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Author: Michael J. Gaynor
Date:  March 27, 2012

Topic category:  Election Fraud

Don't Let Google Stop You From Backing Wendy Long for Senator by Blocking Her Campaign Website!

Gillibrand not only has no answer for her poor record, but promptly became New York's Senator Etch-a-Sketch when she was elevated by appointment from an upstate Congresswoman to a United States Senator in 2009.

Here in New York there is an upcoming Republican Senate primary among Wendy Long, George Maragos and Bob Turner. When I Googled their names on AOL in search of their campaign websites, I discovered that for Maragos and Turner the campaign website was the first link but there was no link to a Long website.

That's NOT because Long doesn't have a campaign website.

Long's campaign website is www.wendylong.com and you can access it directly.

BUT...when I Googled the name of that website, I was referred instead to a Wendy Lang blog. You will need to go directly to the website rather than click on a link when you Google "Wendy Long."

Google has not responded to my inquiry as to why it is not linking to the Long campaign website.

Hopefully there is a glitch that will be corrected promptly and Google is NOT deliberately concealing the Long campaign website and picking which campaign websites to link to instead of linking to all of them.

Long believes that everything is on the line for our country in the 2012 election: private enterprise, economic freedom, limited self-government, our national security, and the very character of our nation.

Believing this, and loving her family and our country, Long decided that she could not sit on the sidelines and watch this election come and go. She decided to fight. So she entered the race for United States Senate in her home state of New York, seeking the Republican and Conservative Party nominations to oppose U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Long established herself as the clear frontrunner by winning at both the New York Republican and Conservative party conventions.

Long won at the New York Republican Convention with over 47% of the vote, beating each of her two rivals, Congressman Bob Turner and Nassau Vounty Comptroller George Maragos, by almost a 2-to-1 margin.

See the video of Long's Republican Convention speech at www.wendylong.com.

A constitutional scholar who worked for two United States Senators, clerked for two of America's leading judges (including Justice Clarence Thomas) and then served as a litigation partner for a leading law firm (Kirkland and Ellis) and general counsel to the Judicial Confirmation Network, now the Judicial Crisis Network, supporting or opposing federal judicial nominations. Long is highly qualified by education, experience and expertise as well as enthusiastic about public service.

Long was the candidate who received the standing ovation after addressing the Republican Convention.

At the New York Conservative Party Convention three days after the Republican Party Convention, Long received 91% of the vote, with Turner and Maragos receiving 4% and 5% each. The Conservative Party thereafter unanimously endorsed Long as its nominee, guaranteeing that she will be on the November ballot against Gillibrand.

Since no Republican has won statewide in New York without the Conservative line since 1974 (when Jacob Javits was re-elected to the United States Senate with both the Republican and Liberal lines), Turner and Maragos are not viable alternatives to Gillibrand and therefore should waive their right to primary Long for the Republican nomination. Neither has not done so yet, so the Republican Senate primary is on for June 26.

Internal polling shows that Gillibrand's approval and re-elect ratings are weak. She is undefined in the minds of New Yorkers, who mistakenly think she’s a moderate Democrat. In fact, she was just ranked by National Journal as the most liberal Senator in the entire United States Senate.

Gillibrand richly deserved that designation. She:

* supported the hostile takeover of American medicine and the biggest government power grab in our history in the form of Obamacare

* voted for Obama's failed stimulus

* undermined New York as the financial center of the world with her support of the Dodd-Frank bill

* has been an outspoken opponent of Cardinal Dolan and the Catholic Church on First Amendment freedom of conscience for all Americans.

Long foresaw that Gillibrand's far-left, craven and politically correct approach to holding onto her Senate seat for a full term would not sit well with New Yorkers.

Gillibrand not only has no answer for her poor record, but promptly became New York's Senator Etch-a-Sketch when she was elevated by appointment from an upstate Congresswoman to a United States Senator in 2009.

In 2010 Fred J. Eckert, a former New York Republican Congressman and United Nations Ambassador for President Reagan, concluded that Senator Etch-a-Sketch could give Senator John Kerry flip-flopping lessons.

Eckert, in "Senator Gillibrand's Record Is Not So 'Hot'" (www.americanthinker.com/2010/09/senator_kristen_gillibrands_re_1.html):

"This is a woman who could give John Kerry lessons in flip-flopping. Consider Gillibrand's string of major flip-flops:

*Against gay marriage as a member of the House -- For gay marriage since the day her appointment to the Senate was announced.

* For keeping 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' in place while in House -- Against as senator.

* Against gun control while in the House (100% NRA rating) -- For gun control as a senator.

* Against any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants as a member of the House -- For as a senator.

* For withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities while in House -- Against as senator.

* For making English the official language while in the House -- Against as senator.

* For empowering local police to enforce federal immigration laws while in House -- Against as senator.

* Against the McCain- and Obama-endorsed Bush $700-billion TARP bank bailout in a vote in the House, calling it 'fundamentally flawed' -- For the Obama $787-billion 'stimulus' bill four months later as a senator."

In sharp contrast to Gillibrand, Long is a highly qualified and principled candidate who is taking her positions on jobs and economic growth, and on a return to limited government under our Constitution, to every man and woman in New York, Republican, Democrat, and Independent.

Please go to www.wendylong.com to view her my video and read her statement.

The website also processes credit card donations.

Michael J. Gaynor

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