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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  February 6, 2006

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A Hornet's Nest and a Witch's Brew

My new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, has stirred up a hornet’s nest of emails. The greatest problem of Sinisterism is its willingness and ability to use lies to create hatred and then to use that manufactured hatred to seize and hold power.

My new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, has stirred up a hornet’s nest of emails.  Two give examples of the greatest problem of Sinisterism – its willingness and ability to use lies to create hatred and then to use that manufactured hatred to seize and to hold power.  “C” writes me as follows about my article explaining how Christians fought, rather than helped, Nazism:

“C” should be commended for her candor:  some Jews do, indeed, hate Christians because of HaShoah.  But this hatred is wrong.  Hitler loathed Christianity, which was noted by contemporary Jewish historians writing at the very time of his rise to power.  His henchmen were even more emphatic about their hatred of Christianity.  The only moral opposition to Hitler and Nazism within Germany came from Christians.  What Germany needed at the time were more serious Christians, not fewer. 

My book chronicles how Christianity had been steadily declining in Germany for more than forty years before Hitler rose to power so that before the Nazis gained control of Germany church attendance in Prussia had declined to twenty-one percent of the population and church attendance in Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, was only five percent.  Christianity was openly mocked not only by the Nazis but by rivals and opponents of the Nazis during the period after the Treaty of Versailles.  What Germany and the Jews of Germany desperately needed were many more serious Christians.  

Mr. Krupnik, by contrast, takes issue with the proposition in my book that Jews have been libeled with causing Bolshevism.  He writes:

Technically, what Mr. Krupnik writes is true:  many Jews supported Bolshevism, but many Jews also passionately opposed Bolshevism, and Judaism itself is as incompatible with Bolshevism or its identical twin, Nazism, as Christianity is with either Bolshevism or Nazism.

It is as undeniable that nominal Jews formed a large percentage of the Bolshevik Party as it is that nominal Christians formed an equally large percentage of the National Socialist Party (the German Christian percentage would be higher, except that many Nazis formally renounced their Christianity, like Himmler and Bormann.) 

There JINOs (Jews in Name Only) still constituted only a small minority of Soviet Jews.  Jews were disproportionately overrepresented in opposing Bolshevism, particularly when it became clear what Bolshevism represented.  Moreover, the Jews within the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the other organizations that Mr. Krupnik mentions rejected Judaism just as emphatically as the few nominal Christians within the Nazi leadership rejected Christianity.

As I note on the back cover of my book:  “Why trust people who mock truth and deny that lying is bad?...Sinisterism is the vicious system of  Mao, Mussolini, Marxists and Nazis.  It is the alibi for holocausts, the excuse for senseless cruelty, the intolerant faith of a godless religion whose rites are nihilism and destruction.  Its disciples hate Jews, hate Christians, hate America, hate Israel and hate the Author of Creation, but they love power and will do anything for the sake of power.”

It is time for morally serious people to wake up and smell the witch’s brew.  Hating Christians, hating Jews, hating America and hating Israel is the closest definition of evil that we are likely to find in the savage modern world.  There is a reason why groups who hate each other join together to hate us even more.  They are Sinisterists and they worship only lying and hatred.  They are the hornet’s nest.  They brew the witch’s brew.

Their common enemies are we who believe in liberty of conscience, moral purpose and most particularly the inestimable value of truth, and for that reason, as so much of the world hangs in the balance, we who share those fundamental common values should be friends.

Bruce Walker

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