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Author: Jerry De Angelis
Date:  June 14, 2008

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Divided we are …

At the moment I am extremely disturbed, and want to lash out at any moron I see. A local talk show host agrees with a moronic caller who "wants to live within our means" What is so difficult to understand? If you live life and all you want is living within your means, you never grow, take risks, or make plans to profit in our lives. These people are pathetic! At any rate I am trying to energize the Fire Society group. My latest rant follows ... I am seriously considering buying an Abrams tank and ...

This thread is a microcosm of America in the 21st century. As I have read posts, and then reread some of them, I am trying to see if we will eventually come together in general while perhaps disagreeing on specifics. Differences of opinion are what makes these threads work, but if all we have are differences of opinion, and no action targeted at the issues, we are no different or effective than the proverbial one hand clapping. As a nation, we are divided in numerous ways, i.e. Christians, non-Christian, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Right, Left, Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, and last bit by no means least, Red-State and Blue State.

Here, we are those who will not vote for Obama, not vote for Mc Cain, and not vote for a Third Party candidate. Alternatively, there are some who will vote for Obama, will vote for Mc Cain, and will vote for a third party candidate. In that mix, are those who believe all is lost and nothing constructive can be done. In contrast, there are those who have not yet begun to fight, and believe much can be done. Many say no one is listening, others say yes they are.

This thread is divided between those who believe that voting for a Third Party candidate will send a message to the establishment – whichever establishment that is. In my opinion that is tantamount to sending a message to The Sombrero Galaxy - 28 million light years from Earth. The message may eventually get there, but who cares since we would all be toast by then anyway. While we are awaiting that message to arrive, nine Liberal judges will be elected and reside on the Supreme Court, and reading the Federalist Papers will be a crime.

Thus we have reached an impasse. I have not seen any conversions from Third Party to Mc Cain or visa versa. (So far the Barak Hussein Obama supporters are lying low, but we know you are there somewhere.) This situation does not bode well for anyone, no matter what candidate anyone chooses. At this point, the momentum is with Barak Hussein Obama. The Main Street Media (MSM) is on his side also, are most political activists on the Left. Arguments have been made that both candidates are alike, and there is not a difference between them. Yes some of the policies of each are not too different. Mc Cain is a lukewarm Conservative, or simply a Conservative of Convenience. Barak’s affiliation is more easily discerned. He is a Marxist, Socialist, and Liberal politician who hates that for which America stands. Mc Cain For all his failings, is a patriot, who often does what he believes is right, even though many of us thinks he has forgotten to take his medication when he does that. While Mc Cain may bumble, Obama will attempt to destroy us. You decide which is worse.

As stated, Barak Hussein Obama is dangerous. Mc Cain is calculating, and in that regard is not terribly different from most politicians. Regardless of what Third Party supporters think, their candidates are not terribly different in this regard. Is this surprising? They are after all, politicians: Politicians with no brief from the 545 rank and file members of the political elite that run this country. They are in fact political eunuchs. The fact of the matter is that America lacks a true leader this election. We cannot make any candidate a leader. All we can do is protect our turf until one comes along that will bring us back to an America we love. Think of Mc Cain as a placeholder for one term.

So is anyone out there listening, or is there anyone who can be made to listen? Yes. My position is that they are not the politicians in Washington, nor even your local politicians. They are the millions, and millions of Red State Citizens who are often uninformed, disinterested, unable or unwilling to take time to understand what has happened to them or what will happen to them if Barak Hussein Obama is elected. This is the group that must be reached, as this is the group that can change things. Each citizen does not have much, if any, power in the political arena. Alone each is like the proverbial scapegoat set outside the wall for the wolves to get. However, when we band together in modest numbers we are a “groundswell”. When we band together in a larger number we become a “Movement”. When we add members to the Movement we become a “Force”. Once that happens, we can control how things happen in this Country. This is spite of the Electoral College conundrum, vis-à-vis the Eastern and Western Liberal strongholds.

