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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  March 30, 2006

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Kabuki Dance with Evil

On March 28, the free citizens of democratic Israel chose to enter into a kabuki dance with evil.

Sara, someone I love dearly and someone who knows all too well how hatred of Jews is an incurable disease among some people, I dedicate this article to you.  On March 28, the free citizens of democratic Israel chose to enter into a kabuki dance with evil.  Israel, the only functioning democratic oasis in the desert Arab lands of the Middle East is much more than just another Denmark or New Zealand or Costa Rico, despite the general benignity of these other small democracies.

Israel is a special democracy with a special and divinely inspired mission in the world.  The citizens of Israel, still overwhelmingly Jewish, have a duty not only to themselves, but to the Jewish people of the world, not only to the Jewish people of the world, but to all people.  They have a duty to be strong, not weak, in the face of evil.

Pat Boone, an evangelical Christian, wrote the lyrics to Ernest Gold’s theme song for the film Exodus.  Boone’s words begin “This land is mine.  God gave this land to me, this brave and ancient land to me” and end “To make this land our home, if I must fight I’ll fight to make this land our own. Until I die, this land is mine”  These words reflect more than the traditional affection that serious Christians have for Israel, but also the certainty that Jews fighting to preserve Israel are engaged in a holy mission.

But it is not enough that Christians like me know that truth:  the Jews of Israel must know it too.  We do not choose the Knesset.  We do not govern Israel: the Jews of Israel govern themselves.  They have done so through four bloody wars for almost sixty years surrounded by enemies as real as the Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptians were twenty-five centuries ago.

The election results of March 28, 2006 were a tragedy.  Before the elections,   Palestinians had elected in free and open elections the same sort of democratically elected government that the German people chose in 1933 (democracy is not equivalent to goodness; it only tends toward goodness.)  That should have been a wake up call, but too many Jews in Israel rolled over and pushed the snooze button on their alarm clock.

Israel had the lowest voter turnout in its entire history.  Apathy, weariness, doubt, fear and hopelessness seemed to pervade the Jews of Israel, but that faith upon which both Jews and Christians have founded their faith commands them to believe in a providential Creator with a purpose for everything and a certainty of hope.

Not only did Israeli voters not seem to care anymore, but even the new parties that won seats in the Knesset whispered appeasement.  Gil, a new party devoted to the interests of pensioners, won seats?  What does that mean if Israel no longer exists?   Kadima, the invention of Ariel Sharon, is presumably is a middle path between Lidud and Labour, but that is a farce:  Likud and Labour both function contentiously but freely within the Knesset.   What is the real middle path Kadima represents?  It is the middle path between Mein Kampf and Torah, the middle path between evil and good; it is a kabuki dance or dance macabre with evil.

Even the periphery of circumstances had the stagnant smell of hopelessness.  Building a security fence built around Israel seems too much like the Maginot Line, another honest effort to contain smoldering evil which failed utterly.  Concessions on the West Bank, promised by Kadima and won with the blood of Jewish soldiers in 1967?  Giving land to Hitler did not stop him, but  rather emboldened him.

If the triumphant of Kadima and Labour is a defeat of faith and freedom, it is still not  the end of things.  Serious Jews, like serious Christians, must remember that for all the yammering mullahs about God taking sides in human affairs, that God does, indeed, take sides in human affairs.  The key is to be on God’s side, and faint hearted Jews in Israel must recognize that Israel today is itself proof of God’s existence and His Hand in the affairs of men. 

History is replete with examples of God helping those who trust Him:  D-Day, the Battle of Midway, the bloodless victory in the Cold War, the Six Day War, the miraculous trapping of the Egyptian Sixth Army along the banks of Suez in the Yom Kippur War (much like the German Sixth Army was trapped at Stalingrad thirty years before.)   But trust in God is paramount:  faith moves mountains.

It is understandable for generations of Israelis weary of a bloody and a cold war to seek peace at any price, but even in a secular sense sunrise is just minutes from the horizon.  Lebanon is becoming free.  Baathist rule in Syria will end soon. American liberated Iraq will not threaten Israel.  Democracy in the Middle East will mean more nations like Turkey, which never joined the wars against Israel.

The people of America came to the precipice of disaster in 1979, and then elected a man who trusted in God and said of his strategy toward the cold war his nation had been fighting as long as Israel had been fighting its own cold war:  “How about this?  We win; they lose.” 

Americans embraced their Gipper and won a cold war that seemed destined to last forever. With God’s help, he won that cold war in less than a decade.  Israel must find and embrace their Gipper as well.  The people of Israel must choose whether to resist evil or in bargaining with it, to be defeated by it.  In a democracy, that means voting for those who call evil evil and vowing to resist it. 

Surely Israel will survive until the next Knesset; surely, too, more innocent blood will be lost before now and then in a meaningless kabuki dance with those who hate Israel and hate Jews.   The solution to the problem of evil in the world is to defeat it, just as Ronald Reagan did and just as George W. Bush is doing.  Next time the democracy of Israel votes, its citizens must remember that and trust in Providence.

Bruce Walker

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