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Author: Juanita Holloway-Walters
Date:  August 5, 2011

Topic category:  Government/Politics

You Are Accountable

Why do so many Americans promote such bad economic policy? Some are promoting the wrong people into service with your votes. Much more are promoting the wrong people into service by not voting at all.

When you give your personal funds, food, clothing, and your ability to endeavor in businesses either as an employee or as a business owner and create jobs for your neighbors, you know exactly where the fruits of your labor are going. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that every dime was used for not only charitable purposes, but also as a contributor to your community.

When you give the fruits of your labor to the government, you cannot know where the money went. Time and again it is proven that our funds taken by our government are filtered to politician and crony pockets by scheme, to citizen pockets who “work the system” to steal our labor, to foreign pockets that use it for terrorism activities, and to support the government in “pork” deals that should rightly be funded directly by local interested parties.

Why do so many Americans promote such bad economic policy? Some are promoting the wrong people into service with your votes. Much more are promoting the wrong people into service by not voting at all. A nation of free men and women who do not vote, is asking the thugs to take over. A nation of free men and women who do not educate themselves properly to vote for freedom with every ballot is asking for criminals to take over. We who do vote with educated minds, who associate ourselves with ‘The Tea Party’, are not terrorists. We are American Patriots.

There are voters out there who are educated, and still believe in Utopia for society of people who all have a sin nature. They still refuse to see history, and what history teaches us about socialism / fascism / communism / socialist democracy. On our current path we are destined to have a world- wide depression and ensuing world war. Not isolated military police actions, but full global war is on this path.

The road we are on will see educated professionals drop out of their medical, technical, industrial, and scientific fields. When they can expect the same level of success in payment for their services as blue collar workers, they will no longer be interested in doing more or the harder job for less. Why should they? Why should a brain surgeon be taxed so highly that his / her take home pay is equal to the person who works in a retail clothing store? What would be the point of earning a college education? What would even be the point of working extra hard to earn promotions? When the standard of what government does comes from citizens who “need” someone else to pay their way through life, freedom will die, and you will eventually see the government deciding even the most fundamental choices for each of us.

An esteemed commentator, Mark Alexander asked the question of his readers, is time for a revolution. About 3 million+ of us who cherish our freedom openly vs. the government, government cronies, and societies leeches vs. the sidelines: the balance of people who have their heads in the sand . . . I think not. It is a rotten shame there is no Galt’s Gulch for the 3 million+ U.S. Constitutionally Republic minded to begin our American society anew.

Juanita Holloway-Walters



There is a group of people who are physically or mentally not able to take care of themselves. I believe the communities they live in should be taking care of these folks, along with their families.

There is also a group called United States Veterans whom we the people owe much to: our gratitude, our love, the ability to get an education and a home on the G.I. bill. In addition to that we owe all disabled veterans superior medical care.

Last, there are many of us who paid into the Social Security System and Medicare / Medicaid for over 40 plus years. If we had invested that money in the safer end of investments earning interest, compounded annually, we would each have a very nice nest egg to retire on. We were promised that the money would start returning to us at age 65. It is a shameful society and government that would not honor what has been promised. Some of us are collecting our Social Security after working many years in the system due to disability. This was also promised. No one who did not put in to the Social Security System should be collecting from this system.

Biography - Juanita Holloway-Walters

Juanita has forty five years experience as an Accountant. During her last twenty eight years she specialized in the start up phase and / or the recovery phase of businesses from two million in revenue per year, to fifteen million per year. Her sphere of successful influence ranges from accounting, to operations, to the backroom marketing effort. Streamlining and organizing out of control businesses is serious fun for her.

The art of raising a family while working was of supreme importance to her; and she chose a route of self-education coupled with some college. Her endeavors in self-education range from philosophy and history, to Christian studies outside of mainstream religious organizations. Much of her college dollar was spent on enhancing natural management skills and writing skills.

Although Juanita has lived in many regions of the country, she is settled near the Gulf coast in her home state of Texas.

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