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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  October 13, 2006

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Oh Babs, It's Getting Nasty Out There

The rhetoric it is getting pretty nasty out there in our politically-divided country.

Unfortunately, the rhetoric it is getting pretty nasty out there in our politically-divided country. Have you also noticed this ugly trend where you live? The vitriol is as thick as London fog.

Things are getting very heated. You can't even enjoy a concert without some political tripe being smeared in your face. Tickets are not only expensive, but you also get insulted for your trouble. Who needs a night out like that? 

Excerpts from Billboard news:

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What has happened to the people in show biz? What happened to the saying "There's no people like show people?" Babs certainly gets paid enough, as well as rewarded by the adulation of her adoring fans. What more does she want? Can't she leave her politics at the stage door before appearing in public? (video)

I personally have enjoyed the magnificent voice of Barbara Streisand.  However, the potty-mouthed “lady” showed her true nature the other evening. She is supposed to be a person of the theatre, a thespian and phenomenal singer – some would argue, a “living legend.” In reality, Streisand has shown herself to be a political hack who lacks the savvy needed to back her liberal rantings.

Streisand had the nerve to say that the president “should quit his day job.” The singer/actress has not the slightest understanding of what a difficult and daunting job this president actually has. President Bush is tackling the worst problems this country and the world have ever faced. Is delusional Barbara Streisand better equipped to handle Islamic terrorists?

Barbara couldn’t be content with wowing her audience with her voice. She acted tastelessly, taking a cheap shot at America's president. She compounded the mess by using the vilest of profanity.  It appears that Barbara acts the part of being an elegant lady only when it suits her.

People want to be enthralled and entertained by gifted performers; how dare a patron of the arts express his displeasure toward a tacky and tasteless political skit? This paying customer was told in no uncertain terms as to what he could do to himself and his convictions. Where’s a good bar of soap when you need one? The filthy-mouthed, matronly, pampered and spoiled diva could have benefited from such an item that night.

We know that the relentless hatred for President Bush emanates from the political far left in our country. They have become the over-the-top extremists they continually accuse the political right of being. These lofty progressives lack any semblance of civility. Their indecency should remain in the closet and their opinions relegated to the ballot box. Their crassness degrades the society we live in.

How do you think this adversarial and crude discourse in our country plays with the troops who serve in Iraq and Afghanistan? Does it affect their morale? Does it make them angry? Depress them? Make them more vulnerable to the enemy? Of course, none of the liberals who embrace the political maxims of Marx care how they are perceived by the awesomely brave, dedicated men and women serving this great nation. Too many of these gifted and talented Hollywood elites who ought to be donating their time to the USO are absent and derelict of duty.

People like Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Linda Ronstadt, (much older versions of The Dixie Chicks), show little or no patriotism. The USO is nearly devoid of those who have been granted so much by the American public. Let's give a round of applause for all the talented entertainers who have taken time to visit the men and women of the greatest generation we have ever known. 2006 Tour Schedule

Forgive us Barbara for not purchasing any more of your CD's and concert tickets.  We'll use the money instead to send a care package to the troops. The songs ”People Who Need People" and "The Way We Were," have taken on a whole new meaning for moi.

Marie Jon'

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