Author: Mark Alvarez
Date:  June 11, 2009

Topic category:  Government/Politics

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley shows courage

For defending Israeli sovereignty

I just had to take time to give accolades where accolades are due. Congresswoman Berkley has taken a position that puts her at odds with the current administration, which is ran by her own party. That takes courage to go up against an occupant of the White House who is a member of her own party.

The administration is working towards imposing a two-state "solution" on Israel. The so-called "road map" calls for an end to even "natural growth." What that means is that if you are an Israeli, you can't build a house, hospital, factory, etc. "Natural growth" is a euphemism for economic development. It seems to me that we should be encouraging the most capable individuals of making productive use of land, no matter their religious tradition and ethnic origin. I agree with the Congresswoman in her opposition to this "road map."

It is important to understand that this "road map" is not new. In fact, I wrote about this "road map" back in 2003, when it was first concocted. It is also important to understand that the entire Middle Eastern foreign policy of the U.S. is nexused with this two-state "solution." In my commentary, I predicted that the supporters of Israel would be betrayed by the final "solution," which is carving out Israel pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (or maybe even 181).

The main argument of my commentary that I wrote in 2003 is that our foreign policy is leading towards imposing this two-state "solution" on Israel, and that - no matter how many sins may have been committed against Palestinians during Israel's genesis - the past can't be undone. It is wrong for the U.S. government to occupy Iraq, and it is wrong for the U.S. government to favor reconstructing Israeli settlements, and to curtail new Israeli settlements.

On a peripheral note, I haven't submitted articles to AntiWar.com for several years because I noticed that AntiWar.com is not so much anti-interventionism/anti-war as it is anti-Israel. On the matter of AntiWar.com, I find myself in agreement with Jared Israel of www.emperors-clothes.com, who I believe had been strategically allied with Raimondo's AntiWar.com at one time. Proving just that, I noticed that AntiWar.com linked to this piece of garbage commentary right here. Where one stands on the two-state "solution," I believe, tells us whether that person supports a foreign policy of non-interventionism or opposes Israel. On the two-state "solution" issue, throw me into AIPAC's briar patch.

Mark Alvarez

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