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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  October 21, 2009

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Liberalism Concocts “Bogeymen” While Ignoring Real Dangers

Perhaps if British Prime Minister Gordon Brown can keep his people sufficiently alarmed and bewildered with worries of being swallowed up by the rising tide of the Atlantic, they will neglect to notice that their nation is on the verge of taking that proverbial one-way journey in a handbasket.

It is difficult to determine the most telling harbinger of the collapse of Western Civilization, but the October 19 statement by Gordon Brown, Britain’s Prime Minister, must surely be among the worst. Speaking to the “Major Economies Forum” in London, Brown hysterically asserted that the world has “fewer than fifty days” in which to enact a drastic international climate change treaty, or it is curtains for humanity.

The translation, of course, is that Americans and Europeans must henceforth bankrupt themselves to fund a global socialist agenda, lest global warming, which has not revealed itself in a decade, will rise up to consume those greedy Western capitalists with fire and brimstone.

Consider the real problems facing Brown’s England. Mired in past socialist exploits, England’s economy is inarguably in decline. Its unemployment rate is topping eight percent. The structure of English society, once the most influential in the civilized world, has been devastated by the systematic dismantling of tradition and morality. The most popular name for newborn “English” males is Mohammed, a statistic that certainly does not portend a resurgence of the former greatness of Britannia any time soon.

Yet rather than confront, or even dare to publicly recognize the dire threats facing his country, Brown chooses instead to demagogue the myth of “global warming” (by whatever name it is presently being touted) in order to solidify the power grab by the United Nations. Perhaps if he can keep his people sufficiently alarmed and bewildered with worries of being swallowed up by the rising tide of the Atlantic, they will neglect to notice that their nation is on the verge of taking that proverbial one-way journey in a handbasket.

Unfortunately for America, Gordon Brown is not alone. During the past nine months, this technique has been revealed as standard White House operating procedure. Barack Obama resorts to similar behavior every time his far-left agenda appears to be faltering, which of late has been on a daily basis.

Despite strident liberal efforts to implement government health-control through congressional sleight of hand and subterfuge, the American people have become informed on its real ramifications, and by large margins want no part of it. Nevertheless, Nancy Pelosi, the far-left House Speaker, and equally liberal Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid intend to ram the groundbreaking measure through the Congress by any means necessary.

An epic battle is shaping up between the leftist federal government, and those peasants out in the American heartland who doggedly cling to the notion that the country belongs to them and their posterity. This contest promises to evolve into liberalism’s “Tet Offensive,” the outcome of which, they hope, will be a decisive victory over the America of “Tea Parties,” talk-radio, and alternative media.

So the Obama regime, along with its accomplices in the Congress and on the network news, is pulling out all of the stops. Key to this effort is the vilification of any and all who, no matter how factually or honorably they do so, would dare to stand in the way of the liberal juggernaut. And the ugliness of the effort is astonishing. Only a few years have passed since the time when nothing of such a despotic nature would have been tolerated within these shores.

In response to the only real media scrutiny of Obama’s socialist scheme, which came from Fox News, White House senior advisor David Axelrod actually asserted that Fox is “not a news organization.” One can only assume that, among Obama’s many unappointed and unaccountable “Czars” lurks an individual seeking to determine what is or is not fit to disseminate to those ignorant masses on mainstreet, and censor it accordingly.

Unable to counter the information from Fox with facts, the Obama response is to attempt to destroy the messenger. And what of that “First Amendment” business about freedom of speech? Surely an Obama appointed judge can “clarify” it for us all, in order to prevent the excesses of Fox, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh from hampering the Obama agenda. If Hugo Chavez can pull it off in Venezuela, why not here?

Similarly, Obama is now going after the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which in the wake of its voiced opposition to government run “healthcare” and business killing tax hikes ostensibly meant to “save the planet,” received a rebuke from White House operative Jen Psaki. In an October 20 statement, Psaki derided the organization for allotting “millions of dollars against productive efforts under way to reform the regulatory structure, provide access to affordable health insurance for more Americans and reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions -- all plans essential to the continued growth and recovery of our economy.”

In other words, if you object in any way to the socialist bulldozer, you are guilty of opposing “access to affordable health insurance” for your neighbors, and ultimately want to undermine the purported economic “recovery.”

Amazingly, while engaging in this war against real America, Obama is brushing aside the deteriorating Afghan situation. Worse yet, he has been absolutely silent on the obvious encroachment and attempted infiltration of the U.S. Congress by the “Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR), an Islamist front organization with known ties and allegiances to terrorist organizations.

Sadly, average Americans now must contend with a government that is openly hostile to their livelihoods and the prospects for the future, but accommodating to dangerous adversaries and the real threats they pose. On the other hand, during the past year, the power of the common citizen has manifested itself in a profound and unprecedented manner. The massive 9-12 gathering in Washington D.C., “Tea Parties,” and burgeoning Tenth Amendment movement are but a glimpse into the well of energy and passion that is the heart and soul of traditional America. By their malevolent arrogance, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, may have roused that “sleeping giant.”

Christopher G. Adamo

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