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Author: Jerry Todd
Date:  February 24, 2017

Topic category:  Religion & Philosophy in the News

Defining Trump Philosophically

Defining Trump, his supporters and opponents Philosophically

My friend Lock Piatt* wrote me in part before the November elections – 

"Let me make an observation; the media and the rest of the world live in a bubble believing that all things are like them. They think that all people are just like them for we are after all tribal animals.

The current tribal view of Donald is wrong. How many have lived in NYC for years but never became part of the real NY culture? Queens, Staten Island, NJ and other boroughs are very loud and harsh speaking people. They all sound like dock workers and fishmongers; Trump is no exception. 

The man is a little rough around the edges but after all he is a Construction man.  What does America need today? We need RECONSTRUCTION so who better than Trump to lead the rebuilding of the cracked foundation of our great nation?" 

As for me and my quasi-philosophical approach, how we prioritize the equally important normative sciences of Philosophy gives an indication of our world view.-

Liberals are LEB (Logic-Ethics-Beauty) They conceive of a Logic based on a single inference - socialism, eugenics, climate change, gender identity, abortion on demand, ad nauseum and build a faulty Ethic around each. There is no place for Beauty, so it ends up in a sewer of depravity.

Conservatives are EBL (Ethics-Beauty-Logic). Conservatives tend to take the Biblical norms and the Founding Documents - especially the Declaration of Independence seriously as the basis on which the Constitution rests. There is a natural flow to Beauty and its Author both documents point to. Their Logic is peaceful and rational.

Trump is as often as humanly possible BEL (Beauty-Ethics-Logic). By placing Beauty first - as seen by his choices, products and projects and fastidiousness - not to mention women, he builds his Ethics to define the Beauty and his Logic to protect them. His reactions to criticism are found in his Ethics - Logic sometimes not getting a chance to modify his responses. Drives the Libs crazy.

In other words, religiosity aside, Trump is a spiritual man that St. Paul discusses in 1 Corinthians 2 defining the spiritual man as one "who understands the things of the spirit and the things of the flesh and is judged by no one” - much as they try. 

The natural man only understands the things of the flesh while the things of the spirit are foolishness to him. We see it played out from both sides every day. Conservatives come close to being able to understand the childlike Trump, but are somewhat muddled. 

Where did I get this? The great American Philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914). He left behind 10,000 pages of thoughts and theories. Much of the modern work in Artificial Intelligence is based on his theories. 

Always trying to figure out what makes things and people tick...

Jerry Todd
Jerry Todd (Writer)


* www.articlevprojecttorestoreliberty.com

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