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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  March 9, 2006

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The Ku Klux Klan - Another Radical Leftist Group

Senator Byrd, former Keagle in the KKK, is sometimes misnamed “conservative.” His American Conservative Union career voting record is thirty percent - lower than any Republican. Why do we think the KKK was on the “Far Right”?

Senator Byrd, former Keagle in the KKK, is sometimes misnamed “conservative.” His American Conservative Union career voting record is thirty percent - lower than any Republican.  Why do we think the KKK was on the “Far Right”? I noted in my article “Father Coughlin – Radical Leftist,” there is no “Far Right,” but only Leftists who sometimes – surprise! – lie to get their power fix.  The facts to back this up are in my new book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie.

What, beyond Byrd, shows the Leftism (or Sinisterism) of the KKK?  FDR, Leftist icon, appointed as Attorney General a past member of the KKK. Who? Tom Clark.  Clark’s son?   Ramsey Clark, one of the most vicious icons of the radical Left.  FDR also appointed Klansman Hugo Black to the Supreme Court, and Justice Black became one of the two bedrock Leftist members of the Warren Court (Justice Douglas was the other.)  FDR also chose Harry Truman, a Leftist icon himself, to be his running mater.  Truman, an anti-Semite, tried to join the KKK.   Why did Truman finally withdraw his KKK application?  Because the Klan discriminated against Catholics, Tom Pendergast, boss of the corrupt Kansas City machine and Truman’s political sponsor, was Catholic.

Go back before FDR.  Where are those “Far Rightist” Klansmen?   Al Smith, the Democrat nominee from New York in 1928, the first Catholic nominated by a major party was hated by the KKK, who began supporting conservative Republicans against Franklin Roosevelt in presidential elections. 

The first Leftist president was Woodrow Wilson.  Pseudo-scholars from that vast Bedlam called “Academia” routinely place this creep high on the list of great presidents. When the film, The Birth of a Nation, which glorified the Klan, was released, Wilson showed it in the White House and  told his countrymen that “the sad part is that it was all so true.”  William McAdoo, the son-in-law of Woodrow Wilson, was a heavy contender to win the 1924 Democrat nomination for president.  He lost on the 103rd ballot to Al Smith and during the convention the KKK held strong rallies in favor of McAdoo.  This support from Leftists led directly to the rebirth in later years. 

Before Wilson those most closely associate with the Left were “progressives.” Tom Watson, champion of the KKK, like Wilson, was also a radical Leftist.  How radical?  He was the vice presidential candidate of the radical Populist Party in 1896.  When the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia, Tom Watson took great pride in being one of the few politicians in western democracies to support the new Communist regime.

What of anti-Semitism and the KKK?  The KKK, at first, was not anti-Semitic. In fact, here is the oath required to be taken by Klansmen:  “We, the Order of the ***, reverentially acknowledge the majesty and supremacy of the Divine Being, and recognize the goodness and providence of the same.”  This text seems to have been deliberately constructed so that Jews, who did not believe in writing the name of God, could join very easily.  In fact early critics of the Klan considered it a cabal with secret Hebrew codes (much like the Tsars and their odious Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.)  After many decades, the KKK did become anti-Semitic.  All forms of Leftism, as I note in my book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, descend into anti-Semitism. The most vicious anti-Semites today also hate President Bush and America just as much.

Should the KKK be placed on the nonexistent “Far Right” because it was patriotic?  Think how silly that sounds.  Klansmen were traitors in open rebellion against the government.  Even worse, Klansmen were traitors to the Declaration of Independence.  Leftists wave national flags all over the world, from Teheran to Pyongyang.  Old Glory, though, is uniquely committed to liberty.  

What did the KKK think about free enterprise?  Not much. One of the most consistent themes of the KKK has been its opposition to Big Business.  Nathan Bedford Forrest, widely acknowledged as the founder of the KKK opening stated that the purpose of the organization was “to do justice to the afflicted and oppressed” and “protect the weak.”  The KKK strongly supported “progressive” measures like more public health care, more money for education, pro-labor legislation. It hated “industrialists” and “bankers.”

Why would anyone believe that the KKK was on some fanciful “Far Right” rather than  the Left, whose causes it championed?  Because the secular religion of Sinisterists and other Leftists is the Lie: liars lie and sometimes succeed.

Bruce Walker

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