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Author: Barbara Anderson
Date:  October 1, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Does It Take a Jew, Michael Savage, to Defend Christians?

In its latest insult to Christians, the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair, held on Sunday, September 30, has as its logo a representation of The Last Supper. This logo, originally sponsored by The Miller Brewing Company, depicts the religious meal as a sadomasochistic affair, complete with barely clad men and women, with sex toys strewn on the table.

The Catholic League, whose job it is to protest such insults to Christianity, especially Catholic Christianity, called for a boycott of Miller Beer. The company reluctantly withdrew its sponsorship of the offending depiction of The Last Supper, but Bill Donohue reiterated his call for the boycott on September 28, saying:

“Miller Brewing will now be known as S&M Miller, and that is because it has apparently decided to drop anchor with the sadomasochistic festival that it is proudly sponsoring on Sunday as the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. It still refuses to pull sponsorship of this obscene event, knowing full well that it is making a financial contribution to an anti-Catholic group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Sisters is one of the beneficiaries of the street fair. And last night in San Francisco, the Sisters held a mock Last Supper, ridiculing all Christians.”

In a memo to the Miller Brewing Company, Donohue warned:

“Over 200 religious organizations spanning six faith communities were sent a letter yesterday asking them to join us in the boycott. If S&M Miller doesn’t pull its sponsorship, we will announce a game plan on Monday that will make the company regret it ever decided to insult Christians.”

This response was to be expected from the Catholic League. What wasn’t expected was the response from a prominent Jew, Michael Savage. Other talk show hosts tut-tutted perfunctorily, but none, not even those who profess to be Catholic, showed the passion of Savage, as he devoted a lot of time on his program to denouncing the whole affair and those who support it.

Savage has often tackled the taboos of religion and politics. The taboo against talking about religion seems to be the most observed, but Savage can be heard recommending that his listeners open their Bibles, Old Testament and New Testament. He sometimes offers readings that are pertinent to the day.

This is not the first time Savage has come to the defense of Catholics. He has been almost alone in reaching out to Catholics as they struggle with the scandals in their church. The Catholic Church has entangled itself in “ecumenical” groups. These groups did not defend their Catholic members, although by working so closely with them they should have known the hearts of Catholics, which were just as angry at some bishops who were not good shepherds, allowing the scandals to develop.

Savage discerned that the members of the church sitting in the pews were not to blame for the scandals. He always had a good word for those members. His has been a lonely voice.

Savage also had a word for Nancy Pelosi, who was asked her reaction to the insult to Christians, and especially Catholics. She defended the ad for the festival that depicts the Last Supper as a gathering of sadomasochists. She chose to defend it as a First Amendment right and said it was not harmful to Christianity. Ever the politician, Pelosi answered the question politically. While the participants have the right of free speech, so does Nancy Pelosi, who was really being asked her opinion of the morality of the ad. She did not take the side of Christianity.

Michael Savage rightly pointed out that Pelosi bills herself as a Catholic grandmother, but does little to defend that title. He asked if there were any Catholic grandmothers in his audience that disagreed with Pelosi. Of course, there were, but they do not have the clout of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. There were probably many Democrat Catholic grandmothers listening whose votes helped get Pelosi into her exalted position. This was the thanks they got. It was clear which constituency Pelosi was defending. On Pelosi’s field of battle, the score was Sadomasochists 1 and Christians 0.

Politicians usually hold up their fingers in the air to see which way the political winds are blowing. Evidently those pesky Christian types don’t make enough noise to get notice from the political elites. As with the talk show hosts who say they are Catholic, many Christians are so used to being abused that they remain silent. Politicians count on this, but they are very attentive to the ones making the most headlines, as the gay parade marchers always do. Politicians strive to be politically correct and it has been safe to ignore Christians while they promote parades such as the ones that occur in San Francisco.

The Catholic hierarchy is very fond of ecumenical cooperation with other faiths. Unfortunately, these representatives of other faiths are in the left field of religion. Now might be the time to look for others with which to “ecumenize”, since the partners, so far, haven’t defended Catholics against the attacks of their detractors.

The people in the “gay” parades seem to delight in wearing priests’ garb and nuns’ habits in order to mock the Catholic religion. Where are those ecumenical partners? Isn’t it common courtesy to defend those with whom you profess to have common ground?

Now might be a good time to examine these alliances. Savage at least recognizes that we are in “disastrous spiritual times”. That is because his interests are varied enough to include most of what is happening in this country. It allows him to unerringly connect the dots.

Christians have a steady defender in Savage and should be grateful to have someone with the passion of Michael Savage in their corner.

“An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

Barbara Anderson

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Barbara regularly writes for CapitolHillCoffeeHouse. She also appears in California Chronicle, Border Patrol, and Citizens Caucus. Her primary interest is illegal immigration, but she writes about other subjects as well.

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