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Author: Jerry De Angelis
Date:  July 10, 2008

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Dear Mr. President...

You asked how we could change the hearts and minds of the voting public, and whether or not race is a primary factor. That is a good question, which, as you undoubtedly know, has no simple response. Can we change enough votes to win both the presidential and the congressional races? I believe we can...or as has been said "Yes, We Can".

Dear Mr. President (or Whatever White House Staff Member Reads This)

You asked how we could change the hearts and minds of the voting public, and whether or not race is a primary factor. That is a good question, which, as you undoubtedly know, has no simple response.

My thoughts are that we need not change black votes any more than we need to change any vote. Some people will vote for Obama, or any black candidate, because they are black, and a Black candidate their candidate. They go no further than that, and have no interest in exploring the issues as they relate to all Americans. The same is true for Caucasians who vote for Mc Cain, or any other white candidate, because he is white. Both groups, Black, White, or whatever are ill-informed, easily led, and in some regards racists. We will not change their minds if the above mindset is as noted above.

Can we change enough votes to win both the presidential and the congressional races? I believe that is possible, but not in all venues. For instance changing voter’s minds in Liberal bastions like California, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc, is incredibly difficult. These large electoral vote states are targeted by Democrats who have large war chests, efficient machines, and populations too busy surviving to discern that they are being lied to by the best group of party hacks that exist. The only way to win these states is to go for the jugular. For instance, in addressing the energy issues at hand, i.e. gasoline and food prices, and the Democratic refusal to mitigate that by drilling everywhere is an issue crying out for leadership. I have addressed this in more detail below.

We need to take pages from the Liberal playbooks, in that we need to yell, scream, agitate, and sound the alarm in such a way that we shall be heard. Simultaneously, we need to take lower key approach for those refractive to the more militant approach. Thus, both ends of the spectrum as well as the great middle will be addressed and addressed with facts. In some ways it is like turning on the lights in a roach infested building. When the lights come on the roaches scatter. When off, the roaches fornicate, and have a grand old time in the dark. (Roaches = Liberal Democrats.) During this election season, we need to provide the light, and we must make sure it stays on all of the time.

In smaller states, where there are many voters still trying to decide which candidate(s) will alleviate their pain, we have a better chance. Somehow we need to find a few good men and women who are willing to address these issues in community forums, in letters to editors, in church groups, on Internet forums, and as you have done so successfully in person with anyone who will listen. If there were funding, we would take out adds in papers and on radio, and TV which specifically delineate all the areas where the Democrats have failed – Oil, gas, global warming, the war, health care, illegal immigration, carbon taxing, etc. Today I learned that the Congress’ approval rating is 7%. We need to ask why you would want to keep these rascals in power. What have they done? More importantly what have then not done?

Here is a bit on a possible platform to end the energy crisis, the war(s) and some of the economic slowdown:

1.) Drill everywhere there are oil deposits.- Announce that we have a plan to bring oil production up to 10,000,000 barrels/day (estimated reserves=200 billion barrels if Gull Island is included.). This is in addition to the oil currently being brought up by existing wells owned by United States Companies. Simultaneously announce that we will immediately begin to capture the approximately 600 billion cubit feet of natural gas we have in reserve. Announce plans for 20 new refineries. Most likely when these plans are announced, the price of crude oil will immediately decrease by 20-25%. Once all this is in place, and wells are pumping we can:

2.) Meet quietly with all oil producing countries, and tell them that we will work with them to preserve their oil based economies, if, and only if, they stop funding and supporting terrorist and terrorism. If they do not do, so we will stop purchasing any oil from them, and quietly tell them they can drink it for all we care. Furthermore, we will withdraw support and funding that is currently being sent to them, and we will cancel all contracts that supply weapons or weapon systems. We will assist friendly, non-terrorist states that have oil to acquire that oil in the most economical and ecological way possible.

3.) The second of these steps will significantly decrease illegal immigration. Mexico is an oil producing state, and should they not take dramatic steps to stop illegal emigration, we will no longer purchase same from them.

4.) As soon as the drilling and refining plans are in the works, announce plans for 20-25 new nuclear power plants. If necessary, overwrite environmental roadblocks that stop us from building nuclear plants. Assure the public that quality control will increase while we work with nuclear engineers to develop safe and more efficient plants. Once these are on line, we will see a significant reduction in fossil fuels used as energy for electricity.

5.) If numbers 1 through 4 are accomplished, we will have, to a great extent taken care of energy, terrorism, and the Democrats. We will also have an economic boom that will last for decades. Why? Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Additionally our young people will have new careers, new opportunities, and brighter futures. We will grow our new energy businesses to be net exporters of excess energy. The world will purchase energy from us. As Americans tend to do, we will also become experts in clean technologies to such an extent that the world that will expect not only a very low probability of pollution from these efforts. We will also export that technology world wide, and be heroes for it.

If Republicans announce some of these efforts, we do a number of things that will change voter’s minds. We will put the Democrats on the defensive. We will force them to admit they have no intention of reducing the cost of anything, and have no plan to do so. For a change, we, the Republicans will be promising "A chicken in every pot, from the savings in energy costs alone…" We will nail the Democrats on the fact that they seem to support only those things that will reduce our standards of living. Hopefully we will convince people that the only hope is to elect a strong Republican cohort. We, the people , will be responsible for making these Republican politicians keep their promises.

A pipe dream…maybe, but so was seceding from Great Britain.

We look for ward to hearing from you, Mr. President, and to discussing these issues.

Jerry De Angelis
http://midica.blogspot.com/ (Author)

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