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Author: Michael J. Gaynor
Date:  August 2, 2010

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New Hampshire's Senate Republican Primary Is Critical for All America

America needs to elect authentic conservatives like Lamontagne who will stand strong against stealth socialism, not naive RINOs in denial. New Hampshire has the opportunity to send messages that will resonate across America, first on September 14 and then on November 2.

"As Maine goes, so goes the nation" was a political slogan that comforted Republicans Then Maine went Republican in a presidential election in which Franklin Delano Roosevelt carried all other states except Vermont and a new slogan was born: "As Maine goes, so goes Vermont."

This year opportunity is knocking for New Hampshire. There's a United States Senate seat to fill with Republican Senator Judd Gregg retiring and an opportunity to fill its with an authentic conservative, Ovide Lamontange.

Laura Ingraham, the consertvative radio and tv star touring the country promoting her no. 1 best seller, The Obama Diaries, rightly described Lamontagne as the "only true conservative in a very important race" (www.ovide2010.com).

For those who say "NO" to Obama's stealth socialist agenda, strive to stop it from being adopted and implemented and demand a return to the traditional American values instead of Obama's "fundamental transformation," the importance of the New Hampshire United States Senate race cannot be overstated. Holding a Republican Senate seat is NOT enough. Holding that seat with an authentic conservative who was not gulled by the likes of now United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is critically important. (Scott brown is better than Martha Coakley, but he's not a solid conservative.)

Lamontagne is the one New Hampshire AND America needs in the United States Senate next year.

As an authentic conservative, Lamontagne has a sound, simple immigration policy: he's for legal immigration and against illegal immigration.

Lamontagne noted his enthusiasm for naturalization in this July 28, 2010 Facebook post: "At a Meet&Greet with a New Americans group - people who came to America legally and want to play by the rules of our great nation."

But Lamontagne upholds "the rules." The same day Lamontagne, genuine advocate of the rule of law, immediately posted Facebook notice that he was "disappointed" in U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton’s decision to issue a preliminary injunction against some of the key provisions of the Arizona immigration law and followed up with this straightforward Facebook post: "A Clinton appointee to the federal bench blocked key parts of the Arizona immigration law today. This decision is wrong, and must be overruled. I fully support both the Arizona law and Gov. Brewer as she appeals. Illegal immigration is out of control, and with the federal government's longstanding failure to act, Arizonans have taken a reasonable and necessary step to protect themselves.

Lamontagne elaborated in a press release (http://ovide2010.com/?p=1613):

“What we do not need is another flimsy so-called fix to our severe immigration problem. The federal government has failed miserably to address illegal immigration. The result has been an insecure, unstable border; millions of illegal aliens living throughout our country on the taxpayers’ dime; and a national security crisis. I support the Arizona immigration law because it is reasonably tailored to address an imminent problem. It is absolutely unacceptable that Judge Bolton is seeking to protect the status quo by blocking important provisions to the Arizona law—we need real reform and we need it now.

"I am outraged that the Administration has chosen to pursue this legal challenge to Arizona’s immigration law. In doing so, they are wasting valuable time and taxpayer resources that could be better used to finish the border fence, train and deploy more Border Patrol personnel and prosecute corporations that hire illegal aliens. I call for Judge Bolton to get out of the way stop impeding on the state’s rights of Arizona. Further, the federal government should be following suit in drafting legislation that mirrors that of Arizona and finally honoring its lawful commitments by enforcing those laws.

"As a U.S. Senator, I will work tirelessly to secure our borders; to see that our current immigration laws, including severe punishment for those that employ illegal aliens, are enforced vigorously; and oppose any attempts to provide amnesty for those who choose to enter our country illegally."

Lamontagne understands that America's illegal alien problem is attributable to the failure of key people in the Executive and Legislative branches of the Federal Government to abide by their oath of office and appreciates that Judge Bolton was wrong to thwart state officials trying to do what the federal government is legally obligated but failing to do.

