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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  February 28, 2007

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America Being Destroyed By Stealth Legislation

Within state governments, everything from private property grabs to the systematic destruction of the culture is being advanced though legislative tactics that mirror the treacherous abandonment of the border. Consider, as one telling example, the issue of same-sex “marriage,” and how it was recently handled in Wyoming.

Conservatives and all who hold America dear are distraught and bewildered as the Congress determinedly prepares to betray them by granting amnesty to perhaps twenty million illegal aliens. Despite contention by the media that Americans were overwhelmingly reacting to the Iraq War in last year’s elections, the voting shift resulted chiefly from a general disenchantment with the political class and its indifference to such crucial issues as national sovereignty.

Some have expressed surprise that the promised border fence, which would constitute only the tiniest first step towards actually dealing with the problem, is no longer even a consideration. Worse yet, any token past measures to enforce the border are more blatantly affronted and undermined by the new Senate amnesty bill.

Still, the ultimate goal of the measure goes far beyond simply allowing the twelve to twenty million plus illegals who have breached the border to move and live freely within American society. Such an end cannot, by itself sufficiently explain the atrocious nature of the current bill.

In truth, among those exploitative businesses that thrive on the existence of an American subculture, the real desire is not merely to maintain the current crop of illegals, but to perpetuate a constant influx of many more.

As those illegals presently in the country gain a legitimized status, they will become less fearful of discovery and deportation, and consequently will be less likely to work for slave wages or in unsafe conditions. Any limit on the “supply” of this labor force will result in increased demands for them, accordingly increasing the wages they can earn.

The only workable method by which they can be preserved as a permanent “underclass” is to perpetuate the flow of new arrivals. Hence, the Senate determination to further weaken the borders. The dirty secret in Washington is that the real “status quo” which the politicos intend to maintain is not just the currently enormous number of illegals, but also an unchecked flow of newcomers.

Furthermore, both parties have already diligently sought to evade responsibility for such treacherous actions by hiding behind the claim that since so many illegals are already here (And whose fault is that?), the problem is now simply too big to be dealt with in any other manner.

Ultimately, it is this aspect of the situation that needs to be corrected before the Mexican invasion, or any other critical matter, can be properly addressed. But this contemptible ploy is hardly confined to the immigration issue, nor is it being perpetrated only at the Federal level.

Within state governments, everything from private property grabs to the systematic destruction of the culture is being advanced though legislative tactics that mirror the treacherous abandonment of the border. Consider, as one telling example, the issue of same-sex “marriage,” and how it was recently handled in Wyoming.

Rarely in America is the issue of same-sex “marriage” greeted by informed voters with any reaction other than staunch disapproval. Therefore, to advance such an unpopular scheme, advocates must use underhanded and deceitful methods. Nevertheless, they cannot succeed without the collaboration of governmental institutions that join in their efforts.

Most often, the collaborating institution is the courts. But in Wyoming, same-sex “marriage” advocates have stumbled upon another means of toppling the culture.

An effort to protect the institution of marriage was recently railroaded in Wyoming’s overwhelmingly “Republican” State House. And the chief architect of the duplicity was none other than “Republican” House Speaker Roy Cohee. From the moment Senate File 13 (a defense of marriage act), passed the Wyoming Senate by an overwhelming 21 to 7 majority, Cohee displayed a determination to defeat it in the lower house through any available means.

First, he stalled its introduction onto the House floor. Then, in a move that initially seemed inexplicable (at least until his real intentions became obvious), he routed the bill to the House Rules and Procedures Committee, of which he conveniently happens to be chairman. And his conduct within the committee hearing was nothing short of atrocious.

Though Wyoming currently has a statute on the books that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman, it has no mechanism in place to protect it from being forced to recognize same-sex “marriages” conducted in other states. SF 13 would have closed that loophole. During the hearing, opponents of the measure first derided it as “unnecessary” in light of the existing statue, but then followed by demanding a “right,” as they feel the current situation permits, to “marry” as gay couples.

According to witnesses, Cohee totally ignored these glaring contradictions, treating same-sex “marriage” advocates with unrestrained deference. In ugly contrast, he reserved his disparagement and criticism for those who represent the traditional values of heartland America. In the end, SF 13 which undoubtedly would have sailed through on the House floor, was defeated in committee by an obviously predetermined vote of seven to six.

Cohee’s motivation to abet the counterculture in its attack on Wyoming families and society is unclear. In any case, the people of Wyoming would, in all likelihood, support the protection of marriage, though their governing officials have deliberately worked to ensure that they are denied any ability to make such a decision. And Cohee’s actions in opposition to this end, while not illegal, were inarguably underhanded.

Sadly, more problems lie ahead. Being one of only two states west of New York that remain unprotected from same-sex “marriage,” Wyoming could well become the sort of magnet for this activity that the rest of the nation currently represents to the illegals. No doubt, if that scenario plays out as has the invasion of the United States by Mexican nationals, Cohee and his kind would eventually hide behind the excuse that the problem is “simply too big” to be addressed.

Clearly, if America is ever to successfully confront the impending crises of sovereignty and culture, it must first recognize the true character of individuals such as Roy Cohee, and the detriment they represent to traditional American ideals. America’s decline will continue until he and the political class he represents are properly characterized in the public eye, and dealt with accordingly at the ballot box.

Christopher G. Adamo

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