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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  November 9, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Cut and Run Americans

Having come to power on the basis of nothing but anti-Bush rhetoric, Democrats will now hand both America and the Iraqi people a dastardly defeat that will hurt our integrity and our safety for decades to come.

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matthew 7:23)

The midterm election was not a mere changing of the "good sentinel, vigilant guards", to a far superior one that would have completed a mission with honor in Iraq. Unfortunately, it's quite the opposite. The Democrats will hand both America and the Iraqi people a dastardly defeat that will hurt our integrity and our safety for decades to come.

I guess it wasn’t impressed upon enough people (or strongly enough) that today's Democrats are not objective thinkers. They are ideologues. They do not know the meaning of bipartisanship, for all their chronic assertions that they desire such.

This election should never have been about taxes or government giveaways or social mores changes. It's not that we can't chew gum and walk at the same time, but prioritizing the problems we face was pivotal at this important time in our county's history.

The entire thought process should have been centered on the War on Terror; we should have understood this concept. If America loses, we are through. In the face of fighting Islamic terrorists (who wish to destroy us utterly, by the way), ought to supersede social spending and other concerns. If we lose in Iraq, other countries will never again be able to trust America's leadership. Iraq will be their proof.

Our thoughtlessness has put President Bush in an even more precarious position than that which he previously occupied. We have undermined him as well as our own country. Overnight, we have lost all the gains we have made since 9/11.  The opposition party will begin to dismantle all the security safe guards, one by one.

 The turnover of the House of Representatives and many state legislatures to the Democrat Party is ominous and foreboding. The opposition did not do one good thing nor exhibit one positive quality sufficient to justify this change.  

Excerpts from AP:

The American public has rewarded those, who, for more than five years, mocked, insulted and lied about the president and the troops serving in our armed forces. 

The media have become whores, compromising any notion of journalistic integrity as well as the war in Iraq and our troops for their own financial and ideological gain. Their actions are painfully unforgivable. 

It would seem no rational, thinking person would have given Democrats one more second of precious time to continue – or resume – turning our country upside down. 

Expect to witness our country embroiled in the impeachment of President George Bush for merely exercising his constitutionally-bound duty to protect this country “from all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Expect to witness also the emboldening of terrorists.

We have dishonored ourselves by showing our lack of support for the President of the United States. Iraq is lost as of November 7, as may be the War on Terror.

With all the good that was transpiring in Iraq, things were not moving fast enough for the American public, who apparently has the attention span of a gnat. The microwave society wanted a microwave war. The Democrats reinforced this belief; when the unprecedented conflict dragged on, impatience and propaganda dictated a change, any change. From the frying pan into the fire suddenly seemed like a good idea.

Americans obviously have no recollection or understanding of their own country's history. Our democracy did not develop overnight, nor was it without bloodshed and turmoil. Fighting to keep it intact has required similar levels of severity. Yet somehow, the Iraqi people, oppressed for decades, were expected to be much more savvy than our forefathers in the process of forming their government. The people of Iraq were very optimistic about their future. Now they have had the rug pulled right from under their feet.

Believe what the Democrats said concerning Iraq. They will pull us out and allow Iraqis to die. We will soon see what we have wrought with our irresponsible action.

We will not be able to console the troops or the Iraqis when the likes of Senator Ted Kennedy and Congressman Jack Murtha end the funding needed to continue the war effort. They will enact the very same evils as they did in Vietnam.

Americans on the home front have learned absolutely nothing. We have sacrificed nothing. The Pied Pipers have lured them into their snares of destruction.

Patriotic Americans have lost confidence in their fellow countrymen. The Democrats, through foul lies and self-interest, misguided our country. On Election Day America showed its political immaturity.

Marie Jon'


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