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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  February 1, 2006

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Jews and Bolshevism

Yesterday I wrote about the grand myth propounded by Sinisterists that Christians produced Hitler and I noted that this was designed to sow seeds of suspicion between those most hated by Sinisterists: Jews and Christians, and America and Israel.

Yesterday I wrote about the grand myth propounded by Sinisterists that Christians produced Hitler and I noted that this was designed to sow seeds of suspicion between those most hated by Sinisterists:  Jews and Christians, and America and Israel. 

Today, I will describe another example from my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, of how Sinisterists deceive maliciously by debunking the myth that Jews caused Bolshevism.  As political outsiders in Tsarist Russia, many Jews did become involved in revolutionary activities.  They were hardly alone.  Most of the Bolsheviks, who did not overthrow the Tsar but overthrew by junta the democratic and revolutionary government of Kerensky, which had overthrown the Tsar, were not Jews.

Kerensky had served as a member of the Duma under the Tsars and became the head of the Provisional Government after the Tsars were overthrown.  The freedoms which his government introduced were real and immediate.  Moreover, alone among the leaders of nations fighting Germany, Kerensky had wisdom tempered with humanity:  he called for a peace treaty that did not adjust territorial boundaries and which did not require any reparations to be paid by any nations.  This would have prevented the rise of Hitler, the Second World War and all the horrors that followed. 

The Bolsheviks hated Kerensky, and when he published his 1929 book, Russian Oppressed, in Paris, the Soviet Government purchased 9,995 copies of the book (to burn them) and kept only five copies in the Soviet embassy.  Kerensky, the anti-Bolshevik, the true democrat, the fearless champion of a free Russia, was Jewish.

What about Karl Marx, “the Jew”?  Karl Marx was half-Jewish by birth, but his family converted to Christianity.  Karl Marx himself loathed all religion, but as someone raised as a Christian, not a Jew, it is absurd to “blamed” Marxism on Jews.  Hitler, of course, tried to link Marx with Jews, but Hitler, of course, was a monstrous liar.

The Jews who did support Bolshevism faced two fates.  With few exceptions, like the Lazar Kagaonvich, Stalin had almost completely purged the Communist Party leadership of Jews within a few years of acquiring real power.  Many, if not most, of the victims of the Moscow Show Trials were tortured and doomed Jews who had supported Bolshevism.  The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union had few, if any Jews, after Stalin. Beyond that, Jews became some of the most prominent and persecuted agitators against Soviet totalitarianism during its last thirty years. 

The Soviet Union also systematically denied the Holocaust, or at least denied that it was directed particularly against Jews.  Noted Russian historian Roy Mededev noted that not one single lecture or paper or class in the Soviet educational system was devoted to the Nazi plans to exterminate Jews or even to Nazi anti-Semitism.

Even worse, Stalin had begun in the infamous “Doctors’ Plot” a campaign against “rootless cosmopolitanism,” which was clearly directed at the Jews of the Soviet Union.  More than one historian has speculated that Soviet Jewry could have been subjected to a second holocaust in the 1950s, if Stalin had not did.

More interestingly, however, was what happened outside the Soviet Union.  Jewish Bolsheviks were among the first to realize how awful Bolshevism in action was and began some of the most intractable and effective critics of Bolshevism.  Benjamin Gitlow, who had served a jail sentence in America as a Bolshevik, was soon writing the classic exposing Communism in America, The Whole of Their Lives.  Arthur Koestler, whose, Darkness at Noon preceded Orwell’s 1984 is just as haunting a condemnation of Soviet totalitarianism.  Many of the contributors to the indispensable anti-Communist book of odysseys out of Communism and into the light, The God That Failed, were Jewish.

Moreover, many Jews never seduced by socialist tendencies, like Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, provided the most potent intellectual arguments against Bolshevism.  The Jewish people have been active and successful in many fields (which led Hitler, absurdly, to link Bolshevism to Finance Capitalism, both, in his mad mind, controlled by Jews.)

Why, then, propound the myth that Bolshevism was a tool of Jews?  Why profound the myth that Christians created Nazism?  Sinisterists want Christians mistrusting Jews and Jews mistrusting Christians.  And Sinisterists, whose own secular religion is The Lie, find binding Jews to Bolshevism and Christians to Nazism two perfect lies.

Bruce Walker

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