The United States Constitution requires the President to "solemnly swear (or affirm) [to] faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and...to the best of [his or her] Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

President Obama is not executing faithfully in several respects and Lamontange "gets it,' as his latest op-ed on America's current "constitutional renaissance" demonstrates (http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/opinion/perspectives/811597-263/lamontagne-a-constitutional-renaissance-in-america.html).


"Our country is undergoing a 'constitutional renaissance.' Citizens everywhere are rediscovering the foundational elements of our Republican form of government through core documents such as our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

"I am running for U.S. Senate because I strongly believe that we must return to fundamental principles. In recent years, we have watched a culture of buyouts, bailouts and handouts permeate Washington, expanding the federal government in ways the Founding Fathers could have never envisioned. It is time for the American people to reassert themselves as the sovereign over an out-of-control federal government.

"Fewer places has this corrupting influence been more pervasive than in elementary and secondary education. This provides a powerful case study of why the Founding Fathers got it right in delegating only certain specified powers to the federal government and reserving all powers not expressly delegated to the states and to the people.

"The Obama administration is currently promoting a 'Race to the Top' program that seeks to use federal dollars to bribe states into abandoning their local educational standards in favor of diluted 'Common Core” national standards.

" Leaders in Massachusetts, a state that was at the forefront of setting standards for educational excellence in the 1990s, are prepared to abandon their MCAS program in exchange for accepting the 'Common Core' standards and millions in federal money.

"New Hampshire leaders are similarly eyeing a federal handout at the expense of local standards. Like the ill-conceived No Child Left Behind legislation, this top-down approach takes us precisely in the wrong direction.

"It is not easy to stand against the tide of a constantly encroaching federal government and the temptation of federal money that comes with it – but I’ve done it.

"As chairman of the New Hampshire State Board of Education, I led the fight to reject Goals 2000 education stimulus money, which, similar to the Common Core scheme, would have allowed the federal government to insert itself into New Hampshire classrooms.

"On principle, and as a former school teacher myself, I stood firm to protect our state’s rights with respect to public elementary and secondary education.

"Why did I take this position?

"First, as a matter of law, there is no constitutional basis for a federal role in elementary and secondary education. The word 'education' does not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

"Second, our current public school system was developed not by a Washington mandate but by an organically grown, state-led movement. In fact, Massachusetts was the first state to adopt compulsory school laws in 1852. Prior to that time, the educational system was essentially left to home-schooling families and a few communities that had rudimentary common schools.

"Third, the current public school system evolved by each state learning from the other the best practices and strategies for designing and delivering quality education. This illustrates Thomas Jefferson’s concept that, under our federal system of government, each state would become an incubator of democracy and innovation learning from one another.

"Fourth, experience teaches us that the more centralized the delivery system for domestic programs, the lower the quality and the more expensive the system becomes. Since the establishment of the Department of Education during the Carter administration, the performance of American students when compared with students from around the world has markedly decreased.

"In New Hampshire, we know the benefits of local control very well. Local control of education is central to our way of life, and it has led to our students performing at the top of national assessments.

"Accordingly, I am the only New Hampshire candidate for U.S. Senate who openly supports eliminating the U.S. Department of Education, repealing No Child Left Behind and fully funding Congress’ commitment under special-education laws.

"Based on my record – not rhetoric – I have proven that I will stand up to the encroachment of the federal government, on the side of freedom, liberty and the sovereignty of the people.

"As your senator, I will fight to cut spending, reduce taxes and reassert fundamental states’ rights, so that we can truly realize the full potential of innovation and democracy contemplated under the Jeffersonian model of our republic.

"I am grateful for your interest in my candidacy, and I ask for your vote on Sept. 14."

America needs to elect authentic conservatives like Lamontagne who will stand strong against stealth socialism, not naive RINOs in denial. New Hampshire has the opportunity to send messages that will resonate across America, first on September 14 and then on November 2.

Michael J. Gaynor

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