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Author: Jerry Todd
Date:  November 19, 2016

Topic category:  Education Fraud & Corruption

College isnít for everyone

The era of "every kid must go to college" is over. Colleges by and large have done us and our children a real disservice by losing their true academic vision to become sources of radical leftist indoctrination and gross ignorance of why a Constitutional Republic works.

Yes, higher education is essential for a large portion of our young people, but a functioning society must meet the true diversity of the infinite range of gifts and talents found in any human population group. Most great new ideas come from the base, just as most employment comes from small business.

College taught upper management and research skills then perfect those ideas with employment possibilities to the larger population. Mass production and the skills needed to make it work from raw materials to the ultimate consumer are key to completing the employment and career circle.

Two of my Grandkids lost their wonderful daddy 5 years ago. My Granddaughter has always been a leader and a solid academic - though she has to work for it. Her determination has carried her through to her senior year in college and a semester studying and traveling abroad. Her role as a leader in her field is being well grounded.

Her kid brother is just out of high school, quit sports in junior college to carry 2 jobs while preparing himself for business - just like the quality contractor his father was. He decided 2 years in college would be enough as he plies his trade with fast developing skills. He'll never go hungry.

Maybe a return to some form of guild system where a young person can learn high skills from an artisan, builder or artist. When unions become foundations not just for solidarity, but also for subsidiarity, it would be a great beginning. We need to return to making beautiful things, not just utilitarian as the Soviets proved worthless and spiritually demeaning.
There is as much dignity in the work of a Downs Syndrome person shining brass as a college professor educing his charges. The USA has always done it better than anyone else until we gave away our manufacturing base, sending it off for other populations to gain what they didn't earn for themselves.

We have always had the capability as an unique Constitutional Republic to encourage others one way to success. Their own cultures would adapt to their norms, given the human longing for freedom. We've made the mistake of arming and supporting insurgents and tin horn dictators to maintain our technology and manufacturing base.

I'm confident leadership like the builder Donald Trump can trace a better path - while remaining eternally vigilant. I'm excited about the future as long as we remember the Creator where our Declaration of Independence reminded us where our blessings come from.

Jerry Todd
Jerry Todd (Writer)

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Jerry Todd is a brilliant conservative thinker whose essays and analyses appear online at several websites including AmericaC2C.com and WEBCommentary. He has been in the environmental technology field for over 40 years, and in semi-retirement represents rainlikewater.com - Magnation Corporation water and energy saving crop enhancement technology.

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