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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  January 28, 2006

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Alito, Zell and the Myth of a Far Right

There is no ideological spectrum. Even the lame attempt by the Left to create an ideological circle, rather than ideological spectrum, is nonsense.

There is no ideological spectrum. Even the lame attempt by the Left to create an ideological circle, rather than ideological spectrum, is nonsense.  The bootstrap “ideological circle” proposes although monsters like Stalin, Hitler and Mao  had a great deal in common, that the manifest evil of each man was the inevitable consequence of moving “too far” in one putative ideological direction, and that “going too far” in one direction or the other is what is dangerous.  So Sam Alito, patently brilliant, decent and honest, may be a “threat” because he goes too far toward the mythical “Far Right.”

This is such a grand fraud that only people who worship frauds can believe it.  Normal people know, even if they have been denied the tools to know why, that Stalin, Hitler and Mao are the historical menace.  Moving too far to the “Right” will never  lead to  Adolph Hitler or Benito Mussolini.  Moving too far to the “Left,” which is an overt form of Sinisterism, will always lead not only to Stalin and Mao, but also to Hitler.  This is very real danger which belief in the nonexistent “Far Right” poses for Jews, Christians, America and Israel.  I explore in much greater detail the history of this in my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie. 

Americans intuitively understand all this.  They mourned the death of Ronald Reagan in unprecedented numbers, despite his being for decades the big bogeyman of the “Far Right.”  No one, except Leftists whose hobby is lying to themselves, honestly believe letting “Reagan be Reagan” meant anything except greater decency, greater honor, greater humility and greater sincerity.  That did not mean believing that the policies of Ronald Reagan, the quintessential leader of the mythical “Right” in American politics, were always perfect policies or even good policies.  It did, however, mean that moving toward the policies of Ronald Reagan always meant not just moving away from the Gulag but also from the Holocaust. 

Before Ronald Reagan, the quintessential leader of the mythical “Far Right” was Barry Goldwater, the only major party candidate for president in American history of Jewish descent.  Although demonized mercilessly in the 1964 presidential campaign, even by 1968 his most savage political opponents agreed that moving toward Barry Goldwater meant moving away from totalitarianism and toward goodness.  What was the famous battle cry of Goldwater in 1964?  “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.  Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”  Senator Goldwater, nobility personified in American politics, was perfectly correct.  Moving toward the beliefs of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater is also moving toward the flowering of the individual.  

Why is it so important for us to understand the myth of a “Far Right” today?  Why is it so important for Sinisterists to propound that absurdity?  Consider that the worst things that Senate Democrats can say about Sam Alito: he is on the “Far Right.”  Consider that after 9-11, the Egyptian Isalmofacist state press blamed 9-11 on American”Right-Wing milita groups” (I wonder where they heard that phrase?)  Consider that moderate liberal Democrats like  Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller are tarred as flacks for the “Far Right.” 

That willful avoidance of truth which I call Sinisterism and which considers Zell Miller on the “Far Right”  is absurd.   Zell Miller gave major addresses at two Democrat National Conventions.  He was the deciding vote which allowed Tom Daschle to be “Majority Leader” in 2001 in the Senate after Jim Jeffords defected.   Democrat leaders could not say enough good things about Miller when he was appointed to replace Republican Paul Coverdale in 200.  Zell Miller campaigned with zest and vigor for Vice President Gore in the 2000 election, and his help came close to swinging Florida to Gore.  What more did Zell Miller have to do to prove himself a good Democrat?

Joe Lieberman,  Zell Miller, George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Tony Blair, Sam Alito and countless other decent political figures in free democracies are being cast into the same cattle car  into which Nazis screeching “Juden!  Juden!” once shoved Jews and into which  a decade earlier their fellow radical Leftists, Bolsheviks, called for “Death to Kulaks!”as Soviet security forces crowded millions of  Ukrainians and other unfortunates into cattle cars. 

Lieberman,  Miller, Bush and Powell, Blair and Alito are simply normal, decent, sane people.  They do not agree on everything and respectfully disagree on many things.  They are individuals with individual consciences, which, in a nutshell, is their crime in the eyes of Sinisterists.  They believed what they believed.  They listen to their consciences.  They seek truth.

Half of America, it seems, are becoming slavish subjects of Big Brother in Orwell’s classic 1984, where ideology was simply the muddled lie of today which empowered those who would do anything to gain and to hold power.  Why?  How?  Sinisterism makes everyone wretched, particularly its slaves.  But it is an emotional and spiritual narcotic of horrible power.  Recall the last lines of George Orwell’s masterpiece, when Winston Smith had been tortured, his life destroyed, his only love maliciously estranged by the Inner Party.  What was his reaction to the façade of the Inner Party when he saw it?  What was the most haunting line of that haunting novel?  “He loved Big Brother.”

Bruce Walker

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