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Author: Dr. Tom Barrett
Date:  February 2, 2009

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Obama’s Legacy

Obama has been in office for only 12 (very long) days. So why are we already talking about his legacy? Because, regardless of what the pundits may say, when all is said and done it will not be the way he handles the economy or the War on Terror that define his presidency. It will be the Supreme Court Justices he appoints.

Obama has been in office for only 12 (very long) days. So why are we already talking about his legacy? Because, regardless of what the pundits may say, when all is said and done it will not be the way he handles the economy or the War on Terror that define his presidency. It will be the Supreme Court Justices he appoints.

The appointments Obama makes will to the US Supreme Court will have a grave influence our nation for years to come. If (Heaven forbid!) he should be elected to a second term, his influence would extend over the next generation.

Think about this. Over 60% of Americans, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, claimed they were Conservatives when asked, "Are you a Conservative or a Liberal?" Obviously many of these do not understand the title they claim, because 52% of them voted for the most liberal president in the last 100 years. Or perhaps they thought an extreme liberal like Obama would appoint Conservative justices?

Two of the most liberal justices on the Court have been waiting to retire, probably praying that Obama would be elected, so that their replacements would be as liberal as they are. Liberal Justice John Paul Stevens is 88 years old, and now that he can be sure his seat will go to a liberal, will probably announce his retirement this year. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who never missed a chance to vote in favor of abortion for ANY reason, is 75 and ill. She will probably retire before Stevens, and for the same reason.

These two refused to retire while Bush was in office, for obvious reasons. If Justice Ginsberg had been on her death bed, she would not have resigned until Obama was safely in office, because she is a true believer in the Liberal philosophy. Just think what would have happened if the Conservatives of this nation had voted as they professed last November. Granted, McCain is not a poster boy for the Conservative cause. But he is absolutely Pro-Life, and is against homosexual marriage. He would have appointed very different judges than Obama.

Well, we missed that opportunity, America. Liberals worked hard, donated millions and elected their man. Conservatives didn't work hard because many were upset that McCain wasn't conservative enough to suit them. Well, we will all have to live with the results of the 2008 election for the next four years. But eight years would be far worse

Five of the current nine Supremes are over 70 years of age. Their average age is 75, which would mean their average would be 83 in eight years. In eight years the "youngsters" on the current Court will be an average of 79 years of age. This means that, besides Stevens and Ginsberg, at least three, possibly four or five, more justices will retire, die or be forced to resign due to health problems over the next eight years. Think about that! Five, possibly six or seven justices, appointed by Obama!

If Obama serves two terms, his Court appointments would change the face of America for at least the next forty years. Given the trend of appointing younger justices, that dreadful scenario could be played out for fifty or more years AFTER a Conservative president is elected.

And we shouldn't forget that the president appoints other federal judges. While their decisions are not as momentous as those made by the Supreme Court, almost all cases that come before the Supremes are first ruled on by federal District Courts. And Supreme Court Justices are often drawn from the ranks of the District Court judges.

Today one vote often makes the difference on votes for freedom of religion, life, for righteousness, for morality, for family values, for freedom of speech, for national sovereignty, for the very future of our nation.

On an Obama Court, one more vote could remove the few restraints left on abortion on demand; could legalize homosexual marriage; could subject those who proclaim God's Word to prosecution for "hate crimes;" could force even more businesses and jobs to flee America due to higher corporate taxes; could further weaken parental rights; and could condemn our nation to total subjection by the United Nations.

So, once, again, why are we talking about Obama's legacy now, just 12 days after he was inaugurated? Because we need to be sure there is no second inauguration. There is nothing to be done about the judicial appointments he will certainly make over the next four years. But we can start today to build grass roots support for a conservative White House four years from now. We don't know who will run against Obama in 1012, but he or she couldn't be worse than Obama when it comes to Supreme Court Appointments. (I see a bumper sticker in my future: "Anyone but Obama!")

An Obama presidency, together with both Houses of Congress, can do incalculable damage to our nation, much of which cannot be undone when Conservatives regain control. Once certain things are allowed to manifest themselves, it is next to impossible to undo them. It's like trying to unscramble eggs.

A few examples of "gifts" from past Liberal presidents and politicians: Legalized abortion, income taxes that force both parents to work, uncontrolled government spending, massive government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, laws compelling acceptance of deviant lifestyles, an epidemic of violent crime, and the current economic crisis.

All of these were caused by Liberals in government, aided by the apathy of Conservatives. But none of these plagues could have taken hold had the Supreme Court been blessed with a simple majority of Conservative Justices who respected the Constitution.

Five Supreme Court Justices can do more long-term damage to our nation and our way of life than a Socialist president aided by both Houses of Congress. And five Supreme Court Justices can protect us against the most reckless White House and Congress.

As best-selling author Pastor Dutch Sheets has said, "The economy will recover and the war will end," no matter who is in the White House. "But this is not the case with the Court and the Soul of this nation."

So pray for the health of the current Supremes. And pray that they will have great energy and decide not to retire -- until Obama leaves office.

Dr. Tom Barrett
Conservative Truth (Publisher, Editor)

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