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Author: Jerry De Angelis
Date:  April 26, 2009

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Filed from: Washonstan – Capital of the Americas

The Council on Human Elations (CHE) met today in Washonstan to discuss a recent development in the under developed parts of The Americas. The Director of the Council, Ibn Raan E-Manuelle, requested that the council meet in special session when he was informed that the middle countries of The Americas, formerly known as the Mid-West in the now largely uninhabited central part of the former United States, were demanding to be heard.

Council members were at first unwilling to meet given the relative unimportance of this part of The Americas. One member, Lesbie Frank, could see no reason to discuss anything even remotely related to the middle of this now desolate, minimally populated area of a financially and morally bankrupt country. Even more importantly she questioned why the Council should take the time to hear any request from the last area in the world that was home to those who still practiced what is generally alluded to as conservative values. Ms. Frank is the adopted, wonderfully Lesbian, great, great, great granddaughter of the now deceased Congressman, Mr. Barney Frank, and the leader of the “Gays in Banking Movement” during the 21st century. Mr. Frank is also remembered as the fellow who started the “Who Need Morals?” movement. Lesbie Frank is proud to continue the “family” tradition of putting the Gay & Lesbian community’s needs before the countries needs, and if necessary placing Gay issues before any need, including the economy or safety of The Americas. [Note: The American Journal is planning an in-depth, detailed analysis of the role of the Frank family in the politics of the Western world. This will soon be available at http://www.theamericas-journal.com.]

Mr. E-Manuelle briefed the Council on the request sent to him in the form of a petition from the people populating the mid-western part of the former United States. Said petition demands that marriage between heterosexuals be recognized by The Americas. This group, Adults for Heterosexual Marriage (AHM), admits that men and women have been clandestinely marrying for centuries, in spite of the fact that heterosexual marriage was banned since 2059 in both the former United States, and The Americas.

This reporter has been told that some mid-westerners have chosen to marry both a member of the same, as well as a member of the opposite sex in order to pass the occasional inspections carried out by the Homosexual Marriage Protection Force (HMPF). Making matters worse for this group was the difficulty of hiding the occasional child born to the heterosexual couples. Prior to 3001, when asexual birth became possible, no one was to have a child without permission from CHE. This hardship, coupled to the fact that this group has somehow decided that heterosexual relations, especially sexual relations, were far more interesting when engaged in by couples owning different anatomies, has finally become too much to bear. Thus, the petition.

Mr. E-Manuelle will suggest to the Council that a Commission (some things never change) be formed to investigate this matter. His major concern is that this small group will act up to such an extent that they will perhaps galvanize any other radical pro-heterosexual marriage groups. Should this happen, The Americas could be facing a challenge to the status quo, and that could mean a decrease in the harmony and world view that has pervaded for some time now. Once the Commission’s findings are finalized they will be submitted to the New World Order Action Group. What action would, or could, be taken against these radical heterosexual conservatives is yet to be determined.

It is our understanding that findings will be presented to the Ruler of the Americas, King Barack Hussein Obama III.

Filed April 25th, 3009

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