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Author: Christopher G. Adamo
Date:  April 14, 2011

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Democrats’ Obsessive Efforts To Fracture Tea Party

With Speaker Boehner having already waved the white flag regarding a government shutdown, well in advance of any budgetary talks, liberal Democrats seized the moment and framed the budgetary debate on the single issue with the greatest potential of alienating a crucial element of the Tea Party constituency.

Sadly for America, as of last Friday it has now been irrefutably established that, barring a government shutdown, the ravages of Congressional spending will never be brought into line. And since the current Republican “leadership” has asserted with just as much certainty that no shutdown will occur on their watch, the inescapable conclusion is that the spending spree will continue unabated until the national economy collapses under its weight.

Let the key players juggle the numbers to bias any analysis in their favor, the reality remains unchanged. America, now $14.5 trillion in the red (and getting billions deeper each day), will remain on this disastrous course with no end in sight. Beltway insiders simply cannot and will not recognize that this pattern cannot continue indefinitely. Preservation of the current power structure requires that those at the highest levels of both major political parties pretend that they are aware of the looming danger, while stubbornly refusing to address it squarely.

House Speaker John Boehner (R.-OH) has lauded the budget “compromise” (read: capitulation) as a major step back from the looming financial abyss. Not to be outdone, Barack Obama, of all people, is likewise claiming credit for this grand budgetary reduction of barely 1%, and this after he swelled it by nearly 50% in the past few years.

Only one entity stands in the way of business as usual in Washington. And that is the conservative grassroots uprising known as the “Tea Party.” Since its inception in early 2009, the political establishment and its media propagandists have sought to undermine and ultimately, neutralize this insurgency of the peasantry. From its early mischaracterization as a tiny fringe group, to the childish and disgraceful derision of it as “Tea Baggers,” America’s leftists, both in the media and on Capitol Hill, believed they could simply revert to their standard tactics of mockery and ridicule to dispirit and diffuse the movement. But despite such efforts, last November’s stunning elections proved the liberals’ arrogant assumptions of political hegemony were flatly wrong.

Being liberals however, they neither recognize their errors nor give up their fight. Rather, they regroup, repackage their worn-out message, and presume to remain fixed on the philosophical and moral “high ground” while working through any devious means to overtake their enemy. Beneath the veneer of the recent budget battle, all of the disingenuous and manipulative liberal ploys were going on in full force.

No one should be fooled into thinking that the dispute was over how to properly continue funding any worthwhile or necessary functions of the federal government. From the liberal/Democrat perspective, the ruckus was entirely about how to successfully drive a lethal wedge into the Tea Party, thereby fragmenting it into smaller competing groups which would ever after be unable to coalesce and develop sufficient momentum behind any ideologically unified slate of candidates. But once again, the liberals overplayed their hand, and the transparency of their efforts is rapidly coming to light.

To the degree that ostensible “fiscal conservatives” have excoriated Congressional Republicans for allowing funding for Planned Parenthood to become a bone of contention, the liberal ruse can be claimed as successful. And of course, this was the entire goal of the liberal Democrats. Overall however, their duplicity is being exposed by the stark contrast it embodies when compared to the unwavering commitment to principle by real conservatives.

Despite the virtual media “blackout” of arrogant and cynical comments from Senator Chuck Schumer (D.-NY), nobody on the right has forgotten the blatant contempt for his own liberal constituency he exhibited with his explanation of how to control their sentiments and behavior through the use of terms such as “extreme” when discussing heartland America. In this, he was abetted, particularly as the budget controversy came to a head, by such notable liberal mouthpieces as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-NV), Pseudo Representative Eleanor Norton (D.-D.C.), and Representative Louise Slaughter (D.-NY), to name only a few.

Their denunciations of Congressional Republicans, which were outlandish from the start, then quickly reached a hysterical pitch, asserted that Republican intentions to defund Planned Parenthood proved the budget was designed to inflict nothing shy of genocide on America’s female population. Were any of their caterwauling believable it would have to be concluded that American women are not only fixated enmasse on abortion, but that they also universally expect “the government” to pick up the tab.

Of course from a fiscal perspective, none of this makes any sense. So, it must be asked, what exactly might be their real underlying goal? The answer unmasks their total lack of respect for their Republican opposition, an attitude which sadly, is not entirely unwarranted.

With Speaker Boehner having already waved the white flag regarding a government shutdown, well in advance of any budgetary talks, liberal Democrats seized the moment and framed the budgetary debate on the single issue with the greatest potential of alienating a crucial element of the Tea Party constituency. Having witnessed the nation’s finances being treated so shabbily over the months since last year’s Republican electoral landslide, fiscal hawks were already convinced that their chief concerns were getting short shrift from the GOP. If the Congress could then be coerced into funding abortion, many among the “religious right” might likewise wash their hands of it in total disgust.

Once again however, the Alinskyite minions of the Democrat Party have completely underestimated the strength and resolve of their opposition. While real America is currently livid over both the budgetary backtrack by the Republicans, as well as their pathetic attempt to “thread the needle” on the abortion issue (the “compromise” plan maintains the flow of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood but eliminates expenditures for abortions within the District of Columbia), it is obvious that the solution to this despicable state of affairs is not to further empower the liberal establishment.

Rather, come the 2012 election season, those “Republicans” who cherish their professional standing among their peers in the Washington establishment more than their commitment to conservative principle will face primary challengers who have their priorities straight. Last fall’s electoral tidal wave was only the beginning. The principles driving the Tea Party are alive and well, and remain as fixed and immovable as bedrock, while politicians are expendable. The November elections of next year represent another opportunity for political cleansing in the Congress, to purge its ranks of even more liberal Democrats from both parties.

Christopher G. Adamo

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