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Author: Edward L. Daley
Date:  September 25, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General


I, ________________________________________, upon signing this document, do hereby swear and affirm under penalty of forfeiture of office and wages, that I shall:

1.) Make no public statement which demeans, denigrates, or defames any active member, unit, or branch of the U.S. armed services, or the military as a whole, except in cases where an individual soldier or group of soldiers has been tried and convicted of committing a criminal offense or offenses.

2.) Never draft, endorse by signature or vote, or lend support in some other way to any piece of legislation which affords illegal immigrants any legal rights other than basic human rights, or extends to them any employment opportunities within the United States, or public services other than emergency medical assistance.

3.) Publicly advance the proposition that the international body known as the United Nations is irredeemably corrupt, increasingly hostile toward the United States and the cause of liberty throughout the world, and, furthermore, call for our government to immediately disassociate itself from that organization.

4.) Publicly challenge conspicuously unConstitutional decisions by any Justice or Justices of the Supreme Court, and, furthermore, call for the immediate removal of same from the federal bench, on grounds of bad behavior 1, whenever their rulings are particularly egregious in nature (e.g. Kelo v. New London 2, Hamdi v. Rumsfeld 3).

5.) Publicly denounce as treasonous the efforts of the New York Times Company, and its associated corporate entities, to expose classified U.S. government secrets to our nation's enemies during a time of war, and, furthermore, call for the criminal indictment of same by the U.S. Department of Justice.

6.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which provides for a small percentage of the Social Security fund to be returned to the American citizenry for the purpose of creating tax-free personal retirement accounts.

7.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which immunizes our federal government, as well as all state governments (where applicable *) from legal challenges concerning the use of the word God in:
a.) our national motto as it appears on U.S. currency,
b.) our common Pledge of Allegiance,
c.) any oath taken in a court of law *
d.) any oath of public office, *
e.) the various phrases exhibited on or in all manner of public structures. *

8.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which protects the right of all American citizens to own property which is exempt from confiscation by the federal government, or any state or local government, undertaken for reasons other than to provide for publicly-funded, critical aspects of our nation's infrastructure.

9.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which guarantees the right of all American citizens to receive indefinitely any and all life-sustaining medical treatments and therapies, including basic hydration and nourishment dispensing, upon any event which leaves them seriously injured and unable to express their will, in the absence of any written, signed, and notarized expression of their desire not to receive such care under the aforementioned circumstances.

10.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which affords all American citizens of modest income the ability to enroll their children in private educational institutions, via a federal school voucher program.

11.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which prohibits every state government in the Union from denying any American citizen over 17 years of age, who has not been convicted of a felony, the right to keep and bear arms for any reason he or she deems appropriate.

12.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which declares English to be the official language of the United States, and directs that no other language shall be used in the administration of the federal government's internal, day-to-day business by any department or office thereof, for any reason whatsoever.

13.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which calls for a dramatic increase in the exploration, drilling, and refining of domestic oil reserves by American companies, as well as an equally dramatic increase in federal funding for the development of alternative energy sources.

14.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which calls for the construction of a security fence along the entire U.S.-Mexican border, and the deployment to both the southern and northern U.S. borders of National Guard divisions numbering at least 20,000 troops each.

15.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which calls for the replacement of our current income tax system with either a flat tax or a national sales tax on goods and services, such as the 'Fair Tax' 4 proposed by Congressman John Linder and talk radio host Neal Boortz.

16.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which incorporates a free market-based model for U.S. healthcare reform similar to, if not exactly like, the one developed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich 5, 6.

17.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which calls for a perpetually balanced federal budget, allowing for exceptions during times of extreme military conflict, when achieving such may not always be feasible.

18.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which requires all voters seeking to participate in a federal election to provide photographic identification to poll administrators prior to voting.

19.) Do everything in my power to advance legislation which affirms that all non-uniformed, unlawful, enemy combatants, and non-signatories to the four treaties known collectively as the Geneva Conventions 7, are not subject to the protections thereof, and that any finding to the contrary by any court, be it foreign or domestic, is to be resolutely rejected as irrational and illegitimate.

20.) Never speak disparagingly of the United States of America in a public place, or to any news agency, while traveling abroad, regardless of the nature of the trip.


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