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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  February 15, 2007

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"So Brave" Are Those Who Serve Their Country

Blue Star Mother Angela Lashley recently decided not to appear on Sean Hannity's radio show and confront his guest Cindy Sheehan. Looking back, Angela probably should have taken the opportunity to confront the boisterous anti-war, anti-American Cindy Sheehan.

Her appearance on Hannity's show also would have given this very proud and patriotic military mother the chance to showcase her song, "So Brave," which expresses her love and admiration for the troops who are serving their country.

Sean Hannity has one of the biggest radio shows in the country. Also, he is co-host on Fox television's Hannity and Colmes, seen by millions of Americans. Sean's new Hannity's America is destined to become another hit TV show, featuring many controversial guests.

Intuitively, Angela Lashley knew that by not debating Cindy Sheehan, it would cost her a golden opportunity to share with America a special gift she is waiting to give to all who will hear.

Why did the producer of Hannity's show call her? Angela Lashley is the co-writer of the song called "So Brave." She is the mother of a twenty-year-old soldier Jonathan, who is serving in Iraq. Angela chose her own son "Jon" as inspiration for the song because of his exemplary character. The song, however, represents all of the awesome troops fighting the War on Terror.

For several days after she turned down Hannity's offer, Angela received calls from mothers of other soldiers. They also saw this as a missed opportunity. Many questioned why she didn't appear on the show and give Cindy Sheehan a well-deserved put-down. Sheehan is a profane propagandist for the far Left, including the communist Code Pink.

Angela simply wanted to maintain her dignity by distancing herself from a woman who is looked upon by those serving their country as a deplorable person. Many believe that Sheehan and her ilk are traitors to their own country. Angela thought it would be best to present her song in a forum without controversy.

"So Brave" is based on her personal memories of Jonathan's many displays of courage in his youth. Jon looked after schoolmates who suffered the ire of a multitude of bullies. No one was picked on when Jonathan was nearby.

Mothers of soldiers are calling this song "The Military Mothers' Anthem." Mrs. Lashley has received e-mails and calls from literally hundreds of women, all saying the same thing: "'So Brave' speaks for me."

The songwriter has come to realize that there is a universal expression in the lyrics of the song, patriotism and sacrifice — neither of which the biased liberal media will appreciate. What a shame that our country has been so brutally divided by this bunch.

Patriotism and winning the battles are looked down upon, even worse than in the day of Vietnam. Ask Speaker Pelosi and Representative Murtha; they are ready to cut all funding for the troops who are working to keep Iraq's fledgling democracy safe, as they defeat Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

It's déjà vu all over again. "The Winter Soldiers" are back, including Jane Fonda and the cast of fools. They are millstones hanging around America's neck. Their anti-war rallies embolden our enemies. The same can be said about Democrat leaders in the House of Representatives who circulated a proposed nonbinding resolution with language that opposes the administration's plan to increase the number of troops in Iraq. The Democrats have become detractors and their resolutions sabotage. They refuse to do what is correct. They will not back our troops and their Commander-In-Chief for the sake of hate and lust for power.

Because of the defeatist and angry tenor surrounding our work in Iraq, doors have been virtually slammed in Angela Lashley's face. She is not of the same mindset as the Grammy darling Dixie Chicks who use demagoguery to gain fame.

It is obvious why the 'Chicks were rewarded. Their concerts and albums will not impress those who support the troops. Liberals have used them as patsies. Despite the Grammy, the popularity they once enjoyed has long faded.

Angela Lashley is not a pretender or fame seeker. She is not an actress who woke up on the activists' side of the bed one morning. She is a mom who wrote a song that has no political agenda. If it has any agenda at all, it is to support all of the troops who made their decision to serve their country. The uplifting song "So Brave" has received nothing less than 5 star rating by those who have heard it, yet it has not been heard by the mainstream population.

One morning Angela received a phone call. It came from the secretary for Mrs. Bush saying, and I quote, "Mrs. Bush would like a copy of your song." The song was also given to President George Bush as a gift, from the president of Blue Star Mothers of America, at a breakfast at the White House.

Angela Lashley is a conservative. Her family history is steeped in military service. She is not afforded access to the "road kill" media. She will not be used to make inflammatory insulting, stereotyping comments labeling soldiers "the children of limited opportunity," as Senator John Kerry opined.

Mrs. Lashley smiles with pride when she holds a favorite snapshot of her son. The picture captures the glow of his sunny childhood days, with his blond wavy hair. His smile is gentle; spirited... his blue eyes are true. Just as true are the words of a song his character, courage and sense of duty inspired. Jonathan learned to be brave and caring of others while growing up within the confines of a supportive and loving family.

"So Brave "and the mother who wrote it reflect the thoughts of the mothers of soldiers who have embraced it as their own. Our service men and women have taken the high road. They are helping "to set the captives free," while allowing the Iraqi people to one day hold fast their duly elected democracy in peace.

That day is coming, thanks to President Bush and all of those who will not forget the price of liberty and freedom. Those who have fought in wars of past, like our troops of today, were "so brave."

"So Brave" are those who Serve their country

Marie Jon'


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