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Author: Jerry Todd
Date:  December 3, 2016

Topic category:  Education

Parents are the primary educators of children

Parents are the primary educators of children. It stands to reason their decision to share that responsibility has to be toward the next level - the local teaching profession regardless of where they teach. Teachers must compete in the marketplace like any other professional.

The great ones will do more "business" because they achieve results. The community must provide teaching environments ranging from private tutoring to public to private to trade and technical to combination systems where the best results for the student with an infinite range of educational opportunities can be offered. This also requires active participation by the local economy, whatever it is, to meet its future needs.

The combination nationally creates cores for higher education with the government carrying the role of information center and cheer leader. It has no business running education. It violates the principle of subsidiarity. It can be an important factor in solidarity.

It will be fine and encouraged to pray to the Creator who has endowed us, and to pledge allegience to the nation that protects us.

Jerry Todd
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