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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  March 19, 2006

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Bring it Iran!

There is only one answer to the Hitler and his Nazis in Teheran:  end them.

There is only one answer to the Hitler and his Nazis in Teheran:  end them.  The longer they remain as terrorists of the Iranian people, the longer they will frustrate our efforts to transform a Hellish past into a promising future.  The longer they seek blatantly nuclear weapons, the most certain they will acquire those weapons, and at that point certain things follow. 

The Hitler of Iran will be able to intimidate any Iraqi or Afghan government into submission by the very real and completely unstoppable ability to deliver nuclear strikes with ease wherever he wishes.  Very soon and without a doubt he will be able to murder a substantial percentage of the Jewish population of Israel, compelling a counterstrike which will kill tens of millions and which will make every threat mankind has faced since the beginning of history small by comparison.

Once the Adolph of Teheran has nuclear weapons, the chance of popular revolt against Iran is nil.  The first town or first section of a city to begin a serious insurrection will be radioactive dust, and friends of a decent government of Iran will be rightly terrified of lending any help to the unhappy millions in Iran.

Surgical strikes on selected targets in Iran is an option, but this approach is only a temporary option.  Moreover, the failure to end the mullah madmen of Middle Asia will only make us seem weak, which we cannot be.  Our goal with the murderous thugs of Iranian oligarchy should be much more direct and we should not wait to act:  surrender power or die.

Can we do that?  Can our armed forces defeat the armed forces of Iran?  Two American wars and four Israeli wars have shown how utterly lopsided the balance of military power is between free, modern democracies and medieval slave states.  We defeated Hussein much quicker than anyone ever imagined with almost no casualties.

America possess command of the sea, command of the air, command of space and the most battle tested army in modern history, along with forces in place on either side of Iran.  The government of Iran has virtually no popular support among the people and it rules by terror.  Would it take days or weeks or months for total victory of conventional forces in Iran?  Yes – days or weeks or, perhaps, months – but no longer. 

Would China side with Iran?  Would Russia?  If they did, then these are nations that are biding their time to war against us anyway.  Today, both these nations are much weaker than us militarily.  Today, allies in Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Britain and – yes – France would side with us in such a war.  If China gambled and waged such a war, it would lose, and almost certainly lose twenty years of time getting ready to challenge us.  No:  China and Russia would make trouble, but not war.

So what would be the consequence?  Victory, an excellent political tonic for the American people who seem to have lost confidence in our war since the people of Baghdad hauled down the statute of Hussein.  Victory would also make Iraq much safer very fast.  Victory would make Damascus as nervous as Tripoli was three years ago.

When, then, should we make war on Iran and how should we make war on Iran?  President Bush should convene a joint session of Congress.  He should lay out all the facts that the world, not intelligence organizations, know:  Teheran overrun our embassy in violation of international law; Teheran denies the Holocaust and wants to send the Jews of Israel to someplace terrible; Teheran calls America “The Great Satan;” Teheran refuses to comply with international atomic energy inspectors or even pretend that it needs to comply; Iran is right next to Afghanistan and Iraq, where our soldiers are fighting and dying. 

Then President Bush should ask Congress to exercise its duty – not his duty! – to declare war on Iran.  He can note that Congress can ask any questions it wants, exercise its power – not his power! – at any pace it wishes, but he can also say that the members of Congress, not the President, are accountable to the American people for the consequences of delay or playing politics.  If Iran produces a nuclear weapon in August, and the President has asked Congress to declare war in May, then the voters have Congress, not him, to blame.

House Republicans should then set a definite timetable in early June for a roll call vote on a declaration of war.  Let every member of Congress go formally on record as voting to declare war on Iran or voting not to declare war on Iran.  If Harry Reid and his cronies wish to filibuster, then let the American people know that they are gutless wonders afraid to vote their consciences.  Lead, Mr. President, by insisting that Congress exercise its sole power to declare war or to not declare war.  Fire the first political volley and then see who is Braveheart and who is simply blustering Bluto.  Or, to paraphrase a pomp from Boston:  Bring it Iran!

Bruce Walker

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Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990. He is a regular contributor to WebCommentary, Conservative Truth, American Daily, Enter Stage Right, Intellectual Conservative, NewsByUs and MenŐs News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.

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