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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  March 5, 2007

Topic category:  Other/General

Society Pays A High Price To Be Entertained

People are in the throes of complicating their lives. They do not understand the benefits of living upright, in God's word. Since man is not an island unto himself, our lives do touch one another’s. All of society is affected by the bad behavioral choices made by others.

Too often, those who have been given much squander their own lives before our eyes with devastating effects. Celebrity worship is bad for moral health, especially for vulnerable children and young adults.

Some celebrity behavior is not worthy of emulation. However, unfortunately, we can use their lives as teaching tools of what happens when people allow their lives to become totally undone.

Although the media does play a major role in this phenomenon, it does not matter whether one understands the reason Americans are influenced by stardom. It is just a fact that they are, and it is unfortunate that we do not have enough good role models to admire.

American Idol is the number one program on TV. Contestants on the program seem more than eager to step into the shoes of the highly publicized stars who do not know how to live substantial lives. Money and fame is what they seek. Unfortunately, for too many, it brings them nothing but heartbreak and disappointment.

The news headlines are proof of those who have made it their life's ambition to become noticed for their looks and a pittance of talent. Eventually, for some, it leads to their tragic downfall.

The troubled Playmate Anna Nicole Smith and one shaved-headed waif named Britney are among those who have allowed themselves to hit rock bottom. There is a mile long list of those who have given into drugs, sexual promiscuity and other bad choices. They degrade themselves in front of the cameras of the paparazzi.

Fortunately, there are many in the entertainment industry who are talented and lead happy, balanced lives. When they achieve stardom they rely on their faith to guide them. They are not afflicted with fears and perverse notions of self-worth.

Excerpts from FoxNews.com-Entertainment:

The Great White Way and the rest of the entertainment community is not nurturing. It is a ruthless place where rejection and duplicity prevails. By today's standards, those who control the entertainment field are not inclined to work with good, wholesome, talented people with morals. It's just not Hollywood's bailiwick.

For quite a long time people in show business and pop culture have given rise to anti-social behavior. Our youth idolize people who give nothing back to our society except their bad attitudes, poor examples and recklessness. Our country is looked upon as coarse and without virtue abroad because of what liberals portray in our film and music industries.

Americans are traditionalists. They are the people who keep our nation strong and resolute. But the progressive elitists in Tinseltown are working very hard to change our country from inside out. They enjoy trashing our reputation because they don't feel good about America or themselves. They would eventually like to see their particular view of life embraced by all.

Secular progressives have permeated the media and the entertainment industry. They are people who possess no moral compass other than that which they make up for themselves. They resent those who do otherwise.

When was the last time that you saw a good movie about the American family who enjoys a well-rounded, healthy life? Have you seen flicks that depict happily married, romantic couples who raise their children properly? Many would enjoy seeing that type of a movie. Why? Because that is what most Americans want for their own lives and that of their children and grandchildren.

Good family entertainment at best is sparse because Hollywood has its own moral and political agenda. The classic movie "It's A Wonderful Life" starring James Stewart and Donna Reed was made decades ago, in 1947. The movie "Broke Back Mountain" was never interesting to Middle America. Being gay is important only to the agenda driven media. They do not want to present the good life that many churchgoing, spiritual families enjoy.

The Hollywood Bolsheviks point to President Bush and decry our country's tarnished reputation. However, it is the immoral behavior that they embrace that causes many of our social ills. The term "Ugly American" can be construed as those who form the opinions of others. However, it is they who are the troubling, harmful irritants. Today's entertainment continually takes issues to the lowest denominator.

The Bolshevik Revolution created the first Communist state. Lenin used movies and the arts to transform a largely uninformed population. Hollywood is trying to do the same today. Many of us wonder when Clint Eastwood will make a movie that depicts terrorists as just doing their job of killing our troops and Americans.

We need to display righteous indignation in order to stem the tide of leftist propaganda packaged as movies or other venues of entertainment. It is perfectly acceptable to become angry towards a Hollywood's that uses the arts for propagating lies and infectious bias. Don't waste your time or spend your hard-earned money seeing their movies and poisoning your mind.

It is said that our eyes are the windows to our souls. Watching programs on television and seeing movies have become America's stumbling blocks. Much of all we see is not at all uplifting or edifying.

Americans would not be so unhappy with their lives if they looked to a higher power that only a true and living God supplies. Too often we allow ourselves to become distracted, keeping us from what really should matter.

Our families could be enjoying the family room filled with laughter with interesting conversation that benefits, builds up, and sustains our family life. Now that's entertainment that matters. Our society pays dearly for entertainment these days - in more ways than one.

Marie Jon'

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marieMarie Jon' is a political/religious-based writer.

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