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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  March 12, 2009

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Obama’s Embryonic Stem Cell Sacrament

Seeking moral legitimacy for a practice that, in every one of its forty-million plus iterations has resulted in the death of an innocent unborn child, the abortion advocacy has seized upon fetal stem cell “science” as a means of elevating itself to the standing of decency and honor.

Imagine the liberal hysteria that would immediately erupt upon any use of government funds to promote the Judeo-Christian principles which have upheld our nation’s freedom and prosperity for over two centuries. America, we are incessantly told by the left, was founded on the principle of “separation of church and state” (as if life, liberty, and all of the other noble ideals of this republic were mere afterthoughts). An attempt by the nation’s leaders to advance a religious or Christian worldview would, in the minds of liberals, constitute a mortal threat to the future of the country.

Yet those same liberal interest groups that relentlessly seek to drive every vestige of traditional morality from the public arena are among the most zealous advocates of replacing such precepts with their own twisted dogma. The decision by the Obama Administration to reverse the ban on federal funding of fetal stem cell research is a prime example.

The issue is not one of “miracle medical cures.” Fetal stem cells have consistently proven completely useless in any medical procedure, while stem cells taken from adults, who do not have to be exterminated in the process, are showing positive results and great promise of future successes in many areas of medical treatment.

Nor does the fetal stem cell controversy have anything to do with the “freedom” to conduct honorable scientific research. Private research has been taking place throughout the medical and scientific communities in this country, and around the world, for many years. Admittedly, this situation is every bit as detestable to the fate of the unborn, but it has allowed at least the insinuation of passivity on the part of the government. Of course such a distinction, symbolic though it may be, still does not sit well with the current abortion/death culture.

Perhaps most significantly, with the total lack of meaningful results from fetal stem cell experimentation, no commercial use for them can be claimed. As a result, like so much of the worthless “art” that debases the current culture, the only possibility of reaping monetary value from fetal stem cell work is with the involvement of government funding.

In another, more sane time, a “medical” process that was expensive and unnecessary, bore no worthwhile results (and in fact has tendency to cause serious harm to its recipients, including cancerous brain tumors), and involved the needless destruction of innocent human lives would be summarily abandoned. Nevertheless, the vaunted study of fetal stem cells and their completely illusory medicinal value is repeatedly held up as a shining hope for the future of humanity. Obama commended this notion in glowing terms on March 9 as he signed the executive order allowing federal funding for such research.

In reality, the ultimate intention of fetal stem cell proponents glares from one of Obama’s comments made as he signed the order, or to be more accurate, the total absence of truth in that statement. He piously claimed that “humanity and conscience” are embodied in the pursuit of fetal stem cell experimentation. Here at last, liberals believe they have a way to reconcile humanitarian virtue with the unspeakable horror of human abortion.

Seeking moral legitimacy for a practice that, in every one of its forty-million plus iterations has resulted in the death of an innocent unborn child, the abortion advocacy has seized upon fetal stem cell “science” as a means of elevating itself to the standing of decency and honor. If this ploy can ever be fully established in the minds of the American people, abortion will be ever after validated as the salvation of humanity instead of evidence of one of its lowest descents into cruelty and barbarism.

Obama’s past commentary on this subject paints a far more accurate and sinister picture. Asserting that it would be better to slaughter an unborn child in order to forestall the “punishment” of the mother to whom it might otherwise be born, Obama has heartlessly supported the practice of allowing born-alive infants from “botched” abortions to die from neglect. Even in Illinois, a state corrupted by liberalism perhaps to a degree exceeding any other, Obama’s pro-abortion mindset was regarded as extreme.

Nevertheless, with flowery rhetoric that bears little connection to reality, he once again acts in a manner that will inflict destruction on helpless humanity, while claiming to uplift it.

Under such auspices, the religion of the left is foisted on America with the full “blessing” (and all-important funding) of the United States Government. Legalized fetal stem cell testing, which unfortunately was the case even during the Bush Administration, ought to have constituted a sufficient moral outrage to satisfy the abortion zealots. But the requirement that taxpayers foot the bill for this grim work is itself a means of forcing their genuflection at the grisly altar of human abortion.

In perhaps the most strikingly bankrupt portion of his dubious signing statement, Obama gloried in his eradication of the “false choice” for stem cell researchers “between science and moral values.” In truth, the entire fetal stem-cell controversy is not about “science” but ideology and ultimately, the dismantling of moral absolutes. Abortion proponents long desired and now believe they have a pretense of merit behind which they can hide the hideous realities of their business, the killing of unborn children for monetary gain.

However, under closer scrutiny, Obama’s flimsy pretext of unleashing the scientific community reveals an even more abhorrent facet of his mindset, and recalls the societal degeneration that can result from such thinking. Among the most notorious villains of the Nazi holocaust was a soulless individual by the name of Joseph Mengele. A medical “doctor” in the Auschwitz concentration camp, Mengele committed heinous and brutal experiments on innocent human beings, justifying his actions in the name of “science” of course.

Mengele epitomized the monstrous depths to which humanity can descend, once “science” is divorced from ideology and morality in the manner that Obama advocates. If a culture decays to that point, any crime against the weak can and will be perpetrated by the strong, simply because they are psychologically and ethically unconstrained from doing so.

It is of no consequence that in this wretched episode, Obama made the obligatory effort to laud himself as “a person of faith.” That ruse has worn thin. His “faith” bears no commonality with the precepts upon which this country was built, but instead mirrors those dreadful things which are tearing it apart. Mengele himself could have made a similar claim of “faith” under these murky auspices. By the fruits Barack Obama regularly bears shall his “faith” be known. And even among those who remain gullible enough to accept such platitudes, he does not succeed in elevating himself, but in dragging the concept of true faith to the levels where he has sunk.

Christopher G. Adamo

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