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Author: Jeff Churchill
Date:  January 7, 2012

Topic category:  Corruption in Government

Are Democrats Continuing to Promote Voter Fraud?

Democrats time and time again complain that Conservatives across the country are attempting to disenfranchise minorities by forcing them to show a valid state photo identification card prior to voting. That has to be by far the most absurd allegation currently being promoted by these Leftists. How does requiring American citizens’ presenting proof of citizenship via a valid state photo ID disenfranchise legal voters?

Democrats time and time again complain that Conservatives across the country are attempting to disenfranchise minorities by forcing them to show a valid state photo identification card prior to voting. That has to be by far the most absurd allegation currently being promoted by these Leftists.

How does requiring American citizens’ presenting proof of citizenship via a valid state photo ID disenfranchise legal voters?

Not having a valid state identification card only encourages voter fraud. And apparently our infamous Attorney General Eric Holder, a Democrat, at the direction of President Obama, is fighting the State of South Carolina and others from implementing their voter identification laws.

Let us begin with President Obama’s old stomping grounds the Association of Community Activists for Reform Now, ACORN; we can’t forget this all American corruption laden group.

Yes, our Commander in Chief back in the days of his community activism was hired to train ACORN affiliates to shake down banks, using his Saul Alinsky tactics coercing them into handing out home loans to those who really were not entitled get these loans to fulfill the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977.

Here’s a little tidbit of history and to add insult to injury, Obama at that time funneled money to ACORN through the Woods Fund, while sitting as a board member of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Yes, this is the same board that our very own home grown domestic terrorist William Ayres, of the Weather Underground fame, was sitting on too.

Oh, and one more thing about the Annenberg Foundation. By now most individuals know about Fact Check.com, well where do you think they get their funding from?

Okay, back to my point, how many of these rotten ACORN activists have been arrested and convicted of voter fraud across the country? According to the book “Subversion Inc.” published in May 2011 written by Matthew Vadum, a total of 54.

However, the most recent convictions, according to National Review Online , NRO, article “Yes Virginia, There Really is Voter Fraud,” posted on December 22, 2011, in Troy, New York, two city officials, believe it or not, along with two Democrat political hacks were indicted for forging absentee ballot signatures and casting fraudulent ballots in the 2009 Working Family Party Primary. And, who is the Working Family Party you ask? Why, it’s associated with ACORN!

No valid state photo identification required in New York to register to vote; not even having a Social Security number matters. No valid photo identification for absentee ballots and it’s a wobblier for in person polling; go figure.

One has to ponder overall, how many ballots were actually submitted illegally and counted in New York alone?

And, then we all witnessed the FBI raids on the ACORN offices in the State that Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, a Democrat, represents; Nevada. FBI seized boxes and boxes of records from ACORN. How many hundreds of illegal votes were submitted in that state? How many went unverified because of the absence of any form of voter identification in Nevada?

According to the American Spectator article on 5-07-09, “Conyers Kills ACORN PROBE,” ACORN and two former senior ACORN employees in Nevada had been charged with a total of 39 felony counts related to voter registrations.

ACORN, plead guilty to voter fraud in Las Vegas back in April 2011 for participating in this massive conspiracy.

By the way Representative Conyers of Michigan is, yes a Democrat and Senator Reid backed Conyers’ move to block the probe of ACORN.

Even though the State of Nevada requires a Department of Motor Vehicle ID for first time registers, a state senate bill requiring a photo ID at polling locations failed to pass before adjournment in 2011.

So, why did these high ranking Democrats squash a Congressional investigation of ACORN?

What are these Democrats hiding? There’s certainly enough evidence to indicate that some hanky panky within the ranks of ACORN who have received millions of our tax dollars warranted at least a little probe by our elected officials.

I’m beginning to see a pattern develop here; what do you think?

ACORN did file for chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 2010. However, they still operate Project Vote and ACORN Housing, with a new name “Affordable Housing Centers of America; a leading contributor to our economic collapse.

And of course their tentacles again are reappearing in various states like, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, New York Community for Change, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment and Action United (Pennsylvania).

As desperation to re-elect Obama continues to grow ACORN has vowed to return in 2012.

How about the State of Minnesota, say around 2008? Remember the long drawn out fight for the U.S. Senate seat between incumbent Norm Coleman and the infamous Saturday Night Live writer, Al Franken now Senator Al Franken, Democrat?

The race for that seat was close enough to demand several recounts, right down to actually physically hand counting each ballot. When all was said and done Senator Franken won by a narrow margin of 312 votes. What was disturbing, of the ballots submitted, 341 favoring Senator Franken were filled out by convicted felons in Minnesota’s largest county, Hennepin. Then they had 52 who voted illegally in Ramsey County, Minnesota’s second largest county.

However, even though Minnesota law does allow convicted felons to vote as long as their total sentence is completed, which includes parole and other issues handed down in their convictions, were these 341 votes legal? Did any polling officials check?

Now here’s a list of twenty states who either invite voter fraud or voter fraud has occurred that do not require any identification from voters during elections at their various polling stations: California, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nebraska, Nevada, N. Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming and the District of Columbia.

Meanwhile, these same twenty States and various Democrat Pundits, including our President and his Attorney General Eric Holder, who say that having minorities show that they have a valid photo ID card suppresses their legal right to vote is a bunch of hog wash!

Of the states who kind of require a photo ID or the states that require some sort of non photo ID, which totals 22 states, if by chance you forget to bring ID polling officials may ask you to recite your address or your date of birth. Interesting, anyone can have access to obituaries, death notices and figure out that answer. ACORN representatives are experts in that field.

Only eight states have strict laws requiring photo ID’s to vote: Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Indiana, Georgia and South Carolina. One thing is for certain I guarantee these states will be challenged I’m sure by Obama’s regime in 2012.

By the way, the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, or what I like to call them the “Anti Constitutional Liberation Union” is also currently attempting to sue states who require a valid photo identification card to vote.

How about Absentee Ballots, can you say “I see dead people?” That in its self will be a whole another story.

So, how many minorities collect Social Security Disability Insurance, Welfare, Unemployment or Medicaid benefits and are eligible to vote?

How many minorities in order to collect said benefits shall show valid proof of ID while applying at local state office?

Having to show proof of who you are hasn’t suppressed them from applying for their benefits now have they!

And finally, how many of these American citizens' are required to have a valid drivers license or identification card for employment?

So, I’ll ask my question again, are Democrats continuing to promote voter fraud?

That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

Jeff Churchill

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Jeff Churchill is Christian and has been married for 25 years, now living happily in Hawaii.

He has retired from a career in law enforcement, with over 22 years of experience in Los Angeles, California. He supervised an award winning Police Reserve Officer Unit and surveillance detail. During his tenure he has received countless hours of tactics training and is certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Firearms Instructor and Range Master.

Currently he is a member of the TEA Party Maui and TEA Party Patriots and is a Conservative. He has a passion for political history, current events and has a zeal for writing opinion articles on the latest events. His articles can be read at Pontificating in Paradise, WebCommentary and countless Letters to the Editor at Maui News and others across the State of Hawaii.

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