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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  February 8, 2006

Topic category:  Other/General

Indifferent Ignorance and Sinisiterism

Why does the world hate America? Why does the world it hate Israel? Why are Jews and Christians universally despised?

Why does the world hate America?  Why does the world it hate Israel?  Why are Jews and Christians universally despised?  These are not trite questions when uproar about cartoons of the Mohammed by a Danish periodical shows the glaringly dangerous double standard between tolerance in Islam and tolerance in the West. 

Those who hate Christians hate Jews hate America and hate Israel will believe any lie which supports that hatred.  The process of auto-mendacity quickly atrophies certain parts of the human mind.  Indifference to truth allowed Moslem crowds to simultaneously believe that the Mossad planned 9-11, that America pulls the strings of Israel, and that 9-11 was a wonderful victory for Islam.  This is beyond simply Leftism.  It is Sinisterism. 

I describe this macabre system of misthinking in my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie.   Syrian Baathists hate Iraqi Baathists; Shia hate Sunni; Turks hate Kurds.  They are united, however, in a greater hatred of America, Israel, Jews and Christians, but it is a mistake to blame Islam for the double standard. 

Not only do the French, liberated by American blood, show America disdain, but Japanese school textbooks routinely omit mention of the vast crimes against humanity committed by the Japanese in the Second World War and try to transform Hiroshima (which saved millions of Japanese lives) into the moral equivalent of the Holocaust. Japan is one of our closest allies.  Polls even show that the British, who largely have abandoned Christianity, dislike Americans. 

When President Reagan brought Pershing Missiles to Europe to protect our West German ally from attack, West German students angrily denied that Nazi Germany had signed a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union in 1939 (they doubted that the Soviets could have done such a dastardly thing.)   Inconvenient facts had been conveniently and indifferently thrown into the memory hole.

The ignorance of the Left in America is legendary.  Howard Dean spoke, repeatedly, about the need to engage “the Soviet Union” in our diplomatic efforts with Iran – although the Soviet Union had disintegrated more than ten years before and Dean believed that the President could order states to have right to work.  John Kerry recounted the words of Pope Pius XXIII, an individual who has never existed, in describing how he reconciled his Catholic faith and his politics and he spieled off a long tale about a nonexistent Christmas he spent in Cambodia.  (Did he really believe it?  Who knows?) 

While crazy conspiracy theorists like Michael Moore get serious attention, Western elites ignore the ongoing violent persecution of Christians not only in Moslem nations like Nigeria, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, but in formally atheist nations like China and in predominately Hindu India. 

Holocaust denial and savaging Christianity is commonplace among the pseudo-intelligentsia of the West.  Jews, Christians, America and Israel are fair game for any defamation by any group anywhere and all the problems of the world are attributed, somehow, to Jews or to Christians or to America or to Israel.  Defaming Jews, Christians, America and Israel has become a subconscious and necessary sin for Sinisterists.  It is the pseudo-intellectual prop for their very real hate.

Have we really fallen so far?  Yes.   Even those of us who treasure truth have been denied critical history essential to making sense of much of the senselessness in the world today.  This is because Sinisterists, counterfeiters by preference, have nestled themselves in universities, Hollywood, foundations, schools, media and all the other choke points in free societies where truth can be filtered – invent facts which conform to those failed, angry theories that justify the bitterness of their lives.

As proof of how serious the problem has become even for conservatives and other normal people and well informed and interested in truth, I will pose a question to readers and offer the first person to state the answer correctly what Marvel Comic once called a “no prize.”  Try to answer this question (the answer is almost certainly not what you think) and I will respond by note, by page and by paragraph in my book, how the answer is wrong.

The question I ask is not rhetorical.  It is a serious historical question with a clear historical answer.  I am not a revisionist and I rely upon old and popular books which were once commonly available and universally respected.  The answer to the question is pure history, but history which you have been denied.  The question is: why were Nazis called Fascists?

Bruce Walker

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Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990. He is a regular contributor to WebCommentary, Conservative Truth, American Daily, Enter Stage Right, Intellectual Conservative, NewsByUs and MenŐs News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.

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