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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  November 18, 2007

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Tis The Season To Be Jolly--Terrorist Cells,The ACLU, and Protesting Muslims

Al Qaeda might be planning to strike at shopping malls in Los Angeles and Chicago during the Christmas season.

The FBI and police recently warned us that Al Qaeda may attack shopping malls during the Christmas holidays. However, the "Drive by Media" has been rather silent about this very disturbing news. Los Angeles and other major cities face the dangers of terrorist attacks every day, not just during the holidays. However, radical Islam chooses this time of the year to explode, figuratively. We must all comprehend the reality that there are terrorist cells in America.

"Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa and other city and law enforcement officials of an F.B.I. reported that Al Qaeda might be planning to strike at shopping malls in Los Angeles and Chicago during the Christmas season." - The New York Times

Excerpts from the Associated Press:

LAPD Plan To Pinpoint Muslims Draws Fire
Police Want To Know Potential For Harboring Terrorist Cells; ACLU, Muslims Protest

The Police Department wants to map the city's Muslim communities in order to pinpoint their potential for housing terrorist cells but the idea has drawn criticism from activists who call it racial profiling.

The LAPD's counterterrorism bureau plans to identify the location of Muslim enclaves in Los Angeles in order to determine which might be likely to become isolated and susceptible to "violent, ideologically-based extremism," Deputy Chief Michael P. Downing said Thursday.

'We want to know where the Pakistanis, Iranians and Chechens are so we can reach out to those communities,' said Downing, who heads the counterterrorism bureau.

Downing said the plan is still in its early stages but the LAPD wants to work with a Muslim partner and intends to have the data assembled by the University of Southern California's Center for Risk and Economic Analysis.

Downing testified about the plan before a U.S. Senate committee on Oct. 30.

'It has nothing to do with racial profiling,' Downing told Claudia Peschiutta of CBS radio station KNX. 'We're trying to determine country of origin, language, socio-economic conditions, age, gender demographics.

'We're really trying just to better understand so that we can respond and understand how Islam expresses itself in Los Angeles.'

There are an estimated 500,000 Muslims in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties.

'This is nothing short of racial profiling,' ACLU Executive Director Ramona Ripston told the Los Angeles Times.

'We obviously reject this idea of demonizing a group of people by virtue of mapping them.' - Shakeel Syed, Islamic Shura Council

On Thursday, several Muslim groups and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California sent Downing a letter expressing 'grave concerns' about the program.

'Singling out individuals for investigation, surveillance, and data-gathering based on their religion constitutes religious profiling that is just as unlawful, ill-advised and deeply offensive as racial profiling,' said the letter.

It was signed by representatives of the ACLU of Southern California; Muslim Advocates, a national association of Muslim lawyers; the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

On the heels of the L. A. Police Department's news release came immediate opposition. The L.A. Police Department believes that it is a necessity to map out our city's Muslim communities in order to locate with great precision anyone who could possibly be housing terrorist cells. However, there are a cast of characters who oppose and want to hinder our local officials who are trying to do their job of protecting us. Counterterrorism is a 24/7 job.

Christians, Jews and most Muslims are peaceful people. Why radical Islam remains in our day and age is a sad phenomenon but not one to be denied. It only takes a small minority of radical jihadists to reap havoc upon a nation.

A recent poll of American Muslims was extremely frightening. When asked, one in four suggested that a suicide bombing was perfectly acceptable to defend Islam "in some cases".

When will all Americans understand that it is the terrorists' intentions to attack again? The very same ACLU, which is funded in part by billionaire far left globalist George Soros, is doing damage to America. This seventy-four year old man has given at least $250,000 in grants to the ACLU. Will this man and his cronies ever stop interfering?

At every turn there are people ready to cripple the efforts of those who are charged with the duty of securing our enormous cities and outlying areas. The ACLU sides with entities that are our worse nightmares. Anti-American groups want to stifle all authority. We are supposed to quake in our boots at the mention of two words "racial profiling" and then summarily dismiss use of the practice because the far left and the ACLU (our domestic enemies) claim it's racist.

We are fighting the war on terrorism while continually running into distractive road blocks, thrown up by those who want to put their heads in the sand or most of us in our graves.

During the Bill Clinton presidency, terrorism went unchecked. In 1993 the World Trade Center was attacked with explosives by Muslims terrorists. More than 1,000 were injured and six people died. A yellow crime scene tape was put on every incident of attack, instead of taking stock of what was happening to our country and the rest of the world. U.S. intelligence agencies were not coordinated to work with each other. Things have greatly improved under this administration's cautious watch.

Not until the far left ideologues see their own family members killed at the hands of radical Islam on the streets of America, will they finally see the situation we have been facing and which has been in the works for decades.

The Democrats don't want Americans to see things as they are. They refuse to give our troops the money needed to take care of business. The valuable gains we have made in Iraq since the surge is being compromised.The opposition falsely claims that they support the troops. They are disgraceful defeatists.

Again, we all should take note that there are those who are the adults and those who are not. When you go to vote this election year don't vote Democrat. They are "conveniently" in denial of the war on terror. They have politicized the war from the very first day our troops stepped on Iraqi soil. Are you surprised that the ACLU progressives do not want to protect our homeland even when the FBI sees trouble looming during the season to be jolly?

The King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, Calif. The LAPD's Counterterrorism bureau plans to identify the location of Muslim enclaves in Los Angeles. (Mike Nelson/AFP/Getty )

"Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa and other city and law enforcement officials of an F.B.I. reported that Al Qaeda might be planning to strike at shopping malls in Los Angeles and Chicago during the Christmas season." - The New York Times

Marie Jon'


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