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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  December 30, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Are You A Latent Culture Warrior?

Are you sitting out the Culture War? Well, if you are, you'll be sorry when you finally figure things out. By then, America will have lost big time. We may not be able to rebound from what is taking place right under your lackadaisical nose.

Are you sitting out the Culture War? Well, if you are, you'll be sorry when you finally figure things out. By then, America will have lost big time. We may not be able to rebound from what is taking place right under your lackadaisical noses.

Unfortunately, our country took a turn for the worse in the ‘Sixties. The progressive secular movement, if left unchecked, will hurt your children's and grandchildren's futures.

No one wants to confront or do battle. However, we need to win this war quickly. If we do not fight back, the USA will become a place where decadence and injustice reigns. You best understand the Culture War.

The progressive movement touches every part of this country values and mores. It's a mind set that has it's insidious tentacles constantly reaching out to all venues of Americana.  Our culture, our beliefs systems, and our patriotic pride is being assaulted on every level.

Children in America are not protected. They are being hurt drastically by the social progressives. Just how long will we tolerate child molesters who rape, torture and murder? They are literally getting away with their heinous crimes because of liberal judges. Progressives do battle for criminals. Ask the ACLU to defend them, and they will, free of charge. NAMBLA encourages the rape of little children.

Excerpt from WorldNetDaily: ACLU defends child-molester group/Asks judge to throw out lawsuit against NAMBLA for 10-year-old's murder

"The American Civil Liberties Union has asked a judge to dismiss what it calls an 'unconstitutional' lawsuit against a national pedophile organization being sued in a wrongful death case after two of the group's members brutally raped and murdered a 10-year-old boy.

"The $200 million civil lawsuit, which charges the North American Man-Boy Love Association with wrongful death, was originally filed in Massachusetts Federal District Court on May 16.

"As reported in WorldNetDaily, Salvatore Sicari and Charles Jaynes picked up fifth-grader Jeffrey Curley and took the boy to the Boston Public Library where Jaynes accessed NAMBLA's website. Later, the men attempted to sexually assault Curley, but the boy fought back. Attempting to restrain him, Jaynes gagged the 10-year-old with a gasoline-soaked rag, eventually killing him. The men put Jeffrey's body in a tub with concrete and threw it in a river."

It has been six years since a little sweet child named Jeffrey Curley was raped and murdered. The men who killed the little boy possessed various materials from NAMBLA. When the Curley family sued NAMBLA and others involved with their website, the ACLU defended them.

Since the 1980s, NAMBLA has had as many as 1,300 members. The exact number of those who belong to this depraved organization is unknown.   The website can be seen on the Internet, while our citizenry does nothing.

Day after day and year after year, child molesters go virtually unpunished. Their victims and families suffer for the rest of their lives. If you are not infuriated, you must have ice water running though your veins.

The fact that liberals in our country help these criminals escape just punishment is disgusting. All parents need to be aware of that fact.

Child molesters are not insane. They are morally bankrupt human beings. There is no proven psychological treatment for pedophiles. What good are websites that tell us where pedophiles live? There are 491,720 convicted sex offenders in the US. Is one living near you?

We must wake up and stop the enemies by doing whatever it takes, morally and legally, to end their assaults. We must expose the organizations and the people who are out there doing our country great harm. Learn who they are, and then shine the light of day on them. "Be doers of the word, not just hearers of the word."

Progressives want to banish God from the public arena. They want their America to have pornography, illegal drugs, and debasing alternative lifestyles. They want every deviant and abuser to be happy. They call that freedom.

The ACLU is an organization that undermines our country's values. Social progressive in the media have empathy for every radical far leftists. Why?

Jesus stated in John 15:19 that the world loves its own. "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own." Who would of thought that an obnoxious hate filled Howard Dean would wind up heading the Democrat Party? 

America's pop culture and those who work in the arts and entertainment are not the standard bearers of morality. In fact, they help to create and spawn lower social standards. They are not our ambassadors of good will or role models for our youth. Please, take a look at MTV or Girls Gone Wild. They, of all people, have the nerve to say that President Bush has sullied our image around the globe.  

George Clooney and his liberal Hollywood ilk are the ones who give our country a black eye, not our president or the troops, who protect and serve.

Our public schools are bastions of liberalism. These institutions willfully rewrite our country's history to their liking. They surely are not contributing to turning out good citizens. Can your child recite the Pledge of Alligiance?

However, they teach Heather has Two Mommies... and three daddies. Where is the quality education promised to each child?  Your children are being brainwashed into the secular progressive doctrine. Do you approve?

You just might be a latent Culture Warrior if you are concerned about the War on Terror. The Culture War is another war we can't afford to lose. It's time to become engaged and get busy if you agree with me and millions of others all over the USA.

To be a successful warrior you must act now or America will, one day, wake up to find itself awash in Islamic jihadists, while suffering from the Sodom and Gomorrah syndrome foist upon us by what Fox News' Bill O'Reilly calls “the SPs” (Secular Progressives).

Marie Jon'

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