needed to “fix” it. This mandatory conversion is being pursued with a fervor rarely witnessed outside of the most oppressive cults.

Humanity has been dealing with the extremes of climate since time immemorial. Admittedly during that entire period, eras of heightened temperatures, followed by cooler periods have been visited on the human race. Thus it is natural to react to such shifts with feelings of helplessness, and at times, foreboding.

To many, the dire implications of last summer’s blistering high temperatures seemed irrefutable, at least until the record setting lows of this winter. So far, the inarguably “conclusive” proof offered by those who claim the planet is getting steadily warmer has borne little or no repeatable evidence of a scientifically established pattern.

We were likewise forewarned that the 2006 hurricane season would surely eclipse the devastation of Katrina, Rita, and the horrendous toll of 2005. Yet this proclamation of doom turned out to be a bust. Apparently the prophets of the left need a bit of honing on their skills. Nevertheless, to even question the legitimacy of their utterances is no less than “blasphemy,” spawning instant calls for excommunication of the offending parties.

So, rather than dwelling for too long on such an unknown quantity as the weather, it is more relevant to consider the wholly anticipated patterns of liberalism. Among their ranks, far more than in the weekend forecast, can be found the underlying motives and workings of the current global warming hysteria.

In no other way can the sanctimonious rantings of Dr. Heidi Cullen of the now thoroughly politicized Weather Channel be explained. Cullen recently pushed for the professional disqualification of any meteorologist who refuses to profess the doctrine of man made global warming. And what, other than similarly mindless fanaticism can explain the behavior of the Grand Green Inquisitor himself, former vice-president Al Gore?

Elsewhere, the “hot earth society” seeks to denigrate skeptics as a class of politically incorrect social “pariahs,” labeling them as “global warming deniers,” a clear allusion to those anti-Semitic deniers of the Nazi holocaust.

Yet among few if any of these people is the primary goal to “save the planet,” but rather to promote the liberal agenda, as their own unbridled usage of energy, and selective attacks against the “Great Polluters” clearly proves. Perhaps the most glaring evidence is that the Russians and Chinese, who pollute to a horrendous degree, get a “pass” on account of being good socialists. Meanwhile the United States is roundly condemned.

The ’08 campaign season is already gearing up, and Democrats are desperate to frame the debate around anything other than traditional values or the terror war. So of course, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) has been quick to jump onto this bandwagon. Expect Hillary to follow soon.

The randomness of sunspots and other factors quite beyond the understanding of humanity ultimately render it impossible for meteorologists to forecast the weekend weather with absolute certainty. In contrast, the actions and motives of the American left, committed always and only in pursuit of their own interests, are among the most predictable phenomena of the modern world.

Christopher G. Adamo

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Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for many years, seeking to restore and uphold the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Nation was founded. His book, "Rules for Defeating Radicals," is the "Go To" guide for effectively confronting and overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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