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Author: J. J. Jackson
Date:  October 31, 2009

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Make The RINOs Choose Sides

The Republican Party has been infested with RINOs – Republicans In Name Only – for more years than most can count.

The Republican Party has been infested with RINOs – Republicans In Name Only – for more years than most can count. No one can remember when the first RINO appeared but we know what has happened since that first appearance and seen the decay that they have brought to the party. Year after year these RINOs stand for reelection around this great country telling us how only by being RINOs do they stand a chance of winning that reelection bid and keep their seat from falling into the hands of far, far worse sorts. They tell conservatives as conservatives they far are too fringe and claim that conservatives need the RINO to get a seat at the bargaining table. Year after year RINOs among the voting populace parrot these same claims in support of their “moderate” candidate of choice.

It makes for a great tale which surely does scare many who, like little kiddies, rush out on Election Day and hold their nose. They then get to watch the charlatan they help elect pass any and all unconstitutional laws that can be dreamt up! Oh sure, every now and again they will make a half-hearted stand and get some token measure or another passed in a lame attempt to show their self-professed conservative bona fides. But what good, for example, is a partial stance against murdering children in the womb who are only between certain ages when in the next breath a RINO is willing to accept limits on our Second Amendment rights, pass laws that infringe upon our free speech and work to prohibit religious expression, turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants who are criminals within our lands, threaten businesses that act in ways not illegal or improper but merely in a way the RINO dislikes, levy taxes upon us so that they can buy off other constituents and spend money hand over fist while racking up huge debts they never intend to repay?

Well, things they are a changing. No, I am not talking about President Obama’s false change which is really nothing more than the same old socialist politics that have gotten us in trouble already. The real change that I speak of is among the conservative base of this country. I saw this coming. Many of us did.

Over two years ago I wrote an article called, “This Is My Hill,” and it annoyed the RINOs who at the time were falling right on in line behind Senator John McCain’s run for the White House. In that article I took a stand. I said no more. I said No John McCain. I said no more compromising my principles for the lesser of two evils. I said no more worrying about how bad it would get without a “moderate” to save us from the left. I said no more running.

How bad were the RINOs annoyed? Well, I got more hate mail over that one article by “conservatives” than I did liberals. That never happens. Sure I get “conservative” hate mail every week from these so-called conservatives that think they can justify just a little gun control or just a little support for abortion but nothing, absolutely nothing, like what I got because of that one article. All because I attacked John McCain and the ideology that people were using to justify him as a qualified candidate from the Presidency. But you know what I also got? I also got a lot of emails from people that told me they were planning to stand with me. As the RINOs maintained their retreat I met a lot of people over a few short weeks that had all had more than enough. McCain was in deep trouble. He may not have known it at the time, but I did. There were a lot of people that were not going to vote for him; conservatives that were not going to pull the lever next to him name. After the 2008 election I got a lot of email follow-ups from people just to let me know that they had held firm and refused to vote for McCain despite the pressures of their RINO friends who dangled the thought of a President Obama before their noses.

The 2008 election did not end well for the moderates. Oh, I know the story line about how it was really conservatism that was defeated on that fateful November Day, but doesn’t someone have to be in the game to loose? Conservatism could not have lost because it was never invited. Both of the major political parties shut us out. In reality it was moderatism what was defeated and shown as not a pleasant alternative.

The rumblings among conservative leading up to Election Day was not the start of something big, but it certainly was part of something big that had been brewing for a long time. Yes, long even before I had written that fateful article that introduced me to a slew of patriots.

McCain’s defeat seemed to embolden even more conservatives, even those that had been browbeaten year after year into electing RINOs and that had defended the practice. Voices against what was being done to this country began to be raised even more often and more fervently and by more and more people. Recently a million patriots marched on Washington asking Congress if they could hear us now and our outrage over what was being done by them to take our liberties. And now there is an open revolt brewing in the State of New York where a candidate running simply as a Conservative is outpolling the “Republican” for a Congressional seat in a special election.

Meanwhile the RINOs are still complaining. They are begging the conservatives to get back in line and support them. They are still trying to hang on. But the conservatives are determined. They are willing to walk through the fires of Hell itself (the election of a liberal Democrat if need be) if it will lead them to salvation of their souls and allow the RINOs to be purged from the party rolls and America to witness the horrors of liberalism. Sometimes you need to get burned by the stove to realize that it is a bad idea to touch it. Many children each year learn this important lesson.

Now, rather than conservatives being browbeaten into supporting socialism-lite, it is time for the RINOs to chose a side. For too long they have been allowed to straddle the fence. They will have to decide if they are socialist Democrats or if they are more interested in liberty and freedom. They will have to decide if they are really for bigger government or if they are for individual drive and creativity. They can no longer get by simply claiming that they are not as bad as the Democrats because if they do the Republican Party will be torn so far apart that it can never be rebuilt and the RINOs will be left without anything. Either they are going to be Republicans, real Republicans, or they are going to sell their souls to the devil and live out their pathetic lives as slaves to him.

I and millions of conservatives are betting that most will not choose the latter. If they had wanted that they would have done that already. But we are also not very worried if the moderates foolishly do choose the latter option. No, we are not that worried because we know that if that happens push will come to shove and we are not adverse to shoving back and parting ways with those that have destroyed our Constitution and our liberty.

So as Clint Eastwood once said, "Do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk?"

J. J. Jackson

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