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Author: Dr. Tom Barrett
Date:  April 3, 2007

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Democrats Set Date for Surrender to Terrorists

John McCain calls it “the date-certain for surrender act.” I call it unconstitutional and bordering on treason. With our country fighting against terrorists who could destroy us, the Democrats (aided and abetted by two traitorous Republicans) have decided to give aid and comfort to the enemy. They have done so by passing a bill that tells the enemy when it will be safe to crawl out from under their rocks and start murdering innocents again, without any interference from the US Military.

Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi calls the Democrat bill’s requirement that all US troops leave Iraq in 2008 a “strategic redeployment.” Back where I come from, when you “redeploy” away from the fight, it is called surrender.

The Democrats have also put our troops in a dangerous position. The bill (see LINK below) calls for a pullout of all troops next year, starting in a few months. As the number of troops decreases, those left on the ground will be spread thin and find themselves in increasing danger. To make matters worse, Congress intends to cut off all funds for military equipment and training unless the bill (which contains Billions of dollars of “pork” for Democrats, as well as unconstitutional restrictions on the ability of the Generals to conduct the war) passes. Hundreds of brave military members will die as a result of this bill if it is enacted.

Fortunately, we have a Commander-in-Chief who will not allow this runaway Congress to strip away the powers that the Constitution gives to the President. He WILL veto this disgusting bill, because it is blatantly unconstitutional.

Most Americans know little of US history, because the liberals have succeeded in corrupting our educational system to the point that most of what is taught in our schools bashes America and distorts the truth. Mary Mostert, the senior columnist at www.ConservativeTruth.org has written a fascinating column this week on the website called “Congress Withdraws Support from the Troops.” I strongly recommend this article to you.

In her article Mary points out that while Congress controlled the conduct of the Revolutionary War, our fledgling army lost every single battle. Finally, when the British were about to capture and execute them, the Congressmen came to their senses and gave George Washington full authority to run military matters. The tide of the war changed, and Washington was eventually victorious.

Washington never forgot that Congress, by micro-managing the Revolutionary War, almost cost us our country before it won its independence. He later made sure that the Constitution gave the Commander-in-Chief sole authority to conduct wars. Today the Democrats are trying to rip out that part of the Constitution.

Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution reads, “The President shall be Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States.” Please notice that our Founding Fathers designated the President, NOT Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, the Commander-in-Chief.

What about the two Republican traitors in this matter? Senators Smith of Oregon and Hagel of Nebraska joined with the Democrats to attempt to usurp the Constitutional authority of the President in a time of war. I expect that kind of thing from the Democrats. I do NOT expect such from people who call themselves Republicans. Even former Democrat Joe Lieberman (who is technically an Independent, but who caucuses with the Democrats voted against this terrible bill.

So what should we do to these two turncoats? Well, the real Republicans of Oregon and Nebraska should make sure that they never represent their states again. Even if it means that the Republicans lose their seats to Democrats, these two cowards should never again be allowed to call themselves Republican Senators.

If Smith and Hagel had not abandoned their conservative constituents for political gain, the Senate vote would have been 49 to 49 instead of 51 to 47. The Vice-President (in his constitutional role as President of the Senate) would have cast the tie-breaking vote, and this travesty would have been avoided. Conservatives and lovers of freedom from ALL states should send STRONG emails to these two, condemning their cowardice.

I very seldom do this, but I have provided LINKS to contact forms for both of these RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). (See LINKS below.) I hope you will inundate them with emails telling them how you feel about Republicans who would cut off funds for troops who are risking their lives for their freedom. Please ask all you friends and church members to do the same. They need to know that they cannot abandon their constituents without suffering consequences.

WARNING: The liberal media, including all the major networks except Fox News is controlled by leftist, Socialist Democrats. 92% of the producers, anchors, editors and reporters who decide what news you are allowed to see are registered to vote either as Democrats or Socialists. (By contrast, 100% of the Editorial Staff of www.ConservativeTruth.org are Conservative Republicans or Libertarians.)

The liberals have already convinced much of the nation that “This is a civil war!” They have said this so many times that even people with brains have started to believe it. The leave out the “inconvenient truths” that civil wars are between two factions of people in the same country; that Iran has people and weapons in Iraq killing Americans; and that the presence of al Qaeda and numerous other terrorists from other nations have been documented in Iraq, all of them killing American troops and Iraqi government officials.

Be aware that the liberal media will do all in its power to cast the Surrender Bill in this way: “President Bush’s veto will withhold funds from America’s troops.” They will try to sound as if they actually care about our fighting men and women. But anyone who has even a passing knowledge of the politics of the last 50 years knows that the Democrats have done everything in their power to weaken our military readiness, while Republicans have always been unwavering advocates of a strong military.

The fact is that President Bush had no option other than to veto the bill. The Democrats know this, and they count on it. They know that the bill barely passed, and that they have no chance whatsoever of overriding the President’s veto. So why did they work so hard to pass it?

Simply because they are cowards. They don’t dare do what they did to stop the Vietnam War, because that blew up in their faces. They removed the funding for the war, and tens of thousands of innocent people died as a direct result of their cowardice. America lost its first war because of the Democrats, and was seen throughout the world community as weak and cowardly.

Since they are afraid to be honest and use the constitutional authority they do have, they have taken the tack of trying to usurp the President’s constitutional authority, knowing he must veto the bill because of his oath to “preserve and protect” the Constitution. They hope to stop the war in this way, instead of using the power of the purse given to them by the Constitution, because they don’t want America to see their true colors (specifically the yellow stripe that runs up their spines).

Another reason the President has to veto the bill is that the Democrats have loaded it with Billions of dollars in “pork” spending that has nothing to do with the purpose of the bill. For the uninitiated, “pork” is wasteful spending that piggy Congressmen and women put in bills to help them get reelected. (See LINK below to the article, “Democrats Lay on the Pork.”)

Surprisingly, there were several Democrats who planned to vote AGAINST their party’s bill early on. They were afraid of the reactions of their constituents when the voters learned that their elected representatives had abandoned the troops. So Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bribed them with Billions of dollars in pork projects designed to soothe the voters’ ruffled feathers.

Remember that Congress titled this an “Emergency Supplemental Bill.” It was supposed to provide money to support the troops, train them to deal with ever-changing terrorists tactics, and provide weapons and armor for our men and women in harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq. President Bush requested $105 Billion for these purposes.

Instead of taking care of the troops, Congress loaded the bill down with over $20 BILLION in wasteful pork spending, hoping the President would give them their bribes in order to get the money for the war. To give you just a taste of the waste, Democrats have included in the “emergency war spending bill” such emergency items as $74 million for peanut storage and $125 million for spinach and citrus growers.

Make no mistake about it. No matter what the lying liberal media tells you about this bill and the veto that will surely come, the veto will not be the reason the flow of money to the troops will stop. The Democrats are trying to stop the war by starving our troops. President Bush won’t let them get away with it, and neither should we.

Dr. Tom Barrett
Conservative Truth (Publisher, Editor)


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