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Author: Bruce Walker
Date:  April 15, 2006

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Duke University, Strippers and the Wages of Sin

The Duke University rape allegations and the turmoil surrounding it are a microcosm of all that is wrong with America.

The Duke University rape allegations and the turmoil surrounding it are a microcosm of all that is wrong with America – thanks to the malign influence of Sinisterism, as recounted in my book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie, when I describe how the Left seeks to make us something less than individuals:

Leftists - or as I call them, the Sinisterists, because there is no Right - want prejudice. Moreover, the supporters of prejudice have long since even apologizing for their bigotries against men, against white people, against Christians (or Jews) or against the successful people in America whose work enriches us all. Indeed, the eternal victims revel in their victimhood, as if being a victim was a badge of honor. They want a predetermination of guilt or innocence based upon facts which are unrelated to individual behavior or culpability, and this prejudice, once roundly condemned by Sinisterists clamoring for “civil rights” has received intense public scrutiny in two recent incidents.

I have written two recent articles about one of those incidents, the assault by Cynthia McKinney upon a white police officer and her reflexive defense that she was a black woman (and consequently innocent.) The other incident that highlights the prejudice of Sinisterism is the allegations of rape by the Duke Lacrosse team. .

Setting aside the McKinney crimes, which happened to coincide with the Duke rape allegations, what do we really know about the Duke case. First, we know without any doubt that the alleged victims behaved abominably. Any women who goes to a house and for money gets drunk and dances naked in front of strangers is a bad person. It is vital not to forget that: her conduct – her admitted conduct – was reprehensible.

Has anyone bothered to note that? Does anyone seem to care? She is an immoral person who engaged in totally immoral acts of her own free will. It seems that the subliminal “pass” that we give her through the skewed lenses of her race making her a “victim” and her gender, in conjunction with the allegation of rape, making her a “victim,” inoculates her from her own proclaimed, almost celebrated, ghastly moral system.

The un-gentlemen on the Lacrosse team, to be sure, are just as bad in hiring her, but they are no worse because they are men or because they are white. If she has lied about what happened, and that appears increasingly to be likely, then her moral and statutory crimes are much worse than anything the young men at Duke did. I wonder if the prosecutors with his sense of justice firmly aligned with public opinion polls and voting precincts will do what justice demands and prosecute her, if she is the victimizer and not the victim?

Is there a solution to manufactured crises like these? Of course! Society, if not the legal system, should roundly, unapologetically and seriously condemn any woman anywhere in America who takes more to go to a home full of intoxicated college boys and strip in front of them. Do not rally around that young woman, but censure and condemn her for doing something truly awful. If it is clear that she lied, then prosecute her as if she was a terrible criminal, because if this the allegation is a malicious concoction then she is a monster.

It was less wrong, but still wrong for the Lacrosse team to try to get her to strip at their drunken parties. Worry less about a sexual assault which may have instead have been cynical perjury and worry – and condemn – more what these young men were doing with the opportunities that college has given them.

While the gutless wonder pretending to be a prosecutor committed to individual justice and who appears willing to prosecute some unpopular, but innocent people, ponders in that forgotten part of his being called conscience, the parents out the Duke Lacrosse team should all yank their boys out of college, instruct them to get a job (how about joining the military and starting to defend those freedoms they enjoy?), and let them earn their own way through college when they, like the “innocent” stripper, do the only indispensable action in this own ugly story: repent their sins; amend their lives; become decent; and be profoundly grateful for the blessing of being born in America.

Bruce Walker

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