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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  September 25, 2008

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Obama’s “Community Organizer” Experience In Perspective

The majority of those who have participated in “community organizing” have, over time, proven themselves to be wholly self serving, and ultimately indifferent to the needs of their fellow citizens. In the minds of such people, the common folk are not the real concern, but merely a “resource” to be summoned and discarded at the pleasure of those leading the particular movement.

A notion frequently advanced by conservatives during this year’s presidential race is that if elected, Barack Obama would not bring any useful experience to the White House as a result of his sparse political background, including among other dubious roles, that of being a “community organizer.” This idea is wrong in the extreme. As a direct result of his “community organizing” work, Obama garnered a huge store of expertise that promises to be extremely useful in implementing his agenda should he become president. But it is the nature of that agenda, and the means by which he intends to implement it, that should have Americans gravely concerned.

First however, the actualities of “community organizers” need to be understood. Certainly, a few such individuals are sincere and honorable in their efforts to improve their surroundings. Yet the majority of those who have participated in “community organizing” have, over time, proven themselves to be wholly self serving, and ultimately indifferent to the needs of their fellow citizens. In the minds of such people, the common folk are not the real concern, but merely a “resource” to be summoned and discarded at the pleasure of those leading the particular movement.

If such an assessment sounds overly harsh, consider the organization “ACORN” (the “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now”) and Obama’s relationship with it. ACORN claims to fight for the improvement of societal conditions for low and moderate income families. Yet it regularly engages in massive efforts at voter fraud. Such action, reveals a total indifference towards those it claims to represent. Just how much care for the concerns of real people could it possibly have, considering that ACORN often promotes its goals through the registration of “voters” who are either nonexistent or dead?

Obama’s entire political career, both before and after being elected to the United States Senate, is an unaltered pattern of operating within such realms. And with each passing day, it becomes more evident that this action was undertaken for the sole purpose of advancing the career of Barack Obama.

Thus can his nonexistent record of achievements be explained. Each community situation in which he found himself served as an opportunity to wax eloquent in front of the microphones. Yet after all of the fanfare subsided, nothing had changed. Nothing was intended to change. And while talk of “change” served to stoke the emotions of the crowds, real change would have eliminated any reason for those crowds to continually flock to him and empower him to take on his seemingly worthy cause.

In like manner, the churches of the Reverend Wrights continue to grow and enrich themselves and the careers of Obama and his kind are advanced on the backs of the masses from the urban neighborhoods. Demands for “justice and opportunity” draw public funds into the communities. But their streets continue to be ravaged by crime, the graduation and literacy rates of their public schools remain a total disgrace, and the vaunted “change” promised to them remains thoroughly elusive.

Upon even a cursory examination of how modern Washington works, and especially considering the rampant nature of present day chaos and corruption that permeates the D.C. establishment, it should quickly become obvious that Obama’s background indeed represents the perfect “resume” for an aspiring leader in such an environment.

Admittedly, from a historical standpoint, Obama is wholly unqualified to preside over the apparatus of this nation’s government. Nor does he display any grasp of the American economic engine. Furthermore, he has demonstrated no ability to comprehend the ebb and flow of relationships with foreign governments. And his understanding of, or appreciation for the Constitution as the rightful framework for the American system is either woefully lacking or merely an annoyance that he long ago chose to discard. But such considerations are the realm of traditional America, so Obama has no interest in them. He has no intention of remaining within such tiresome limitations.

If his campaign tactics are any indication, the Illinois Senator sees the likelihood of accomplishing much more according to his “community organizer” background than through the insipid and limited methods of conventional governing. Rather, he is far more comfortable carrying the torch of leftist social transformation. While most of America seems oblivious to the connection, between his current ideology and past actions, Obama’s standard mode of operation has been on display for any who are willing to examine his governing patterns critically and objectively. A few noteworthy examples make this case.

After Hillary Clinton withdrew from a speaking engagement at an anti-Iran event being held by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations last week, the Obama campaign launched an intimidation crusade against the gathering, threatening it with a possible lawsuit if it allowed Sarah Palin to speak there. Apparently, alerting the American public, and in particular its Jewish contingent, to the dangers posed by Iran is no more significant or worthwhile to Obama and his minions than the preservation of First Amendment right to free speech.

On another front, the Obama campaign promoted an incredible compilation of lies that were incorporated into a series of ads, produced only in Spanish, and aired only on Spanish speaking stations, which fraudulently portray McCain as hostile to Hispanics. This despicable incident displayed once again how political operatives of Obama’s genre are perfectly willing to exploit and inflame ethnic divisions that exist in our country in order to gain the political upper hand. As a side note, it also serves as a reminder of why America’s leftists are such strident advocates of bilingual education.

Finally, it is necessary to examine the revolving doors linking America’s failing giant financial institutions to the Democrat cabal in the Congress. It is here that enormous quantities of taxpayer dollars are being siphoned and recirculated between crooked financiers and collaborating politicians. As a means of accessing a seemingly endless supply of cash for those on the inside, this scandalous state of affairs represents the zenith of “community organizer” aspirations. And it is no surprise that Obama is among the chief recipients of “donations” from such enterprises.

In both cases, while the common people remain at their predetermined rung on the lowest end of the economic ladder, the “community organizers” and politicians become wealthy beyond belief or understanding. And if the whole charade eventually collapses under its own disproportionate weight, it is those “little people” at the bottom who will foot the bill.

Certainly, with each successive revelation of the financial corruption and cronyism that has nearly destroyed America’s banking system, the commonality between the workings of the demagogues in the nation’s urban neighborhoods and the murkiest aspects of the status-quo in Washington become more evident. And no one has done a more thorough job of transitioning from the former to the latter than Barack Obama.

Christopher G. Adamo

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