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Author: J. J. Jackson
Date:  August 4, 2012

Topic category:  Politically Correct Insanity

Of Course I'm Intolerant, Aren't You?

So, now that I've endured a week of intolerance at the hands of those who claim to be tolerant, those homosexual activists who are upset that I dared to support Chick-fil-A publicly last week, it's time to have a serious discussion about intolerance.

So, now that I've endured a week of intolerance at the hands of those who claim to be tolerant, those homosexual activists who are upset that I dared to support Chick-fil-A publicly last week, it's time to have a serious discussion about intolerance.

Yes, I have had to weed through the emails filled with fangs dripping with hate because I simply do not agree that marriage can be redefined on a whim by government. First of all, government does not have that authority in a just society. Secondly, marriage is not the union of man and man or woman and woman. Sorry. But I do so appreciate you intolerant sorts showing how intolerant of other people's beliefs you really are. In fact, I was infinitely more tolerant than you.

Case and point? I said The Jim Henson Company clearly has the right to not deal with Chick-fil-A if it so offends them that the company is rooted in Christian values. Of course, I don't agree with their ideology, but I supported their right to be flaming liberals - literally.

Whereas you hateful, intolerant supporters of homosexual marriage told me over and over again that both I and Chick-fil-A literally did not have a right to stand up for the traditional definition of marriage and Christian values because you simply did not like it. I think the contrast between my tolerance and your "tolerance" is quite clear.

But, what I really want to talk about today is how silly you "tolerant" people preaching against "intolerance" really are. For example, "Intolerance is not to be tolerated and should be done away with!" cried one irate reader of my work. Basically, once you get through the rhetorical loops, this person basically said that intolerance of intolerance is acceptable intolerance. But they also said that their intolerance of intolerance is unacceptable too. Sorry, can't have your cake and eat it too.

Look, I'm proudly intolerant. Intolerance is a good thing I think. Don't agree? Well, maybe you will after you see what it is that I am intolerant of. Just to illustrate, I have compiled a list. It is a partial list, for sure, but still ...

I am intolerant of: Bank robbers Drunk drivers Parents who leave their young children home alone so they can go get drunk/high Pot heads who actually think they are not mentally impaired after smoking a joint The silly concept of not keeping score because someone's feelings might get hurt People on Twitter who think I give a damn what they ate for breakfast Rapists Child rapists (doubly so!) Women who falsely accuse men of rape and people like Jesse Jackson who milk it for all its worth Murderers People who make excuses for rapists, child rapists, and murderers "Low Fat" anything People who claim the Holocust never happened Neo-NAZI white supremacists Illegal immigrants The color puce, because it's hideous! Muslim extremists who fly planes into buildings Crazy people who claim that Muslim extremists didn't fly planes into buildings on 9/11 Left leaning "Christians" who try to use Christianity to prohibit liberty, such as the sale of liquor and other items on Sunday Telemarketers Tomato soup BLECH! Ignorant people who don't realize that corporations don't pay taxes, the consumer does, yet who still call for higher taxes on corporations People who think that the 1% are evil simply because they are rich President Obama blaming cops for acting "stupidly" before having any facts in hand People who try to disrupt businesses and violate people's rights because they want to "protest" them Politicians who think it is okey-dokie to spend our children into debt slavery to pay off political constituents today Harry Reid's blithering idiocy Nancy Pelosi's ugly mug being shown on television 200 lb women who think that they look damn sexy and choose to wear bikinis on the beach to let everyone else know how unsexy they really are President George W. Bush for supporting TARP President Obama for conveniently forgetting he voted for TARP while blaming its spending on President Bush "Conservative" politicians who believe that compromising with liberals actually gets them something they want And, most importantly, I am intolerant of people who are tolerant of everything!

Yes, I am proudly intolerant! Aren't you? Ok, maybe not of everything that I am intolerant of, but, come on, at least meet me halfway and say that you are intolerant of murderers and rapists. You can at least agree with me on that right? Come on, I know its hard for you leftists who berate intolerance, but I believe that you can bring yourself to be intolerant of such things.

If you can't, then there is no good that can come from talking to you.

J. J. Jackson

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