In an earlier post, I suggested that we need to develop a strategy as well as tactics to keep the Presidency away from the Democrats. There are many reasons for this, most of which have been mentioned here on various posts. These are not mysterious, and anyone here can articulate them. Greg has mentioned the fact that just yesterday the Democrats voted not to drill for oil anew. What does this signify? Arrogance! The knowledge that most people will not even know that the Congress voted not to drill, not to increase our supply, and not to lower prices is their ace. They see no consequences, and that, as has been said here, is where all of us are at fault. We let them do this – starting years ago - through various administrations, and now we are reaping the rewards. We, the people, were too busy to stop, or at least try to stop, the trillions of dollars spent on the “War on Poverty”, the billions on Food Stamps, the waste in Welfare and Medicare, the pork barrel spending that has almost bankrupted us, etc. Now we face more programs that seem not of too be of much significance to the masses, i.e. Carbon Taxes, Global Warming legislation, Socialized Medicine, Free College tuition, bailouts for bad home loans that our illustrious representative demanded be made, major increases in taxes that will effect everyone, and finally a do-nothing approach to illegal immigration.

With all of this, some here want to blame Mc Cain for all of this. He, along with others, is guilty of some pretty stupid legislation, but we were too are stupid to ever speak out, and assumed that someone else would do it. They won’t, and never will unless we make them. Blame Mc Cain for his faults, but blame the other 543 politicians in charge too.

We can not make them do anything if we surrender, and say they are too big, too unreachable, too arrogant, too insulated, too rich or too smart. I say their failure to accomplish much during the last 2 years is a major weakness. Other posts (martha501 & Greg for example) nailed it when they mentioned that things began to go seriously down hill after the 2006 elections. Oil was about $70/barrel in 2006 now it’s about $130. The economy was humming, now it is fading. Employment was 96%, now it is less. Yet nothing happened. There were, and are, no consequences, no complaints, the MSM ignored things. The alternative media – Rush, Sean, Praeger, Medved, etc have tried, but they are not in control of the major news outlets America’s apathy is the Democrats greatest weapon.

There is a tremendous amount of ammunition that can be used to embarrass these Democratic fools – all of them. We can affect State, as well as National elections. How we do that is a good question. We are falling behind because we are not willing to fight as hard as the Move-On group, or the Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid cartel. They know that when they rob Peter to pay Paul, they will always have Paul’s vote: Hence the need to embrace the poor, the lazy and the illegals. We, the opposition, have no means to do this. We must channel through the Congress. That is the way it is supposed to be in a Republic. We elect them. They represent us, and they do our bidding - theoretically.

I know we lack a strategy to expose the myriad of egregious actions in which our politicians have been engaged all these years. I also realize that we have no tactical plan even if we had a strategy. Thus, we do nothing, and sit here bit**ing or stroking each about matters that are often of import, but off most people’s radar.

I am not terribly upset that Barak Hussein Obama is currently leading the race. He’s a puppet, and a suit. He can be exposed, and will be. If he is lucky enough to be elected, the Congress and Senate need to be Republican, preferably conservative Republican. Ditto if Mc Cain is elected. Some here say elections are rigged. That is a response born of frustration and wishful thinking. Exactly how are elections, especially national elections, rigged? I would like to be enlightened. Many may say that the Democrats have more money, and buy the elections. Republicans have plenty of money, Independents less, and Third Party candidates perhaps even less. Democrats have a better machine than the Republicans, and they are better street fighters. We Republicans think, they act. Often their actions are reprehensible, but they manage to convince millions that the Democratic Party and their minions are here to help them. Again I quote the Nazi propaganda machine: “Tell a lie enough, and it becomes the truth.”

Do I have the solution? No I do not. I have some ideas, but that’s all they are – ideas. For example, perhaps Fire Society, Grassfire, American Solutions, Hannity.com, RushLimbaugh.com, TownHall.com etc as well as other outlets that disseminate information might band together, to form a Web presence. Can it be done? I don’t know, but would it not be great if on any given day the same articles, the same data, and the same opinions appeared on every web site that believes in the same basic ideas expressed here. Perhaps this is a pipe dream and perhaps it’s too late to do this, but it could work. Not only would it work up until the election, but after also. It would be a tool to hold our politicians feet to the fire, and reduce their arrogance. Even if only 10% of Americans read and heed such information, a powerful group would have been born that could represent all of us. Maybe some of you on this thread have other constructive ideas that will move us forward in a positive way.

That seems to be what we need to unite us – ideas that lead to honest and effective representation.

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