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Author: Michael J. Gaynor
Date:  June 17, 2009

Topic category:  Government/Politics

Glenn Beck, You're Still Not Reporting the Whole ACORN Story

In the course of her employment Ms. MonCrief learned that ACORN functioned as an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party. She received Obama, Clinton, Kerry and Democratic National Committee donor lists, including the entire Obama list for the second quarter of 2007 that included even the small donors not required to be reported (and not reported) to the Federal Election Commission. She didn't receive any Republican donor list.

Mr. Beck,

ACORN has been a growing but generally unappreciated problem since it was created in 1970.

This year you discovered that ACORN is a huge problem.

Better late than never.

You first focused on money and then looked into ACORN's origin and intentions.

That's good.

But a full appreciation of the political aspect of the ACORN problem continues to elude you.

That's bad.

Your position appears to be that we are Americans first and Democrats or Republicans or Independents second.

Great! But you minimize the significance of ACORN's involvement in voter and voter registration fraud and seem blind to the reality that ACORN is a huge Democrat scandal.

That's absurd.

To be sure, there have been both Democrat and Republican scandals.

For example, Watergate was a Republican scandal and Republicans paid for by losing the White House and plenty of seats in Congress.

Then all America paid for it because Jimmy Carter became President (fortunately, for only one term).

ACORN is a Democrat scandal.

ACORN is an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party.

ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief specifically said so when she recently appeared as a guest on "The O'Reilly Factor."

In 2005 Ms. MonCrief was recruited by ACORN in Alabama and brought to the District of Columbia, given an ACORN email address and put on the payroll of ACORN affiliate Project Vote.

From October 2005 until January 2008, Ms. MonCrief was a Project Vote development associate, tasked with researching potential donors, writing funding proposals and reports, tracking proposal and reporting deadlines, maintaining the Donor Perfect database, acknowledging all gifts in writing and responding to donor inquiries by letter, telephone and email.

In addition, Ms. Mon Crief simultaneously functioned as an ACORN strategic writing, research and design consultant, analyzing census data to approximate eligible unregistered voters, working on campaign plans with local field staff and creating narrative and budget documents, and creating promotional presentations and material related to ACORN's electoral work. She designed the ACORN 2005, 2006 and 2007 Political Operations Year End PowerPoint presentations and three state-based PowerPoint presentations and created local political plans for eight states.

During her employment Ms. MonCrief learned that ACORN functioned as an unofficial arm of the Democrat Party. She received Obama, Clinton, Kerry and Democratic National Committee donor lists, including the entire Obama list for the second quarter of 2007 that included even the small donors not required to be reported (and not reported) to the Federal Election Commission. She didn't receive any Republican donor list.

Instead of interviewing Ms. MonCrief and presenting the whole story, you opted to support the ACORN 8, a dissident group seeking to take control of ACORN, and lauded the ACORN 8 leader, Marcel Reid, as "Rosa Parks," for challenging the ACORN cover up of its financial shenanigans.

Hurray for the ACORN 8, Ms. Reid and YOU for promoting some truth and transparency.

But let's have THE WHOLE TRUTH!

The ACORN 8 website (www.acorn-8.net) claims that ACORN 8 members are "FIGHTING FOR TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY WITHIN ACORN."

Notice the qualifier: "WITHIN ACORN"?

Much more than truth, transparency and accountability within ACORN is needed.

ACORN crimes and corruption of America's political process need to be public knowledge.

Notwithstanding her Far left roots and support for President Obama last year, Ms. MonCrief now is exposing his blatant lie during the last presidential debate as to his relationship with ACORN (much more than serving as a lawyer in the Illinois motor voter case) and the improper coordination between the Obama presidential campaign and ACORN/Project Vote.

The ACORN 8 are Far Left Democrats who apparently do not want to go there and that appears to suit you.

But the truth is the truth.

Ms. MonCrief now describes herself as "an ex-liberal" and is NOT out to replace Bertha Lewis as ACORN's Chief Organizer.

Ms. MonCrief is out to tell the American people THE WHOLE TRUTH about ACORN, President Obama and the Democrat Party.

THAT takes ENORMOUS courage, especially for a young black single mother of a two-year old who is neither wealthy nor healthy, Mr. Beck.

The ACORN 8 have not posted news on their website since June 4, but they have put up communications showing that you have helped them fool conservatives:

Jon, June 4, 2009:

Dear Ms. Reid,

I just finished watching your interview with Glenn Beck. Just for the record, I am a conservative and would never, EVER, support any liberal. With that being said, I would like to applaud YOU, as well as, those who are joining you, for standing up against getting your message out. I have been following the acorn story and I find how they operate to be very sickening and disgusting. I also agree with what Mr. Beck stated of how the dems ‘USE’ people to gain their control. Ive worked in the welfare field for almost seven years and I have seen first hand what goes on and its appalling that people ‘THINK’ that dems help them. The ONLY thing they do is oppress and control them - NOT help them out of poverty.

I hope that your group is successful in exposing the fraud that goes on behind closed doors.

God bless

Lexi, June 5, 2009:

Dear Marcel and Karen,

I happened to see you on Glenn Beck last evening and was compelled to find your website and write to you. Having just read Ret LCDR Eldridge’s letter to you all I can say is he speaks the same words that I came here to write.

I am sure that there are MANY people out there from all parties that applaud what you are doing. Integrity and honesty are sorely lacking in this country. Fight the fight and know that there are many small voices out here that support you!

Katie-O, June 9, 2009:

Amen! I have been in mortgage lending since 1992 and I know that I can help! I am not in the position to send $$$, I have tried to become involved in helping low to mod borrowers keep their homes, but because the color of my skin (white) I have been discouraged (harrassed, called a racist, etc).

Fight the good fight, we conservatives are right with you!

God bless you and Mr. Beck - we surround them!

These posters and your viewers and listeners deserve to know THE WHOLE TRUTH, Mr. Beck.

Why not ask the ACORN 8 to post the Elizabeth Kingsley report on ACORN's legal problems dated July 17, 2008 and referred to in the ACORN 8's complaint to the United States Justice Department and the Joint Defense Agreement referred to in ACORN's ISM Committee Meeting on July 29, 2008 before again asking for lawyers to provide free legal services to the ACORN 8 and viewers to go to the ACORN 8 website and donate?

How about complete truth and transparency for your viewers and listeners, Mr. Beck?

A partial uncovering of ACORN corruption is progress, but THE WHOLE TRUTH needs to be uncovered and made generally known.

May God enlighten and enable you, Mr. Beck.

Michael J. Gaynor

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