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Author: Marie Jon'
Date:  October 15, 2008

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It's The Socialists Taking Over Our Country

Barack Hussein Obama is at the center of a massive socialist takeover of our country ... and it's being done without the knowledge of the people, thanks to our Fifth Column Fourth Estate that is now dominated by far Left socialists.

Election Day is a mere twenty some days away. We are down to the last throws to win the hearts and minds of America.

Voters cannot make intelligent choices without wisdom and truth. Often, it is a hard pill to swallow. But someone I know very personally said, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:32)

For weeks I have not written a column. I have been absorbing everything that has been taking place. I have been frozen with despair and shock along with so many others watching the current events unfold. However, in good continence and a leap of faith, I've forced myself once again to re-examine the egregiousness of Obama and the Democrats in congress.

The truth must be told, because our biased slanted media has deeply hurt America, rendering her an insidious blow. They have not been forthright with the American public.

The media is guilty of hiding the truth concerning Sen. Barack Obama's past associates and his radical far left political agenda. People are judged by their friends and associates they choose to deal with. Obama is no exception to the rule. He lacks honesty, and exhibits extremely poor judgment.

The media has lied to us about who really caused our fiscal problems that have threatened the global economy. A Republican president has been forced to do what is necessary because of the incompetent Democrats in the senate. Bush has worked around the clock with world leaders to help put America's economy back on the right track.

For the past year, talk radio, bloggers, and political pundits of the new media have been doing the heavy lifting of fact finding, and getting out important information to those who depend on it.

With time slipping away, it is incumbent upon Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin to set the record straight.

"I think it's so important in today's country what we're really missing out on, when you have an Obama, Pelosi, and the rest of the hooligans up there going to run this country, we've got to have our heads examined! It's time that you two represent us, and we are mad! So go get them!" a voter at a McCain rally

While McCain is on the campaign trail, it's wise to listen up to what is being discussed. The doors of opportunity will soon be closed. The fate of America will change for the worse if we make the wrong choice.

If Obama is elected president, America will become a place that is unrecognizable. A Supreme Court stocked with radical liberalism will change the political and social landscape for more than mere decades.

A vote for the Fifth column Democrats will cripple our country and send this nation spiraling into socialism. We will not be able to return to the days of our founding fathers who had a much different vision for our country than what we see coming.

A vote for Democrats will bring legislation from the bench by extreme liberal judges. Everything that you hold near and dear will be challenged and changed. Even your Judeo- Christian faith will be whittled away.

In this next debate, McCain must change the course and show his passion and righteous indignation. He must allow those who attend his rallies to express their fears. There is no reason for anger management. Too much is at stake.

It is no stretch of the imagination to think that Obama supporters were the ones who were yelling outrageous remarks at McCain's rally. Just as Obama gets out the vote by using ACORN, he also has his lackey minions out causing trouble. Polls show that the key states are very close. Obama and the Democrats will dare to do anything to steal this election from the people.

It is a bit disingenuous when the media puts an emphasis on a few people at the McCain rallies, but said little when George W. Bush was being called a Nazi and Hitler during his eight years of serving our country. MoveOn.org ran a Hitler ad mocking President Bush while he began his run for president. That disrespectful and degrading ad set the tone of vitriol for our president and is still heard today.

It's time we look at the lack of judgment of Obama's voting records and scrutinize his views that are more about big government, and a sad defeat for the Iraqi people. Obama would unstablize the Middle East, putting the entire world's safety in jeopardy.

Obama's Democrats have too long been allowed to divide America by race. Their view of our progress is retrograde of the past. Civil rights organizations have become relics. Everyone of these groups have become a cottage industry that perpetuates fear that feeds on the past injustice of bigotry.

Obama has continually injected into the political atmosphere the topic of race, and I for one am insulted. Correct the unscriptural toxicity that comes out of the Nation Council of Churches. Afrocentric racism is preached by pastors who embrace Black Liberation Theology. Eventually this divisive teaching will wind up blowing up in America's face. It is Marxism hidden under the guise of religion, passed off as a part of Christianity.

