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Author: Jerry De Angelis
Date:  July 15, 2012

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Monday Morning Rant

Why are Romney's people, the RNC, and the Governors, and the Tea Parties not demanding Obama's 10 year tax returns, (his wife's too), all of his college records, all of his job records while at the University of Chicago, and for good measure his certified birth certificate.

I have not had much opportunity to correspond with each of you other than to respond to a few interesting emails. I have been mulling the Bain issue...actually the Bain non-issue that has somehow managed to take center stage in some quarters.

• Democrats are demanding 10 years of Romney tax returns so that he, among other things can prove he left Bain when he allegedly said he did.

• Republican governors have asked that he be more specific and release more information.

• The Romney Camp as not said much other than to demand a retraction and/or apology for the assault on Mitt's character.

It seems to me that the gutless RNC and the equally cowardly Governors are more concerned about how they look than supporting Mitt and telling the Obama camp to put their request where the sun does not shine. Actually I think this is a great opportunity to show Obama for what he is: a liar, a socialist, possibly a communist and an individual whose major objective is/was to hoodwink the citizenry of the United States, and to develop the imperial presidency we see about to form upon his reelection -- if it has not already done so.

Why are Romney's people, the RNC, and the Governors, and the Tea Parties not demanding Obama's 10 year tax returns, (his wife's too), all of his college records, all of his job records while at the U of Chicago, and for good measure his certified birth certificate. All of these demands from our side are as valid as what they are asking from Romney. We have a variety of law suits to cite, we now have the cooperation of Columbia and Occidental for school records, and we have Arpaio's cold case data. Any of these are as valid as Obama's claim that Romney has withheld information from the SEC and the public.

Some of you may be inclined to say these are not relevant to the election or they are too distracting. Is that not the game on the Democrat side of the aisle? Are they not willing to make anything up, and then to have their minions in the press parrot it ceaselessly? Actually, if we made the case that we MUST see all the records, and we make it loud enough the main stream media MUST report it, because the Obama camp will be going crazy denying all of it. In this case, if they cover Obama's denials, they cover our claims. If your read this article: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-says-wont-apologize-romney-174010025.html, its pretty clear that Obama's camp has very little to attack Mit Romney on relative to his business experience.

Imagine that Obama is telling people that Romney must show us he has the business sense to solve the financial problems of the United States! What an opening for our side! We can write tomes about how Obama's lack of business experience is responsible for the trillions of dollars in debt and deficit. We had so much data to show that anything he has tried has failed, i.e. General motors, Solyndra, High speed rail, ObamaCare, etc. That conversation segues nicely into his gutting of the military, and his inability to create jobs anywhere, while we credit him for being a welfare genius in that he has created more dependent people that all the Mexican Drug Cartels put together!

Bain is irrelevant. What has Bain actually got to do with anything other than jealousy and envy? Actually, what has Obama done in his life that can come close to that Romney has accomplished from a business perspective? Mit needs to take the light out from under the basket, and shine it on his accomplishments, and then use these accomplishments to beat Obama over the head. Last week Obama asked or proclaimed that we are no better off today than we were four years ago! Duh. Look in the mirror dummy, and you will be looking at the reason, and no it is not the Republican Congress, it is your personal idiots Pelosi, Reid, Franks, and Dodd to name but a few, who have implemented your programs and led your attacks on America.

Why this note? We will lose the election if we don't fight back. We will lose the election if we play nice, We will lose the election if we do not counter the attacks with bigger weapons. Was it not Obama who said something like "If there's a fight, and you bring a knife, we'll being a gun?" As much as I find this man’s behavior deplorable and dishonest --- He gets that part of electioneering.

Jerry De Angelis
http://midica.blogspot.com/ (Author)

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