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Author: J. J. Jackson
Date:  October 23, 2010

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When Did Jack Conway Stop Beating His Wife?

Rand Paul has courage that you rarely see these days; at least among those wanting public office. I, for one, was glad to see Mr. Paul, a candidate for United States Senator in Kentucky, refuse to shake the hand of a man who had purposefully slandered him based on an internet rumor from an anonymous source.

Rand Paul has courage that you rarely see these days; at least among those wanting public office. I, for one, was glad to see Mr. Paul, a candidate for United States Senator in Kentucky, refuse to shake the hand of a man who had purposefully slandered him based on an internet rumor from an anonymous source. But of course considering how President Obama has recently been running around slandering the United States Chamber of Commerce as having accepted foreign donations without providing any evidence of the charge, due to the President's anti business sentiment, what else can you expect from liberal Democrats digging in their claws trying to maintain their power?

At the end of their last debate, where Jack Conway, Rand Paul’s opponent, repeatedly attacked him over an unsubstantiated allegation, Mr. Paul walked off the stage. Good for him. There is no need to be civil to gutter trash.

The incident, which Mr. Conway has cut an ad highlighting, is a bizarre one where a woman, who remains anonymous, claims essentially that Rand Paul and a friend kidnapped her, tied her up, and forced her worship his god called “Aqua Buddha.” Without any evidence to support this charge however it has become a popular attack against Mr. Paul among rabid leftists from the blogosphere on up who cannot give one solid reason to voters to support liberal Democrats in this year’s midterm election.

This tactic is happening all over the United States. For example in the Toomey/Sestak race for Senate here in Pennsylvania, which I have talked about several times, Joe Sestak, who is currently a member of the United States House of Representatives, has attacked Toomey relentlessly while basically giving voters here only one reason to vote for him. That one reason? It is nothing of substance, just a reminder that he served in the military. Hello, John Kerry? Call your office.

Joe Sestak does not want to remind Pennsylvanians that he supported TARP, bank bailouts, the “stimulus plan” and a myriad of other far left, liberal, progressive, unconstitutional bills that have continued to double down on bigger government and huge federal deficits. But when absolutely forced to confront his votes on widely unpopular, colossally unsuccessful and universally unconstitutional programs he blames former President Bush and even Pat Toomey for forcing him to vote the way he did. It is nothing short of amazing. Mr. Conway too seems to have little to actually run on when he is relying on unsubstantiated reports from anonymous sources as a means of attacking Rand Paul.

Rand Paul has repeatedly denied the claims of this anonymous woman. But Mr. Conway continues to run around asking about it anyway. What is more amazing is that when he and his staff when asked about the alleged incident they continue to claim that Mr. Paul has not answered concerns over said incident. Really? How much more of an answer than a flat out denial can you get? This is like the old gotcha question of, “When did you stop beating your wife?” If you answer that you never have beaten your wife you are accused of not answering the question.

So, since apparently it is ok for Mr. Conway to attack Rand Paul in such a way, I figured it is time to make a bunch of unfounded accusations about Mr. Conway myself. Rest assured that all these come from anonymous sources and since Mr. Conway has accepted such sources as valid I feel confident in putting them out in the open. Any one of these should be enough to convince voters in Kentucky not to vote for this scumbag.

1. Mr. Conway once murdered a woman after she refused to give him oral sex. The incident happened in late 1991 while Mr. Conway was upset and on a drinking binge at a Louisville bar. The woman repeatedly rebuffed Mr. Conway’s advances at which time Mr. Conway, with the help of the bar tender, dragged the woman out behind the establishment and beat her to death repeatedly telling her that she would die for refusing to worship "Little Jack." 2. Mr. Conway once denounced God as actually Satan and proclaimed Satan as the true God. He entered a local church, unzipped his pants and whipped out his ... well you know what it is. He then proceeded to urinate on the altar at the front of the church. When the priest came out to stop him, Mr. Conway struck him and denounced him as an evil, vile man before running off into the night screaming, “Long live the Lord of Darkness!” 3. Mr. Conway apparently enjoys buying young boys from their parents in exchange for nights of sexual bliss. An anonymous source claims that after the previously mentioned incident in 1991, Mr. Conway became so frustrated with the fairer sex that he turned his attention to underage boys. Mr. Conway, according to this anonymous source, was approached to sell him a night with her young son, who was age five at the time, in exchange for $30,000. She refused but Jack Conway persisted for several weeks before giving up.
4. Mr. Conway is actually a member of the Taliban. NO JOKE! Seriously, an anonymous source claims that Mr. Conway has actually flown numerous times to Afghanistan to personally meet with Usama bin Laden and became a radicalized Muslim in 2004 shortly after his conversion to the religion. In fact, Mr. Conway is currently under investigation by the FBI for being a ring leader of a potential terrorist cell and the government is currently looking into the possibility that he is preparing to set off a biological weapon at a large sporting event.

Mr. Conway deserves to be sent packing based on all these allegations. No proof required; at least if we use his own standard for making charges. Hey, if he can accuse Mr. Paul of baseless charges as a means of discrediting him as a candidate I can do the same to Mr. Conway is the way I figure it. And besides, look there are four serious, although unsubstantiated, charges against Mr. Conway. He has only made the one against Mr. Paul. So he is obviously the worse of the two candidates based on percentages of baseless charges alone.

You know Mr. Conway, you really are a piece of work. And I hope that the voters in Kentucky see through your shallow pursuit of power for yourself and your kindred souls on the left. Oh, and Mr. Conway, please tell us all exactly when you did stop beating your wife. Stop avoiding the question. Stop denying it. Just tell us when you did indeed stop beating your wife.

J. J. Jackson

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