Afrocentric theology is the faith of Obama. Will this also become part of the change that will be side by side with America's brand of Socialism light? Through surrogates, we were warned that if Obama is not elected there just might be riots in our streets.

When it comes to the Democrat's change for America, Obama talks of higher taxes and redistribution wealth. His policies are all wrong for our nation which was built on self reliance and entrepreneurialship.

Big brother Obama wants to take charge by raising taxes. Taxes and double-speak will not create one new job. We need a leader who understands that higher taxes will slow down or stop America's economic recovery.

Will America tolerate the No Drill, No Nuclear Power Plants Democrats? Their lack of taking corrective actions will add damage to our economy. Democrats continue to do nothing to bridge the gap of our reliance on fossil fuels while transforming to different modalities of energy resources to move America forward.

I'm convinced that the Democrat Party wants our economy to tank and enable them to shove more big government programs on the citizenry. Having people rely on big government will assure them political power. That type of thinking does not put America first or give the country back to the people.

Let's continue to have some "straight talk" about those who Obama has aligned himself with in the past.

His values and principals absolutely do not match that of a God fearing born again Christian. I don't envision Christ in partnership with Planned Parenthood.

The "Word" makes a clear and irrefutable. We need to understand the biblical responsibility to act accordingly as we see danger looming on the horizon. We must be wise stewards while casting our ballots.

Americans must ask why is Obama linked to far left groups that are continually in the news concerning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? The Wall Street debacle is traceable right back to Obama's Democrats. The same can be said about the organization called ACORN. They are known for flagrant acts of voter fraud and Chicago style thuggery.

It's crunch time. McCain and Palin represent Middle America. Their voices must be heard with total clarity on the issues that affect our precious future.

The "Democrat congress" are in deep over their eyeballs on this current fiscal fiasco. They alone stopped every attempt to regulate the risky practices of government sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This is a major reason why our economy is floundering.

Sen. McCain tried to put a stop to congress and their underhanded dirty dealings in 2005. Others before McCain within the Republican Party tried to rein in these government sponsored entities. McCain's bill, which would have helped save us from this calamity, was killed by the Democrats in congress.

It's reality check time. We must begin to connect the obvious dots while taking another close look at Barack Obama. We can do so by asking ourselves these questions.

Would you allow a bigoted racist pastor, an unrepentant terrorist, or a convicted felon to become part of your inner circles of friends? Obama did. He shamelessly continues to lie about his close ties with these people. Would you allow your loved ones to have contact with nefarious inscrutable people? Barack Obama did. Obama's home is within walking distance of William Ayers and Louis Farrakhan's affluent mansions in Chicago.

The unrepentant terrorist, William Ayers bombed our nation's capital. He ordered others to bomb a judge's home where three children were inside sleeping and unaware that their lives were in danger. Let it be known that people died because of Ayers and his Weather Underground wife. Yet Obama lies when discussing his relationship with Ayers.

There must be a list of misfits a mile long emulating from the windy city where the senator began his political career. Who else did Obama have to climbed over while on the road to winning the White House? He is not a good decent man. Anyone who would sell his soul is flawed and untrustworthy.

The number of those who will be casting their votes for "that one" is astounding. Either they know nothing of or refuse to believe the truth about Sen. Obama. The roster of names is much too long: Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, Louis Farrakhan, Tony Rezko, should give everyone pause to ponder who the heck this guy is?

Anyone who possesses a normal frame of mind would come to the conclusion that Obama is not qualified to become president much less our troop's Commander-In-Chief. Let us not forget the fact that before he became a senator, Obama was just an agitating Chicago organizer who distrusted his country.

Obama was thrust upon America by the Democrat National Party and the media. His Socialist/Marxists leanings cause people to fear his presidency. The same can be said about the Democrat party that bares no relationship to what your grandfather remembered in bygone years.

Yes, "I'm mad; I'm really mad!" the voter bellowed. "And what's going to surprise ya, is it's not the economy it's the socialists taking over our country."

Indeed, America is extremely angry. It is important that we know where your anger should be directed. It is this pundit's opinion that Obama's Democrat Party is not the change America needs.

Marie Jon'


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