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Author: Jerry De Angelis
Date:  February 9, 2009

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The Accidental Mulatto...?

For some time now the word “mulatto’ has been deemed politically incorrect. It is a mystery to me why this is so. In both the Webster dictionary and Wikipedia, a mulatto is defined as:“Person who has one Black parent and one White parent... Popularly, any person with mixed Black and Caucasoid ancestry.”

For some time now the word “mulatto’ has been deemed politically incorrect. It is a mystery to me why this is so. In both the Webster dictionary and Wikipedia, a mulatto is defined as:

“Person who has one Black parent and one White parent... Popularly, any person with mixed Black and Caucasoid ancestry.”

Given this, why all the fuss over a Mulatto President, i.e. Barak Obama (BO)? Mr. Obama fits the criteria in the definition. As far as we know one of his parents is Black and one is White. Thus he is of mixed race, unless we have all been duped, and he is either 100% White or 100% Black. That seems not to be the case, notwithstanding his questionable citizenry, i.e. is he a natural born United States citizen, or is he a foreign exchange student? This latter question is not the subject here.

What is the question is whether the Liberal Socialist agenda he is pursuing results from his mother’s (white) influence or his father’s (black) background, or both? Let me stress we are not looking at this from a racial perspective but from a sociological one. The question before us is: Given the 50/50 mixture of Black and White blood in BO, is it not just as likely, from a purely statistical point of view, that he is the 44 president and he of white parentage, as it is that he is the 44th President, and the first Black one at that? After all if he can be called the first Black president because of his ancestry, why not call him a White president based on the same spurious logic?

He is always, and let me repeat that, always, referred to as the 1st African American or Black person to be elected president of the good old USA. Never is it mentioned - except in hateful Conservative blogs, or talk shows that he is actually the first Mulatto president of the good old USA. Why not? Being of mixed parentage would seem to have its advantages, as well as disadvantages. In the present case however, since BO is now president I am hard pressed to come up with too many disadvantages.

Politically Obama is a Liberal/Socialist who believes in big government, and in government’s ability to solve problems. He also believes in absolute power and in calling all the shots. Is any of this a result of his repudiation of his White ancestry, in favor of his Black ancestry? Has he developed his approach to life, and to politics, as a result of his Father’s Socialistic, attitudes, or his mother’s more Bohemian ones? Perhaps it is as simple as deciding that the advantages of declaring his “Blackness” would accrue to a political career - where he would have more opportunity to stand out in a crowd – a crowd of white politicians all doing pretty much the same thing? In other words was being an opportunist in this case the major reason why he chose to be Black, rather than “just another White?

Did he correctly surmise that the main stream media would rise up and become major supporters because they needed to have a new hero, and it would be much better if that hero were Black? Did George Soros, realize that the level of guilt in White America was such that here was a man who, if elected, would expunge that guilt? Did the DNC realize that they could not win on ideas, but they could win on nominating a minority, and on brainwashing those youth sober enough to vote? Did all these people choose BO, or did BO choose them along with his Blackness, as a colorful path to the presidency?

Is BO a true Black American or is he a Mulatto who is an Accidental Black rather than an Accidental Mulatto?

If he destroys our traditions, our constitution, and our beliefs in ourselves, will he be doing it as a Black man, a half White-half Black man or will it be that White man inside of him who put him up to this mischief?

God! I wish Huck were here to set us straight…

Jerry De Angelis
http://midica.blogspot.com/ (Author)

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