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Author: Juanita Holloway-Walters
Date:  May 21, 2010

Topic category:  Government/Politics


Is it possible that we have become a nation of victims? My query comes from the experience of having consistently been a victim personality from childhood until about twenty years ago. I cannot help but notice the similarities between who I was and who millions of Americans are in relationship to our government – increasingly so over the last one hundred years. . .

Fear, the first enemy of freedom, is increasingly in the hearts, minds, and souls of millions of United States citizens. Many of the fifty-and-older generation who have lived freedom abundantly have been re-conditioned with political correctness over the last twenty years; and their children and grandbabies have been brain-washed to accept a politically correct society as the gospel. I currently know people who will not put an honest political or spiritual opinion in writing of any kind, and are fearful of expressing their honest opinions while talking on a telephone. Even though they think at first blush that it is ridiculous, they nervously tell me they are in fact afraid. What is happening to our first amendment rights as we voluntarily give them up for fear of our Big Government doing some undefined harm to us at some imagined future and unknown time?

One can conclude that people are living their lives according to the false idea that their rights as a United States Citizen come from people in positions of power. The enemies of our United States Constitution and the republic are counting on your fearful silence. It is time for peaceful action. It is time for every American citizen to say to themselves, “Why not me?”, and exercise their “unalienable rights” without fear, as given to them by their “Creator” in the First Amendment to our Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Is it possible that we have become a nation of victims? My query comes from the experience of having consistently been a victim personality from childhood until about twenty years ago. I cannot help but notice the similarities between who I was and who millions of Americans are in relationship to our government – increasingly so over the last one hundred years. . .

1. The abuser convinces the victim that they are stupid, and that all problems in the relationship are the victim’s fault. For whatever reason, the victim’s thinking is defective. The abuser also feels they have the right to ridicule the victim in public.

- Could this explain why the leadership in our country is apologizing all over the world for our alleged bad behavior?

- Why the borders were never closed, and we the people are too stupid to understand why, so no excellent reason has been forthcoming?

- Why millions of illegal and criminal aliens have been encouraged to invade our republic, because we are too stupid to understand the good of why our citizenship has been degraded to be meaningless?

- Why legislation has been crammed down our throats because the government believes they know better than our common sense and all concrete evidence to the contrary.

2. The victim believes that the abuser will realize how good the victim is, and soon the abuser will decide to start treating the victim well.

- How is this one working for us? We believe that the Constitutional government is in place, but somehow is out of whack and will come back in line in the next election, or the one after that . . . or the one after that . . . until you wake up one day and realize that your Constitutional republic is hardly recognizable. You further realize that those who are working for you do not act on your best interests.

- How is this working for the honorable men of our military, who are demonized for doing their job well?

- How is this working for the tax-paying ranchers along our southern border?

- How is this working for American citizens who see their tax dollars being sent all over the world, being given to illegal aliens, and being spent on pet projects of members in Congress?

3. The abuser creates continual rifts in the family of victims to keep the victims unhappy with each other. This is to keep the victims from banding together.

- Redistribution of Wealth.

- Undeserved reparations for some citizens and not for others.

- Creation of entitlement classes of citizens at the richest and the poorest levels.

- Unjust tax code.

- Unjust laws.

- More protection for the criminal than the victim.

4. When the abuser begins to feel a loss of control over the victim, the abuser behaves in a threatening manner to instill fear in the victim.

- List of patriots who are potential domestic terrorists. In the government controlled media the patriots are demonized.

- Declaring which news organizations are reporting the news as the government wants it spun; and ostracizing other news organizations, telling American citizens not to take those seriously.

- Threatening legal action against individual American citizens if they do not purchase a product. Said product will determine if and when you will receive medical treatment.

- Threatening to control your freedom of speech on the internet.

- Changes established rules to ones that do not follow common sense.

- Lies, cheating, and stealing by those we are supposed to look up to.

5. The abuser diminishes the personal attributes which could make the victim whole and successful. The abuser always makes life for the victim complicated and difficult.

- Diminishing the values, ethics and endeavor of our founding fathers.

- Replacing our American Culture (See coming commentary).

- The basic drive to win has been diminished in many ways in our schools.

- Our military are sent to fight wars – but forbidden to win them.

- Regulations that grow the government (the abuser), and create more problems than they solve for ‘we the people’.

Positive transformation for a victim takes guts. I speak from experience. It took me around fifteen years to make the transition from a victim mentality to that of a whole person. Before transformation, on the surface, everything can look fine. I worked very hard, and my career success was enough to raise my children in good neighborhoods . . . most of the time. That my children have turned out so wonderful, speaks volumes as to how hard I worked to be a good mother. But the scars were felt by all of us who were abused, and we three are stronger for coming through that private war. The work of transition takes education and a bit of emulating one’s ideal of normal.

Americans can be stronger for coming through this peaceful national war, if they start to take the republic back today. It will take millions of Americans re-educating themselves on the differences between our republic and lesser forms of government such as a pure democracy / socialism, communism and fascism. Americans must re-think their watered down Christianity, and bring the values, ethics, and type of endeavor which founded this republic back to life. For those of other faiths, or no religion, it will mean agreeing that the foundational values, ethics, and endeavor of those who won freedom for our republic, are the means to a prosperous and free republic.

We, the millions of freedom loving Americans who are the physical engine to the wealth in America – the epitome of endeavor, are waking up. This is one of the reasons those movers and shakers whom call themselves career politicians, coupled with some partners in crime are looking globally to continue their destruction of the republic. Unless I miss my guess, Americans are tired of being the victim in this story and if they cannot turn this relationship on its head in the next few years, the solution they will turn to will be a violent one. I fervently pray our American story does not end in violence. Victims often walk around in fear. I used to call this kind of fear the “waiting for the other shoe to drop syndrome”.

Currently, there are approximately 225 million adult American citizens. Only about three percent (3%) of the approximately 135 million who disagree with the last several administrations and congresses are as engaged in their citizenship as they should be. We only know the estimated number because of polls. Of the remaining forty percent (40%), there is an elusive percentage of Americans who are undecided or confused. When one adult is in the fear mode, the fear can often drive them to drastic and violent measures. Today is the day to take concrete action to avoid a violent outcome for our republic. Those who are hell bent on fundamentally changing America from a republic to something else believe you are already defeated because of your silence. Today is the day to say to yourself, “Why not me?” – To stop being afraid, and start exercising every American’s first amendment rights. Can you imagine the day that 135 million adult Americans call, write, email, twitter, and send telegrams to Washington?

Juanita Holloway-Walters

Biography - Juanita Holloway-Walters

Juanita has forty five years experience as an Accountant. During her last twenty eight years she specialized in the start up phase and / or the recovery phase of businesses from two million in revenue per year, to fifteen million per year. Her sphere of successful influence ranges from accounting, to operations, to the backroom marketing effort. Streamlining and organizing out of control businesses is serious fun for her.

The art of raising a family while working was of supreme importance to her; and she chose a route of self-education coupled with some college. Her endeavors in self-education range from philosophy and history, to Christian studies outside of mainstream religious organizations. Much of her college dollar was spent on enhancing natural management skills and writing skills.

Although Juanita has lived in many regions of the country, she is settled near the Gulf coast in her home state of Texas.

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