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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  January 22, 2007

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Disconnected Democrats And Their Poisonous Words

Iraq, the war on terror and duplicitous Democrats.

Radical Islam has been in a physical and spiritual war with many countries, including America. They call the war a holy jihad. In spite of all the evidence, we tried to hide our heads in the sand, and hoped the problem would go away. Prior to 9/11, we refused to confront the evildoers.

The war on terror has nothing to do with blond blue eyed, Christian Swedes. Terrorism has everything to do with radicals in mosques who plot to kill all infidels. United Kingdom's Channel 4 did a shocking underground investigative report. View the findings for yourself. Click Dispatches: Underground Mosque

The United Kingdom is aware of what radical Islam is actually doing. While pretending to be moderates working with interfaith dialogues, they plot and scheme to bring about a jihad all over the world. This past Sunday, Fox News presented what is going in the United States. There are terrorist cells living amongst us who fund the terrorist organization Hezbollah with billions of dollars.

It is disturbing to hear the political rhetoric coming from the Democrats who dogmatically continue to put America and the rest of the world in great danger. They are vicious and disconnected from reality. By their politicizing, they are making things difficult for our troops to do their jobs. Negative and disparaging words embolden the terrorists in Iraq.

While the Democrats attack and try to demoralize President Bush, Hezbollah is embedded in our country. This is how they protect our homeland? Unbelievable indeed.

Excerpts from Associated Press:

"Democratic Leaders Promise Resolution Against U.S. Troop Buildup in Iraq

"WASHINGTON, D.C. Top House and Senate Democrats intend to move forward with a nonbinding resolution that calls on the president not to send more U.S. troops into Iraq to speed up the transfer of power there, lawmakers said Friday.

"And one barbed comment from one of those Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, drew another one from the White House, which responded calling Pelosi's words 'poisonous.'

" 'Americans have called for a new direction in Iraq,' Pelosi, of California, told a group of journalists at the National Press Club in Washington as part of her party's lead-up to President Bush's State of the Union speech Tuesday.

"'The solutions to the issues which divide Iraqis are political and diplomatic, not military. ... The sooner we give them the responsibility for their future, the sooner our troops can come home. That is why, Sen. Harry Reid, many House members, support the bipartisan resolution in the Senate that states, 'It is not in the national interest of the United States United to deepen our involvement in Iraq, particularly by escalating the United States military force presence.'" (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,244880,00.html)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is an educated, well groomed, wealthy version of the mouthy and repugnant Cindy Sheehan. They both pander politically to the far left ideologues. The Democrats were barely voted into office. They were not given an overwhelming mandate.

Too many conservatives stayed home rather then vote. As a result, we must now contend with a very strident bombastic party. They are wreaking havoc with our foreign and domestic policies related to the War on Terror.

This past week Pelosi caused Iraqi leaders to wince. The Iraqi government accused the United States of sending conflicting messages that are hurting their chances of gaining control of the sectarian violence fueled by outsiders. With good reason, the Iraqi people are frightened when they hear the double binding messages coming out of Washington, D.C.

If the Wile E. Coyote Democrats don't settle down, all hell is in our future. It is time for all Americans to become better informed, rather than taking as gospel sound bites from the Democrat "drive by media."

We can't fix things when we have to contend with dissenters of our own country who feel good wearing their party hats. They wrongly think that it's much more important being a disconnected Democrat than being a good American. Our country needs many more patriotic, freedom-loving, God-fearing people to back our troops and our president.

Get involved. Disconnected Democrats and poisonous words are bringing us nothing but grief, and the promise of much more.

Marie Jon'

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