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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  September 3, 2008

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McCain and Palin, Two Winning Mavericks

With McCain and Palin we have two mavericks that can "hold back the four winds of strife," that will surely come if we sit at home. Unbridled liberalism has allowed our nation to be undermined and degraded. We have had just about enough.

While Republican conservatives were looking at Govs. Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty to fill the VP slot for Sen. John McCain, there was a distant buzz. Another name was floating around.

The day after Barack Obama gave his convention speech at Denver's Invesco Field, which was brimming with tens of thousands of enthusiastic Democrats, there came a stunning announcement. John McCain selected the first Republican woman VP candidate, Sarah "Baracuda" Palin.

The Democrat's big night was blunted. The airwaves were filled with the news of the newcomer who would be welcomed in Dayton, Ohio, one day after the anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote. Gov. Palin's name would change the presidential race in 2008.

Senator McCain made his announcement at Nutter Center with its exuberant crowd of 12,000 Republicans. He proudly named Alaska Gov. Palin to be his running mate. He introduced the very attractive looking forty-four year old at a hometown type rally with a touch of old fashion Americana.

"My friends and fellow Americans, I am very pleased and very privileged to introduce to you the next vice president of the United States, Governor Sarah Palin of the great state of Alaska." Senator McCain

Gov. Palin is a "can do" independent thinking woman who does not always go along with group-think. She'll take on political corruption in Washington, D.C. There is nothing pretentious about her. She is a bright, intelligent, common sense person who will help McCain bring about the change we've all been hearing about.

Palin is the perfect compliment VP for McCain. Her physical beauty radiates from within. In 1984 she was a runner-up for Miss Alaska. I'll liken her to Ester in the Bible, who was also a maverick.

With charm and poise, she is an upbeat energetic positive public speaker. The new VP pick is a graduate from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Communications and Journalism.

Kudos to McCain who has chosen a winning ticket that America can feel good about. As the days swiftly go by we will have the opportunity to become acquainted with her.

Way to go Sarah. Your life is an open book. You and your family face the same struggles that many Christian parents must tackle when raising children in a society that is bombarded with the very liberal Pop Culture that glorifies pre-marital sex.

"Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support." Sarah Palin

It must be understood that McCain knew of Bristol's pregnancy when he selected Palin as his running mate last week. We wish her daughter's upcoming nuptials blessings and God's speed.

With Palin's name on the GOP ticket it brings a stark contrast when it comes to matters of life and death. Although Republicans understand that not all Americans are in agreement on the abortion issues facing our country today, most want "their parental rights" given back to them that have been legislated away.

This link lists, by state, laws regarding parental consent and notification. For more information call 1-800-230-PLAN.


Akeli Hunter: Media Relations Coordinator
Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.
Phone: (212) 261-4760
434 West 33rd Street | New York, NY 10001

Planned Parenthood has sway over our children. Get smart and understand what the media, who carries the water for the Democrats, is trying to do to Sarah Palin's seventeen year old daughter. Shame on those for denigrating this young lady for having her child instead of aborting it, while belittling her family's convictions.

The ticket of McCain and Palin are strong abortion opponents. That can not be said about Barack Obama, who embraces infanticide, or Joe Biden, who professes to be a Catholic and should know better, adhere to a women's right to choose, "Oh Ye of Little Faith." (Matthew 16:8)

Meanwhile, no matter what the daily political news may bring us, nothing changes these facts. Obama continues to associate himself with people that Middle America would not give the time of day to. Obama took money from a slum lord and rewarded him with special favors. To this very day, Obama calls American born un-repented terrorists his friends. He argues that Bill Ayres and his notorious wife are mainstream. Go figure?

Yes, the "God Damn America" Rev. Jeremiah Wright lurks nearby along with all the other Chicago thugs that President Bill Clinton eluted to during the week of the Democrat Convention. Is Obama the of man we deserve to be our president? No.

Conservative talk show hosts might feel reluctant to say it, but I will not shirk my duty to inform others. Obama is not a nice person. He is a cunning man and an absolute fake. "If it were possible he would fool even the most elect." (Matthew 24:24)

Since Gov. Palin was chosen, the conservative base is charged and ready to get out the vote. Yes, we have finally secured the winning ticket. It is the politically right people who are the backbone of America's society, and they will make their voices known with their vote. We embrace and choose life.

Our base will become very vocal about being pro-life. God bless Sarah Palin, the mother of five. Her new baby born in April is a Down syndrome child. Little baby Trig is precious. Conservative Christians understand innocent life is a God given blessing.

Come this November millions of born again Evangelicals, practicing Catholics, along with devout Mormons and Orthodox Jews, will defeat those who call themselves the religious Left. Progressives are beholden to their divisive ideology and political policies.

Americans were given great insight to the fallacies and deceptions of liberal religiosity and their culture of death. We owe thanks to Pastor Rick Warren, who did our nation a great service by holding the Civil Forum at the Saddleback Church in California. Obama did not do very well with theological questions, which most of us learned in Bible class. It was above his pay grade.

We have two mavericks that can "hold back the four winds of strife," that will surely come if we sit at home. Unbridled liberalism has allowed our nation to be undermined and degraded.

For the two full terms of the Bush presidency, Democrats in the legislative halls sought to destroy America's will to win in Iraq and continue the fight against the war on terror. We have had just about enough.

God has always had a people who hear His voice. Liberal Marxist-Socialism will not take root in the greatest nation which was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

We will reject those who openly try to harm the greatest nation that has ever existed. Come election day, we will diminish the power of the Fifth Column, which includes the media. Our vote and our voices are powerful.

With the horrendous storms that struck the Gulf Coast, Americans saw a sensitive response from those in attendance at the GOP Convention.

Be prepared because storms will always be part of human life. An emergency watch is facing our nation in more ways than one. We need to get behind two experienced mavericks who are ready to serve and lead our nation, McCain and Palin.

Marie Jon'

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