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Author: Andrew Benjamin
Date:  January 21, 2019

Topic category:  Looney Left


Tom Steyer, the San Francisco billionaire who single-handedly funded the NEED TO IMPEACH movement with ads running in key states, before and during the election season, plowed over a hundred million dollars into a silly and unlawful idea.

The idea is to impeach Donald Trump, the president of the United States, for political reasons.

In other words, Steyer didn’t appreciate DT’s making American energy independent and by doing so, having devalued Steyer’s massive alternative energy portfolio. The problem is that Trump bet against Steyer and for America. Hillary bet for Steyer who gave her a fortune, and against America.

Steyer lost oodles of cash having invested into the wrong energy sector that is still losing money. Trump bet on the winning energy sector that put tens of thousands back to work. Coal miners, pipe fitters, steel enterprise, miners, fabricators, smelters making thousands of miles of steel transmission systems, oil rig workers, and employees of business allied with these.

Tom’s like-minded hateful and greedy associates who can no longer rip off the system, feel the same way: impeach a president because one doesn't like the hand dealt one. Others don’t like DT’s hair, his girth, his drop-dead gorgeous wife and children, pudgy fingers, and mostly, his massive successes bringing America back from the brink and launching the world on an economic boom.See www.magapil.com

Steyer and Co. came up with a slogan: MAKE IMPEACHMENT GREAT AGAIN.

Impeach a president on the basis of fake indictments having nothing to do with the original charges of collusion for which no evidence exists to this date, based on a fake and illegal investigation initiated by the opposition party for fake reasons,;backed by fabricated evidence from a fake Russian PP Dossier obtained with payments from Camp Hillary and the DNC and the fakery of perjured FISA warrants to surveil, wiretap and spy on the opposition candidate.<[>

These actions by law enforcement and intelligence officials working for the Obama administration and Camp Hillary is clearly unconstitutional. They are High Crimes and Felonies.

They call for an investigation of the investigators themselves for partisan collusion and conspiracy, coordination, witness tampering, destruction of evidence, and obstruction of justice.

Steyer's attempt using his vast wealth duplicates the ongoing, but failed FBI-DOJ-DNC-Team Mueller and media collusion to sabotage the Trump candidacy and then his Presidency – and ultimately to frame the President.

Steyer's alternative energy holdings are the core of his wealth. Well, they were...

Steyer's ill-conceived fakery to reverse the failures of Team Hillary's puppets at Justice to overturn the election of 2016 will fall flat on its face. The same way Hillary’s candidacy has imploded because everything about the Clintons was, fakery.
In the hoped-for impeachment-leading-to-conviction, Steyer and his pals intended to short the markets while aiming to enjoy massive profits, by replaying their pre-election bet against America they had unwittingly made, that cost them over $41 Billion! Steyer hopes to be joined by the other billionaires and banks in the game to recoup their losses and enrich themselves at America’s and America’s worker’s expense.

That impeachment for political reasons (meaning the Democrats did not, and could not win at the polls or in the courts) would nullify the votes of 63 million Americans, means nothing to Steyer. Or Soros, or Obama, or the Democrats.

That impeachment would rend the nation's social fabric, create precedence and a constitutional crisis, possibly riots, demonstrations, and violence, and a pushback the likes of which has not been seen since the Civil War, doesn't matter to men like Steyer. He sees green - literally. And that threat explains in full clarity why these same people want a disarmed America.

There are profits to be made from chaos and political unrest, if not from overpriced green energy no one will pay for. Profits are made by George Soros too in times of financial and political crises.

George Soros is despised in a dozen countries across Europe, the Balkan States, Russia, and Israel, for interfering with these nation's sovereignty, media, and elections, and currencies, and for sowing bloodshed, strife, chaos and unrest. In each and every place cited, George's fingerprints can be found. And the trail of money too, possibly to his hedge fund.


Not satisfied with the massive losses from bets he made on his alternative energy investments in an age where carbon-based fuels are becoming cheaper every day, nor disclosing to the public why he's invested the massive sums he has in his mad dream of reversing his losses by attacking the president, Steyer doubled down and suffered more losses again with a $5 million bet on Florida's 2018 governor's race. He's now tripling down on the worst investment in history.

That is what hedge funds do, short sectors on advanced knowledge of trends or regulations, and bad news, especially in areas affected by chaos and havoc. Steyer's cohorts, the others cited, intended to profit from the conventionally-accepted, if not scientifically proved, global warming narrative.

You can expect for these men and their associates to act in unison once again to maximize returns on the expected moves in the markets.

They have consistently invested in the same sectors promoted by Barack Obama, Al Gore, and later, Hillary Clinton.
These investors all understand well who butters their bread - and so have the politicians. That one hand washes the other. From these deep pockets we get the Deep State and The Secret Handshake.

Just before the election of 2016, namely New York Times part owner Carlos Slim, George Soros who by nature as a hedgie does it naturally, Seth Clarman, another hedgie, JB Pritzker, a venture capitalist, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey, Sherryl Sandberg of Facebook, Michael Bloomberg, and others not cited here, shorted the markets on the absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton will win. Assured by the polls that President Hillary's win will result in a massive selloff by investors and businesses around the globe no longer certain of America’s supremacy as an economic power.

After all, the smartest people on Wall Street and at investment banks around the globe, among them the above-referenced billionaires, make money by being smart. They all wanted to be on that Clinton corruption train to making hundreds of billions.
And then the train crashed.

Collectively, Buffet and Jeff Bezos excepted who passed on the deal, these men and women who also own much of the media that bet on Hillary and despise Trump to this very day, bet against America and lost at minimum $41 billion.

All trends reverse at some point, and the movers and shakers were convinced Hillary's time has come to give them another opportunity to profit from another economic meltdown like the 2007 global collapse caused by Hillary’s husband.

Her time has come indeed, to venture forth into obscurity and irrelevance.

Consider: There's always an agenda behind any investment.
Follow the gelt.

NEED TO IMPEACH was an investment with two feet in the grave from the get go.
As an investment, it will fail as it has failed before.

Because Tom, if history repeats itself, it will.
We are looking at a long term economic boom Donald Trump has willed into being and the cheaper carbon-based energy that is propelling it.

You Tom on the other hand, have written yourself into the record books.

You've made the worst investment in history.

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Andrew Benjamin

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