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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  October 2, 2006

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No Comparison"with Rumsfeld"

The Democrats are always pointing their insulting finger at Donald Rumsfeld. One thing that they can't call the man is a chicken hawk, the slur used to demean people who have not served their country in the armed services.

The Democrats are always pointing their insulting finger at Donald Rumsfeld. One thing that they can't call the man is a chicken hawk. The name chicken hawk is used to demean people who have not served their country in the armed services. The 21st United States Secretary of Defense served in the Navy.

That said, the DNC far left losers are always trying to undercut the man. Often, you'll hear the name chicken hawk tossed out of the mouth of seventy three year old (D) Congressman John Murtha, who seems to have had questionable ethic problems looming over his past. (see full article)

There is no comparison between the two men when looking through the eyes of those serving in the military. In the case of The Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld's name is renowned.

The Arab world of Aljazeera is very familiar with the name of Murtha. He has become known for constantly accusing our troops of all sorts of misconduct. In reality, there is little or no truth to his assertions.

Too often, Murtha has put our troops in harms way with his outspokenness and the leaks he has made to the liberal press, concerning military matters. A Vietnam veteran should know better than to conduct himself in such a disgraceful way. Congressman Murtha has lost the respect of our troops serving In Iraq and Afghanistan. It's interesting to note, that he is once again campaigning for the House Democrat leadership post.

In 1980, Murtha was caught talking to FBI undercover agents, trying to cut a deal with Arabs for big bucks. He is asking for special favors for his state of Pennsylvania's 12th District. The foul mouth Congressman seems as corrupt as the day is long. (see video testimony to this)

Excerpts from The American Spectator:

On the other hand, there is steadfast and true blue, Donald Rumsfeld. Bret Baier the Chief White House correspondent for FOX News conducted a compelling interview with The Secretary of Defense. It was an interesting insight of a great American who is beyond reproach. Rumsfeld fights the war on terror because he loves his country. He is a genuine good man and a patriot. You'll not find an FBI undercover tape of Don Rumsfeld engaged in dirty politicking.

Rummy, as he is fondly called by President George Bush, is an intelligent, Godly, man of faith. He has dedicated himself to protecting our country. He is a man who serves his country though the eyes of great experience. He is inspiring. The Secretary of Defense wakes up everyday and thinks about every single American citizen's safety.

Mrs. Joyce Rumsfeld, his wife of 51 years enjoys her husband's spontaneity and laughter. She enjoys sitting next to him in church. She feels and shares his spirituality. At the age of seventy five, the man is in excellent mental and physical health. He is fit and trim an extraordinary specimen of manliness.

Yes, its true Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is a genuine sex symbol. A senior-citizen sensation, evoking swoons and cries. At the of 69-year old Rumsfeld was receiving offers from Playgirl magazine to pose nude. "Rumsy is hot in a dominatrix kind of a way," said the editor of Time magazine.

Don Rumsfeld has a great sense of humor and enjoys enthusiasm for life. He is to be admired for his many outstanding accomplishments in life. The abounding amount of energy that he possesses is necessary for the important job that he holds.

Donald Rumsfeld is the oldest American to ever serve as Secretary of Defense. He also served in this position under President Gerald Ford from 1975 to 1977. He is a former member of the U. S. House of Representative and the U.S. Ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. He has served on numerous government commissions and councils.

For those serving in the military, it's obvious why President Bush holds up his Secretary of Defense with confidence and pride. Rummy knows his job well. He is the man who has streamlined and reshaped America's armed forces to fight a war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fighting the war against the Islamic jihadists, unfortunately, will take a long time because of the many religious and political components. We can never forget 9/11.

Let's hope that there will be other great men, such as Donald Rumsfeld, to do the job when he no longer can. With the exception of their age, there is no comparison between the bumbling Congressman Murtha and that of a man of great stature.

President Bush on Friday said, "I want to speak to you today about the struggle between moderation and extremism that is unfolding across the broader Middle East. ... This is the challenge of our time. This is the call of a generation, to stand against the extremists and support moderate leaders across the broader Middle East, to help us all secure a future of peace."

Marie Jon'


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